The Trump Coup

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12/8 ETA: So I have an update that needs to be shared. While it may seem that Trump’s legal options to challenge the results are over with the dismissal of a Pennsylvania case at the Supreme Court, there are a couple of lingering issues to watch. The first thing is that one state did not make the safe harbor deadline which protects the electoral vote from being challenged by congress. That would be the state of Wisconsin. Trump and his allies will be challenging this state in congress when it meets on January 6th to count the electoral college votes. There is a possibility, with the unresolved Supreme Court case from Texas on multiple states elections, that those states may be considered outside the safe harbor deadline as well, though not as likely. Watch for this, especially with any news on House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy trying to take the speaker gavel away from Nancy Pelosi. The second thing to watch is Trump’s agitation and incitement on China. I fear that he may be using this as a pretext to start a war with them, which I warned about earlier in the year when I said he could use it to delay the election. Despite reports to the contrary, Trump’s coup attempt is not over yet.

Note: I have decided to move all of my updates about the upcoming attempt by Donald Trump to orchestrate a coup and steal the election here. I will post further updates in this blog post and save my dreams and predictions post for dreams and predictions.

Before reading the following posts that were made over the last few days, I would like to point out that my ominous warning from two nights ago that Trump would attempt to steal the election have been confirmed. It is possible that this may not succeed, but being as I have been right about a ton of events this election cycle, I am afraid that he will succeed and it will destroy the country. The latest updates will be posted at the end of this post. Watch out. Things are about to take a dramatic turn for the worst.

11/4 ETA: It’s the evening after election night and the result still hasn’t been called yet. Let me get a couple of things out of the way. The first thing is that there is absolutely a concerted effort by the intelligence community and certain segments of the elite to try to manifest a Biden victory by willing it into existence. This is obvious by the fact that they declared Biden victories in Virginia and Arizona (which he has not won, despite networks saying otherwise) early while staggering to give Trump victories in key swing states like Florida and Ohio. I get the vibe that, by trying to declare a victory for Biden early, they create an aura of illegitimacy around Trump’s imposed victory when he challenges certain election results in court. Despite his odds shrinking, the battle of the ballots has just begun. Look to prediction #3 to see how this will drag out for weeks. With Pennsylvania still in play and Wisconsin’s result within the margin for a recount, this election is far from over. So despite the fact that it seems like Biden will inevitably win, I do not feel that, with many of my previous predictions on the race being either fulfilled or thwarted, that I will end up being wrong on this point.

11/5 ETA: With the election dragging on to a third night unresolved, I have to warn you all that I had a very bad premonition last night. I had the suspicion that Trump would drag the results out until the legally mandated time to get electors installed (December 8th) and then use the lack of resolution to force GOP led legislatures to appoint electors that would vote for him when all the electors meet. When I did some research this morning, it turns out to be a very plausible plan, which Barton Gellman from the Atlantic lays out here. The fact is that Trump’s team has been planning for this contingency plan for months. He is already building a narrative that the vote was stolen from him so he can make the case to allies in key critical battleground state legislatures that they need to disregard the popular result. Many of them have already agreed to do so. This plan would work, since Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin are all GOP led legislatures. Such a move would lead to a constitutional crisis, but Trump is desperate and will pull out all the stops to secure himself another win, no matter how illegitimate it is. He may get away with it in congress, but such a move would start an immediate uprising in January, rather than a delayed one that begins between April and August. Watch him very closely. Even if Biden is declared the winner by tomorrow, the battle for the ballot is far from over.

11/7 ETA: A fourth night has passed with no resolution as to who will be declared the winner. I figured for sure that the networks would have called the race for Biden by now. Evidently, he did too, as evidenced by his hastily put together press conference last night. Allow me to make a few additional comments. First, now that so many days have passed since an official call has been made, the chances of Trump disputing the results and attempting to manufacture a coup are extremely high. For every day that may pass without a definitive call, the odds of this happening increase dramatically. I have been trying to meditate and tap into the spiritual midst of both Biden and Trump to see what’s going on and how this might be resolved. Doing so is difficult. They are being covered in a thick, toxic smog which makes myself and my fellow psychic, Fefelove, physically, mentally and emotionally sick. Trying to parse through this gray mist has left me feeling very under the weather. You might think this is seasonal related, but the illness is strongest when trying to peer through this smog and goes away gradually over a period of minutes or hours later.

