Dreams and Predictions for December 2020

I apologize for starting this thread so late this month. I have been busy monitoring the developments of Trump’s coup attempt and forgot to start a new post for this month. I will have some updates on this to share soon. In the meantime, here’s some predictions to share.

1) Brian Kemp will have a home invader attempt to assassinate him, but the gunman will face arrest before he is successful.

2) The Verrazano Bridge in Staten Island will collapse within the next year or two.

3) Expect large gatherings of people to disobey lockdown orders around Christmas, leading to arrests and violence.

4) A US State senator faces a crazy stalker who attacks him, though I do not believe it will be fatal.

5) Trump ramps up attempts at instigating war in Iran and China.

12/14 ETA: In case there were still doubts that Trump might still pull off his coup attempt, considering he is sending a dueling slate of electors to congress today, I would like to share a dream I had last night.

6) In my dream, I saw portions of a televised speech given by Joe Biden. He mentions how congress chose to disregard the election results and install Trump for another term. He mentions how he has used up all of his legal options, including disputing the decision to the Supreme Court, which shut him down. He mentions how he could have called upon the international community to condemn this coup and to prepare to engage in actions to forcibly remove Trump from office, but chooses not to do so for the good of the country. As a result, he makes the announcement that he will be ending his campaign and allowing the decision to stand. Kamala Harris and Jill Biden are tearfully next to him, as he weeps and encourages his supporters to take back congress and the state houses and to abolish the electoral college so it never happens again. The dream briefly showed a clip of Rachel Maddow crying before it ended. I could easily see this happening, so watch out for it in the near future.

12/17 ETA: I didn’t mention this at the time the Supreme Court was considering hearing the Texas case that they ultimately rejected, but I had a glimpse into the conversations that were happening between John Roberts and Clarence Thomas. Those conversations have now been confirmed by a conservative source, so I won’t share my insights from the time here, except to say that the split that was discussed by this source is wrong. I will mention what John Roberts is up to now with increasing death threats on him and his family.

7) I am sensing that John Roberts is currently frightened because a conservative activist got a hold of his phone number and home address and is currently threatening him and his family for refusing to hear the Texas case. He is so frightened by the rhetoric being espoused by Trump and his supporters that he will be making, or is considering making, a call to Mitch McConnell demanding that either Trump cease with his attacks on the election or he will resign if (or as he’ll say on the call, when) Biden takes office. What he will find is that, as much as McConnell wants to help him, he and his wife are also being threatened and they cannot and will not do anything to reign in Trump. He is genuinely afraid of the MAGA supporters and will let John Roberts know this, should this phone call take place. If Roberts expects that anyone can help him, he will find in short time that they can’t. All he can do is pray for his safety. “Law enforcement” won’t come to his aid if he faces a genuine crisis.

12/24 ETA: Hate to ruin your Christmas eve, but I need to share something I sensed tonight. It could be a failed plot, but I’ll share it anyway.

8) I’m seeing that Trump may be asking disgraced war criminal Erik Prince to orchestrate an assassination attempt against Biden and Harris in exchange for a pardon. This may not pan out, but if it works, it will send the entire nation into chaos.

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  1. 3 related war ?s:
    1 is israel the kindling…that trump then lights Up? ie vs iran.
    2 . does china make a more direct move on hong kong or Taiwan that gives trump the excuse there?
    3 is there move to ‘liberate” cuba by trump that sparks domestic trouble in s. fla?

    1. 1. Yes.

      2. Not necessarily, but Trump might look to engage in military actions there under the guise of “freeing” the Hong Kong protestors incarcerated like Joshua Wong. Congress is already looking to give these dissidents political asylum.

      Trump could either take this one step further and call for more aggressive action or say he doesn’t want more immigrants coming in and sends troops in to stop this. It’s his most aggressive play in the book and the most dangerous one for the world. I warned in April that he could use military action to suspend the election, but now he may use it to delay or stop the transition all together.


      3 No, but see #2.

  2. Not going to come true, Biden will be president in 2021 and then into first quarter,he becomes sick and cannot perform his duties as president and Kamala will be sworn in as First Lady of color to become president and soon afterwards Biden Dies from complications from a blood clot.

    1. Trump still hasn’t conceded and Biden isn’t in the White House. There have been several moments over the last few weeks where everyone said the election was over and then it ended up not being over. Just my intuition at work here, but it isn’t over until it’s over.

      1. Trump is over, he will leave the White House but will never give up are admit to losing the election, sometimes people can’t handle loss. Specially when as president he has all this power and now he won’t.

      2. I’m very concerned, in addition to being able to still ram through a win in congress, that he may do what I warned about in April and start a war with China. I think if the threat of the latter is strong and serious, the Republicans may relent on the former. He’s very dangerous and people should take his tweeting seriously.

