Dreams and Predictions for November 2020

I would like to forewarn you all that we are in for a very bumpy month and a very chaotic, violent and soon to be revolutionary year in 2021. After seeing this poll out of Iowa tonight, it is becoming crystal clear to me that my prediction that Trump will win (by cheating) re-election will come true. I admit for a second that I may have had some doubts, but now I am 100% sure. Too many things I’ve foreseen in this race have occurred and for the things that haven’t, it’s either because it was thwarted (a Biden Covid infection and/or assassination) or repressed (Biden sexual assault accusers coming forward). We’re not looking at a pretty picture here, but as I have said for a while now, this is the consequence of an elite that refuses to cede any power or wealth to a very desperate public in need of a life raft.

I would also like to draw your attention to this latest blog post from a friend of our website, Michael McClellan at New Prophecy. In April, he had originally doubted my visions of an uprising occurring next year. Now he, a former big skeptic of this view, has come around to this way of thinking, as have a number of other people. While most major psychics online still refuse to own up to this (I believe due to fear of scaring their readers and not wanting to manifest it into the universe), many of them will come around to owning up to this future by early next year. Just know that I was one of the first to call it when it occurs.

With all that out of the way, I’ll start by sharing a prediction from Fefelove and then share a number of my own.

1) From Fefelove: Just before civil war/war the elections get really fucked up and weird. I think it’s a historical marker, a red flag of violence that’s coming. A country that can’t have fair and toned down elections is failed. I recall being in Lebanon before an election and Israel was treating to bomb them if the wrong party won. It was martial law creepy political protests guns and tanks everywhere and bombs going off everywhere. Here we are, prob worse for a variety of reasons. I also think things will take a dive with corona this winter, back to closed. In the Spanish flu the second wave was deadliest.

2) “Prepare the gates!” the wealthy will scream, as they hole themselves in from angry protestors in parts of Southern California. These scenes will become more common as the new year approaches.

3) Expect a long, drawn out court battle over ballots in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania to eventually be ruled in Trump’s favor by the Supreme Court.

4) There will be shortages on both food and toys this holiday season. Stock up while you can.

5) The US death rate from Coronavirus will hit near or above 400,000 by the end of the year. The unofficial number is already close to or over 1 million deaths in the US alone so far.

6) Prepare for a mass exodus from the Labour party as millions of young people cancel their membership and defect to a new political party by either Corbyn or another of his supporters in parliament. This will permanently divide the left in the UK, which Boris Johnson may use to call yet another election early next year.

7) The anger in France over the attacks by Islamic groups will see a major retribution to the country’s Muslims this holiday season. A mass killing will occur close to Christmas time, seeing the deaths of nearly 100 observant Muslims and injuries upwards into the thousands. This will trigger mass anger in the Muslim world.

8) More riots will take place in Poland over the abortion ban, leading the police to kill dozens of women protestors. This will trigger sanctions on the country and surprise condemnation from the Catholic church and Pope Francis, shocking Mateusz Morawiecki and Andrzej Duda.

9) Putin’s grip on power will begin to slip with a high profile challenge to his leadership from the oligarchy of the nation. It bears a bad omen for him heading into the new year.

10) Australia will begin to see new cases of Covid by Christmas time, causing yet another punishing lockdown on the nation. This time, the public will not go along with it so willingly.

11) Evo Morales makes a triumphant return to Bolivia by Christmas, causing heads in the intelligence community to explode in anger.

11/4 ETA: It’s the evening after election night and the result still hasn’t been called yet. Let me get a couple of things out of the way. The first thing is that there is absolutely a concerted effort by the intelligence community and certain segments of the elite to try to manifest a Biden victory by willing it into existence. This is obvious by the fact that they declared Biden victories in Virginia and Arizona (which he has not won, despite networks saying otherwise) early while staggering to give Trump victories in key swing states like Florida and Ohio. I get the vibe that, by trying to declare a victory for Biden early, they create an aura of illegitimacy around Trump’s imposed victory when he challenges certain election results in court. Despite his odds shrinking, the battle of the ballots has just begun. Look to prediction #3 to see how this will drag out for weeks. With Pennsylvania still in play and Wisconsin’s result within the margin for a recount, this election is far from over. So despite the fact that it seems like Biden will inevitably win, I do not feel that, with many of my previous predictions on the race being either fulfilled or thwarted, that I will end up being wrong on this point. With that out of the way, here’s another prediction to share.