There is a strong darkness surrounding this election and both sides are being led by evil forces to assume victory. There are conflicting reports in the media about what Trump’s state of mind is right now, some speculating resignation, while others speculate about defiance. I’ve had a hard time because, I admit, I get suckered into what the media says and sometimes go off of their insights. I have had to spend the day tuning it out and going with my own gut instinct. When I have tapped into this source of my own intuition, it suggests Trump is not ready to concede and will do everything he can to, as writer Gabriel Sherman wrote two days ago, find an “alternative path” back to the White House. So, despite being asked by several people, no, I am not willing to say that my prediction on Trump’s victory, however illegitimate it will end up being, is wrong. Not until either Trump concedes (which he has shown no signs of doing) or Biden assumes the oval office.

I don’t have a new prediction for today. Just thought I’d give you all an update. Stay tuned. We’re about to go on a collective bumpy ride.

11/7 Additional ETA: So now the networks have officially called it for Biden. The next 24-48 hours is going to be crucial in determining how things are going to go and whether I will end up being right or wrong in my prediction. Trump’s concession, or lack thereof, will be determinative. If he concedes, which I doubt he will, then I will officially have to own up to calling the election wrong. However, if he doesn’t concede, then it means that he is going to attempt a coup and will likely succeed. As I have stated previously, I will not call the accuracy of my prediction until we see what happens next.

11/7 Additional ETA: As I suspected, correctly, Trump refuses to concede. As mentioned earlier, the next 24-48 hour period is critical to deciding how things will proceed. Trump’s advisors will try to pressure him into conceding by Monday, but if he does not, then this will drag on (even if the media will pretend it is not) and things will turn ugly quickly. I will post another update on Monday whether he holds his ground or concedes.

11/7 Additional ETA: I know I’ve done a ton of updates today, but this is a fast developing story. “The Lincoln Project,” a group of Never Trump former Republicans, has confirmed that Trump is, in fact, going down the path I warned about a few days ago. While I may not end up being 100% right in my call for the election in the end, it is indisputable that I have a pretty good pulse on the mood inside both Trump and Biden’s camps, done by my own psychic intuition. I’ve accurately predicted many of the transpiring events this election season and now I accurately called Trump’s strategy of attempting a coup. Unfortunately for The Lincoln Project and the liberals who are celebrating a premature Biden victory today, things are about to turn for the worst. What will end up being worse for them is that part of why Trump will probably succeed is that Nancy Pelosi’s grip on the Speakership is incredibly weak. She lost 6 seats this election, narrowly holding the chamber by just 8 votes. If Kevin McCarthy does what I sense he will do, which is persuade conservative Democrats to defy her and install him instead, then it will almost certainly guarantee that Trump will get installed as President, even if he never officially wins the election. Buckle up. It’s about to turn into a bumpy ride forward. The country as we know it will not survive the crisis.

11/8 ETA: Okay so now it has become official. Trump has begun his attempt at a coup, according to a report from Axios. I was afraid of this and now it’s going to happen. Prepare yourselves. Things are going to get ugly very fast.

11/10 ETA: There have been a number of developments over the last few days indicating that the coup is well under way. For starters, we have the bogus calls for “audits” of electoral votes in several states, including Pennsylvania and Georgia. Then we have the attempts by Trump’s lawyers to stall certification of the results with injunctions, so far succeeding in Michigan. Then we have the vocalized quiet support of disputing the election results from several Republican lawmakers, most notably Mitch McConnell, who has both supported a coup on Nancy Pelosi’s speaker gavel and supported Bill Barr’s controversial efforts to investigate alleged “voter fraud.” Then we have a series of firings in the Trump administration, most notably the secretary of defense. Then we had comments both on the record from the secretary of state Mike Pompeo and off the record from Trump’s budget office that they were preparing for a second Trump term, despite the election not being officially called and unofficially called for Biden. All of these actions are laid out in the Atlantic article I mentioned earlier. It is indisputable that they are attempting to use the electoral college’s weaknesses to steal the election. Biden will not see this coming and even if he does, he is disadvantaged on the new playing grounds and out organized by skilled, conservative operatives. This election will ultimately be decided by congress. My fellow psychic Fefelove and I agree on this point. How it is resolved is ultimately split. She thinks Biden will come out on top while I still believe Trump will succeed. Either way, we see this will serve as the catalyst that tears the country apart. There’s no turning back now. The path has been set. Please prepare yourselves as you best as you can because things are going to get ugly very quickly.