      3. Crazy he be and loves control absolutely. His tweets is his way of evil control and manipulation of the blind at heart. He has the power to influence the weak and use his authority to start anything to take revenge . I have always stated that the Devil in high places an demons running free. Truth will be shown in January.

      4. Just so you know, Trump retweeted from this guy today.

        He retweeted this tweet in particular.

        Trump is compiling an enemies list for a reason and I suspect it’s because he wants to start a war with China. He’ll say that Covid was a biological weapon of war (even if it has no basis in fact, which I don’t know for sure) and then use it to prepare military conflict and suspend habeus corpus so he can arrest anyone who is on his enemies list in congress. If he feels that the overturn effort in congress is doomed to fail, he will go through with this war. His lackeys have been laying this out for weeks. If congress feels that he’s going to do this, they could either remove him via the 25th amendment (which I don’t think they’d do, because then they’d trigger a civil war) or they would cave to his demands to overturn the election result in congress in January. Really, we don’t have a good future (as I will explain further when the 2021 predictions come out), but for the powers that be, it’s damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

      5. Things won’t get better with Biden far from it, its the old gang back together Kerry etc.
        It was evident there was fraud even from here across the pond. Hardly anyone turned up to see Biden either there is a ton of things that don’t add up with all this. But have to give it to the mainstream media their propoganda still is a powerful tool over a lot of people even here in the UK.

      6. I think what you seem to be missing here is that Trump is in big trouble outside of the protection the presidency provides him.

        He is a man who has never been held accountable for his actions in his entire life. He will not allow it to happen now. Even if he were to flee in exile, he would not be guaranteed protection, let alone protection for his family. In his mind, he would rather die a martyr than to ever face accountability for his actions.

        He is like a cornered rat. He will do anything to stay in power and that 100% means he will start a war unless the GOP backs down on their refusal to overturn the election results.

        I do not believe that Biden will ever make it to the White House and I have felt that way for a very, very long time. How many times has the media said that the election was over and then Trump further presses a coup attempt? Has he conceded? Has he backed down? No. So until he concedes or Biden actually makes it to the White House, you should not assume that it is over and done with.

        It is dangerous to let your guard down with someone who will not cede power without a fight and will do anything to keep it. He is a fascist. Treat him as such.

      7. How do you see things turning out in UK a lot of people have had enough of lockdowns and can see its less about a virus now, is more about taking peoples freedoms away.
        People are losing their jobs, small businesses are being ruined i think it is being done on purpose. Have you heard of the great reset build back better?

      8. I have and think that rhetoric will serve to inflame tensions, which is why I keep saying that we’re for a societal collapse no matter what happens with the Presidency of the US.

      9. I am not missing this, that is just a fact, when the protection is gone. The strongest of the strong will be the weakest of them all. The rat will try anything to take a last stand. He is over no matter whatsoever he does and it’s the stupidity of the ones that cowardly let it be.

      10. The logical “over” may not be Biden getting into the White House, though. It could be the toppling of the US caused by his refusal to leave. So in a sense, you are right that it is “over,” but not the election, just the tolerance of people to allow him to stay in office longer than he’s allowed to.

      11. I think people very much underestimate the despair being felt by most of the world. We are dealing with record poverty, homelessness, starvation and death. Situations like this are bound to trigger an explosion and an uprising. Biden would not be in control of a stable country. It would implode on Kamala Harris’ watch. Of course, I still don’t think they’ll ever get to the White House. Trump, I suspect, will not let them and he will destroy the country as a result. But again, damned if they do and damned if they don’t. The world order is about to collapse and there is nothing they can do about it.

  3. I think all is lost now and Beijing biden is in the whitehouse for 2021. I think america as we know it has now gone. Its bad as this has a direct effect on the UK. The blatent fraud that has gone on with this election is disgusting.
    My feeling is the next 4 years will be bad and a return to the old curruption, loss of freedoms and another war springing up by the deepstate.
    As for harris it is socialism if she gets in, but maybe things need to get bad in order for a lot more people to wake up.

    1. The future is bad no matter how his whole thing turns out, but the collapse of the societal order is coming and it will end their power within the next few years.

    1. First of all, it wouldn’t have been Sanders in the end, because he likely would have died before the election. His VP would have won by a much larger number, like Reagan 1984 numbers, so the ability to steal the election would have been all but impossible. Plus, unlike Biden, they would have agreed to pardon him and order the criminal investigations against him to be dropped. That’s not happening here and that’s what’s driving Trump’s more aggressive strategy. It’s driven out of fear and self interest. He will do anything to stay in power, even start a war.