11/26 ETA: There have been a number of developments in regards to this coup attempt. First off, I would like to point out that most everyone knows now that Trump has been trying to pull this off. The mistake that people make is that they believe that his coup attempt has failed. It has not. Trump has now shifted his pressure campaign to the Republican led legislatures of states that Biden won. They spelled it all out at the sham “voter fraud” hearing that was orchestrated in Gettysburg yesterday. His team of quack attorneys implored members of the legislature of Pennsylvania to disregard the results and to send their own electors to congress to vote for Trump. This is the final play in Trump’s disposal. I originally had thought that his court cases would have more of an impact (which they have not, so far), but if he throws enough doubt in the minds of these lawmakers, they may go ahead and do this, against state law. We should know the first signs of this by Monday, as the 30th is the deadline for Pennsylvania to pull this action off. The legislature will dissolve by then, as mentioned by the lieutenant governor. Coincidentally, my fellow psychic Fefelove had mentioned to me earlier this month that the moment for trouble to begin was between the 15th and the 30th. Watch out for this move, especially since Barton Gellman mentioned that the Pennsylvania legislators have been agitating for this plan for months.

11/30 ETA: So there’s an update that I think is important to share. As Trump’s chances of sending dueling electors to congress seems to be fading in Pennsylvania, Arizona and Michigan, his legal team is beginning to broach the idea of just suspending the electoral college and declaring himself dictator. I would normally dismiss such thoughts, but since it is being peddled by one of Trump’s closet advisors, and he seems hell bent on not conceding, this is an option that people need to be taking seriously. I originally thought it was over once the electoral college met and voted, but if Trump goes down this path, it will be the darkest of all paths. Watch out for this, especially if he begins alluding to it in his tweets and public statements.

19 thoughts on “The Trump Coup

  1. do you see December 24 2020, as a date, Trump will meet with destiny? also, do you see a Third person, who will become president, who is not trump, biden, or ether of the vice presidents? since, i visit, 20 other pyschic sites, it is interesting what they all have to say. thank you.

    1. Myself and my fellow psychic Fefelove have different answers. We both agree that congress is going to end up deciding the election. Where we disagree is who ends up coming out on top. She thinks Pelosi will force Biden in while I think Trump will prevail. We’ll have to see, but this coup is definitely going to be executed. Whether it is successful or not remains to be seen.

  2. There is massive fraud involved in this election. I am not a massive trump fan but Biden is worse. Biden truly wins expect another war more lockdowns and loss of freedoms.

    1. The reality is while there were probably some election issues, by and large, Biden won fairly, at least in the popular vote. Trump is not going to accept this, which is why the country is about to go into a major crisis. I think it’s kind of a pick your poison, really, because in either scenario, the country will implode. Neither side will accept the legitimacy of the other, so war is inevitable.

  3. Problem is that Biden & Pelosi have a lot of institutional power in DC. E.G. McConnell has known them for a long time and is comfortable dealing with them. I don’t really see a scenario like the one you outline occurring unless something were to happen to both Biden & Pelosi. For years you have kept talking about how they were targets like RFK (along with Mcconnell also)?

    In that event, in a RFK-type event featuring multiple big actors, would that open the door to what you’re suggesting? Are you seeing any of this?

    1. Read the Atlantic article I posted in the blog. Also, watch this video.

      He doesn’t need to kill anyone or do anything technically illegal to stay in power. All Trump has to do is throw the electoral college count into chaos and then seize power via congress. I wouldn’t be flashing red alerts like this if I didn’t have the bad vibes the night after election night preceding lawmakers like Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz already laying the groundwork for what is to come.

      They are laying the groundwork for this in Pennsylvania too.

      Granted, this becomes harder to pull off if Trump doesn’t get within striking distance of recounts in Arizona (or wins outright, which is still entirely possible) and Georgia, but it’s not about whether he can win back states at this point, it’s about whether he can stall long enough to block certification of the results and throw the election results into doubt. This is why I said I absolutely refuse to say that my prediction is wrong until Trump either concedes (which he is being pressured to do, but I doubt he will do it and Fefelove doesn’t think he will either) or Biden gets inaugurated.

      I also will warn you that Trump operates most effectively with the element of surprise and with people doubting his prowess. If people think he can’t do it or think he is incapable of it, then that makes this more dangerous. He can do it and he’s laying the groundwork to do so as we speak. If we don’t hear of a concession by Monday, then things are going to get chaotic quickly.