    2. Which voter groups would’ve voted differently in that scenario? – say Sanders had picked someone he was supposed to like Karen Bass (it would’ve had to have been someone the establishment was semi-comfortable with to get the nom past the DNC floor), why would she perform so differently?

      1. I believe that Sanders would have picked Nina Turner, who I have suspected would eventually make it to the White House someday in the future (though I don’t think there will be much of a White House left standing in a year or two regardless of who takes office). He would have wanted a loyalist and she would have provided it for him. Sanders would have either been killed or gotten Covid and died, allowing her to become the nominee, maybe bringing a more moderate person as her VP choice. She would have won about 40-45 states to Trump’s 5 or 10.

        Such a blowout would have been impossible for him to overcome and ultimately Trump would realize this. In addition, she and her team would have gotten him the pardons and protections he needed and he would have left quietly. He would have told the GOP not to stage a coup and instead work to try to thwart her administration instead. This would have brought us down off the ledge of war and allowed multiple social programs to be passed to temporarily quell anger of a poor and oppressed population. This arrangement would have likely lasted for about 10-15 years before we would be right where we are right now.

        The reason we are screwed either way is because Biden is not FDR and he is not Obama. He does not plan to pass an aggressive series of programs to help the poor and he does not have the ability to sweet talk the public into avoiding more aggressive things like a general strike. Collapse would come under his or Kamala Harris’ watch, which would prompt them to start a war with China to stop the worker uprisings. So even if Trump doesn’t declare war now, war with China is coming down the pipeline next year. The only difference is how soon it will happen and who is leading the US to its ultimate destruction. So really, the presidency is purely cosmetic in the grand scheme of things. Events are going to unfold pretty much the same way whether Trump’s coup succeeds or fails.

      2. The devil is panicked right now. The Covid pandemic was not supposed to happen and he’s been cleaning it up ever since, hence one of the world’s fastest “vaccines” ever developed. He’s trying to put the lid on all of this, but Trump will not let him and I think he realizes that he’s kind of screwed no matter what happens. He made this mess and now it will end his ability to push a new world order in our lifetime. He’ll have to try again in about 200 years from now.

      3. No it’s not what he wanted because he knew Trump wouldn’t leave willingly and he knows he’s going to make a mess no matter what. He will not just leave the White House. He will either have to be forced out, which will incite his supporters and start an insurrection, or Trump will declare war or the threat of it will get Republicans to bend to his will.

        A collapse would destroy the infrastructure necessary to implement a global order and usher in a Satanic era. He would have to rebuild it and he wouldn’t have enough time to do so before the time passes for success. It’s very complicated stuff. I can refer you to more information another time if you are interested, but there will be no new world order in our lifetime and any attempt to usher it in now is doomed to fail.

      4. My guess, and it’s only a guess, is that he suspected Trump would make a good anti-christ candidate originally and then found out that wasn’t true when he went rogue. If I can get a better or more detailed answer, I will let you know.

      5. But you said Trump started going rogue immediately after he announced in 2015 and that he intentionally tried to tank his campaign multiple times, but that the devil still carried him through anyway. Why so if that’s the case?

      6. Well the fact that he went rogue is why I was so certain that he would be assassinated before the election. I figured if he survived that, then he’d stay in office until the intelligence agencies removed him. The impeachment happened around the time I said he’d be killed and that blunted that action. I figured he’d eke out a win in the courts after the election, which didn’t happen, and then get removed later in 2021. That’s not going to happen now, but that doesn’t mean that the visions I’ve had where Biden would never enter the White House are wrong.

        I have correctly called a lot of parts of this election so far and I also have called out every post election move Trump would make to a T, even if they haven’t succeeded so far.

        He is planning a big cabinet meeting tomorrow, which he hasn’t done in weeks.

        I feel that he will be planning something sinister during this time and we will know what it is by Friday. My guess is preparations for war with China, which I did say earlier in the year, if you read my War is Coming post, is a possibility of happening sooner rather than under a Democrat. So that’s why I will not say my visions on this are wrong unless Trump’s coup attempt fails definitively.

      7. And partially, as I said in a comment up above, perhaps Trump was designed as an anti-christ archetype but failed, or at least is seemingly failing, but maybe not 100% yet.

      8. And also keep in mind that Trump now has gotten a taste of power and may not want to let it go, so this is what is inspiring his actions. I still feel that he is going to pull this coup off, even if it requires military force.

  4. ..what is to keep t RUMP from declaring martial law ,suspending the constitution and declaring a ‘police action’ ( circumventing the constitutional need for a congressional declaration of war) on china for its “attacking ” us with the ‘china virus” that “requires” him to stay in office?

    1. I already answered this in my November post.

      10) Australia will begin to see new cases of Covid by Christmas time, causing yet another punishing lockdown on the nation. This time, the public will not go along with it so willingly.