    2. But again, the problem is that Biden has positioned himself uniquely with having a ton of people capital, unless he goes the next level with the RFK events, Biden & Mcconnell are comfortable with each other and that’s the end of that.

      The Bushes & Romney have already come out for him.

      Biden is not Bernie, he’s not an outsider with a limited political influence.

      1. None of that is relevant. McConnell has not spoken out for Biden and neither has Kevin McCarthy. In McCarthy’s case, it is the opposite. Those are the only two voices that matter. Until they say something, assume they are in on it too.

      2. Here’s McConnell by the way.

  4. What about the 2 Ga senate run offs?
    That becomes CRUCIAL now..if the Rs do what you say…that SHOULD drive the vote even higher for ossoff and warnock…to be a check and balance.yes?

    1. It could also drive the election in the other way too. Trump telling his supporters McConnell holding the gavel is key to him “winning the election” and preventing “Democratic fraud and cheating.” Plus, now that Georgia state officials know that this is happening, they are going to do everything they can to repress the vote in the runoff, giving the two Republican candidates every advantage they can get to win. So yes, for this plan to work, it would require the GOP to win these races, though there is one other glitch. That comes from Mitt Romney and Lisa Murkowski deciding to give Chuck Schumer the gavel over McConnell. I believe the GOP has a contingency plan for this too. This is why I also don’t believe Trump is the only one who will be challenging the results of his election in court. Martha McSally and John James will too. This is going to end badly, so prepare yourself accordingly.

  5. A
    A video of Trump getting a message in church from a Pastor who thinks God speaks with her, but as a Spiritualist myself , I can see she’s a divine channel for Spirit aka Gods PA’s, admittedly a bit OTT, but that’s Americans.
    I understand her message fully, She says he will be returned as POTUS? but even if he doesn’t , he’s been used by the universe to show the evil & cheating that goes on in politics, leading indeed To draining the swamp. I follow a couple of Astrologers & they also predict a civil war , but not quite so soon, but one says this could be sooner since this chaos, she also predicted a plague last year ( covid as we know it)
    Your dislike of Trump is obvious as is the fraud being committed by Binden‘s globalist & Chinese backers,you’d be better of turning off all TV & not reading any papers as they cloud a Psychics view. I agree with you & you’re spot on, there is a Coup, but think your confused of which side whose blatantly committing it!

    🕊💜🌈 Karen pro Care-ran

  6. This is quite an interesting and insightful article:

    I don’t believe that Trump will succeed in overturning the election. However, by delegitimising the result, he has essentially thrown a tank of kerosene onto an already toxic and dangerous bonfire.

    Reactionary elements on the fringes of the new culture war (Proud Boys et all) have been emboldened with a new sense of outrage and will now almost certainly amalgomate and take the fight to their radical left counterparts (Antifia, New Black Panthers, etc) with renewed vigor.

    I don’t believe that it will quite be the apocalyptic scenario you envisage though. Certain parts of the country will probably become ‘no go areas’ but for the majority of the population, life will go on as normal. Think Belfast or Londonderry in Northern Ireland during the troubles for an example of what the conflict might look like.

    1. Very interesting insights. I appreciate you sharing them. I do believe, however, that Trump will pull off his coup, though my fellow psychic Fefelove agrees with you that he will not succeed. Still, I’ve been right about many things in this election and I am right about Trump trying to pull off a coup. In any scenario, chaos is coming and much more all encompassing than you realize, especially when it starts to effect the food and medical supply line.

  7. all though using the word coup to describe trumps fight back makes it send like he is in george bush’s position when he is really in al gore’s position any way the trump fight back to get a second term in a row is not looking too good now that trump accepts us presidency transition to biden must begin.

    1. It’s complicated. Trump’s refusal to concede is still a big problem. If you read the letter itself, you’ll see that the GSA does not refer to Biden as the president elect.

      This matters because it’s done to give Trump an out to claim victory later. The reason Emily Murphy was told to sign off on this was to avoid being subpoenaed before congress to testify. Pay less attention to that and more attention to this

      And this

      And this

      And this

      Any of these can create circumstances where Trump can force state legislatures where Biden won to send a dueling slate of electors to congress. From there, it’s very fluid as to who wins. I’m not going to call this coup attempt a failure until I get more information on this.

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