  5. Newest trump plan..works?
    1. Get bith ala rep brooks and new sen turberville( ” art 2..one obj from each chamber”) to obj to electoral votes from 5 states in the texas case.
    2 .challenge must pass vote in bothe senate and house to be accepted.R ‘s control senate on jan 6 (regardless of ga.)
    3 . trump has allies arrest 10 dem. House reps who cannot attend.
    4 vote wins
    5. Constit.art 2 says HOUSE then votes …1 vote per state. 26 states are in R CONTROL
    6. TRUMP WINS.
    Is this what you see?
    After R. 106 reps signed on texas case ..i can now see the coup plan.
    Not good.

    1. Possible, as that was my original worry in my Trump Coup post from last month, but it’s not the only option he’s floating around. He’s strongly considering a military coup option.


      Which may work, but it could also be a ploy to force Mitch McConnell to go along with the plan you mentioned. It’s very fluid at the moment, but I still him pulling something off to stay in office. I’m just not sure what yet.

  6. are you sure the assassination attempt on biden and harris if succesful, is not a false flag attack.

    1. It could be, but it would be orchestrated by Erik Prince. Again, this might not happen, either because it is thwarted or Trump changes his mind, but he definitely had a conversation about this last night, a little before I posted that update.

    1. I’m concerned it’s not the last of that type of attack but a test run for something more sinister. Think January 6th.

      1. I don’t trust what the FBI has been saying about the bombing. It’s way too elaborate to be just one persons doing. Something is up and I have a feeling Trump is connected to it, hence his silence.

  7. trump signed the covid relief 19 bill that only gives most people a 600 check is this a sign of trump giving in.

    1. Giving in in what sense? He was the one who originally negotiated the measly $600 stimulus in the first place. I didn’t even expect any stimulus to pass at all, but things changed. He only made an about face to put pressure on lawmakers to go along with his coup attempt. People say that it is doomed to fail, but I have repeatedly warned that it is not. I warned that Pelosi’s grip on the speakership is not strong and this article is now definitive proof.


      In addition, Trump is agitating for a leadership challenge to Mitch McConnell, threatening to knock him out of his spot as senate majority leader. If he succeeds in these maneuvers to install allies in key positions in government, he can pull this off.

      It absolutely baffles me that most psychics don’t see this, even though there have been flashing red warning signs since the day after the election. I feel sad that I am alone on this because I wish other psychics had more of a sense of urgency. Unfortunately, if my visions turn out to be true, then I will be the only one who foresaw this, which is not something I’m going to be proud of. Don’t assume anything until Trump has either conceded or Biden is in the White House. We have a long way to January 20th. It will feel like forever.

  8. Nothing can happen as long as Biden is alive, but what do you think about this potential?

    Firstly, if he were to die the elector pledges to Biden would be invalided and the House – where the majority of dels. are republicans might vote for Trump.

    Secondly, in the senate, if the dems were to win in GA, that would make the Senate 50-50, Romney would likely switch over and vote for the Dems against Trump, unless Trump can buy off a Dem into switching their vote. The way he might be able to do that is by promising them the VP slot. Remember, that’s what you had been prophesying for years – about Pence getting replaced.

  9. Your predictions are no where near the predictions of fellow psychic, Jeanne Mayell. My money is on her.

    1. Not every psychic is going to agree all the time. I’m still very confident that Biden won’t make it into the White House. I have correctly called every action in Trump’s coup attempt so far and how it would lead to a contested vote on January 6th, which is happening. A lot can happen in the period of a few days. Don’t be surprised if congress steals the election for Trump.

      1. There will be revolt in the streets. Anarchy. My generation will return to the streets to protest like the 60’s have never seen.

      2. Yes and if you read my 2021 predictions, you’ll see what happens when your generation does that.

      3. Congress could invalidate them even if Biden were alive. It comes down to two events over the next few days: The speaker election on January 3rd and who shows up to vote on January 6th. If McCarthy wins the speaker vote and controls the House, rather than Pelosi, he will toss the Biden electors from contested states. I’ve warned about this since November and with a contested floor flight, it’s very likely to happen.


        So don’t assume that Biden has this in the bag. I have repeatedly stressed, again and again, that Trump has not conceded and Biden is not in the White House. Until one of those things happen, I was not wrong in my prediction, even if some of the details were off.

    1. It will be contested, but as I have said, the outcome is very fluid and shaky. There are a number of things that I am seeing that could go wrong tomorrow. We could see violence on the House floor, leading to assassinations that cause a stop to the certification process. We could see Pence resigning tonight, causing chaos over who the next speaker would be. We could also see other forms of unrest outside that explode into real serious violence. All I can see now is that tomorrow will be a bloody day.

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