12) There will be more riots on Friday in many American cities. There will be shootings at these events that lead to several deaths as well, mostly in concealed carry states.

11/5 ETA: With the election dragging on to a third night unresolved, I have to warn you all that I had a very bad premonition last night. I had the suspicion that Trump would drag the results out until the legally mandated time to get electors installed (December 8th) and then use the lack of resolution to force GOP led legislatures to appoint electors that would vote for him when all the electors meet. When I did some research this morning, it turns out to be a very plausible plan, which Barton Gellman from the Atlantic lays out here. The fact is that Trump’s team has been planning for this contingency plan for months. He is already building a narrative that the vote was stolen from him so he can make the case to allies in key critical battleground state legislatures that they need to disregard the popular result. Many of them have already agreed to do so. This plan would work, since Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin are all GOP led legislatures. Such a move would lead to a constitutional crisis, but Trump is desperate and will pull out all the stops to secure himself another win, no matter how illegitimate it is. He may get away with it in congress, but such a move would start an immediate uprising in January, rather than a delayed one that begins between April and August. Watch him very closely. Even if Biden is declared the winner by tomorrow, the battle for the ballot is far from over. With that out of the way, here are a few more predictions.

13) There will be a recount and two runoffs in Georgia, which the GOP will narrowly win. Trump will secure a narrow .1% victory there as well.

14) Watch for violence in North Carolina this weekend. Trump supporters will be out guns ablazin.

11/7 ETA: I had a ton of developments in regards to what is taking place as we speak: an attempted coup by Trump to invalidate the election and keep himself in office illegitimately. You can continue to receive updates by looking at this post. It will clear space in this post for dreams and predictions only.

11/18 ETA: I am waiting to update the blog post mentioned above because I’d like to see whether Trump’s coup attempt succeeds or not. It is obvious now that it is well underway and there have been many developments over the last two weeks. In the meantime, Fefelove has a dream based prediction I’m going to share with you all.

15) “I had a dream that I was walking and my feet hurt from all the walking. I was going in and out of stores and restaurants and no one had power. Everyone was carrying guns. Some people didn’t have guns and were trying to pass off toy guns as real guns. Some people had them for protection but others were trying to get more stuff in the stores by shooting others.”

11/21 ETA: I had a horrible dream last night that needs to be shared.

16) I dreamed that one of the stars of the Netflix series Julie and the Phantoms died in either a car crash or of Covid, forcing the production to shut down. The boys in the cast should take their safety seriously and not engage in reckless actions at this time.

11/22 ETA: While I still believe you should all keep watching the developments in regards to Trump’s coup, being executed as we speak, I do want to share with you all a more positive dream from last night.

17) I saw on top of a tree branch a bird I had never seen before. It was a yellow bird with orange feathers on the top of its head and bits of black on its back tail. I tried googling it this morning and could not find a bird that looked quite like it. My sense is that this is a new species of bird that will soon be discovered, probably high up in the mountains where humans have not seen it before.

18 thoughts on “Dreams and Predictions for November 2020

  1. The same pollster that released that poll spiked a poll showing Sanders winning the state in the caucus. Does that signify anything?


    If they can successfully fix it for Biden in primaries why not in GE?

    Also, how would Rice have made a difference w.r.t mailin ballots/election victory/defeat?

    What if revolution happens under Biden’s “Dark Winter”?

  2. Just curious on how an ‘uprising’ will actually occur. I mean what chance do ordinary citizens (even hypothetical heavily armed militias) actually have against the US military.

    1. No. I don’t like how long this is taking. I don’t like how this playing out exactly as the article I posted in my update said it would. I don’t like that Trump isn’t even contemplating conceding. I don’t like how there will be recounts in several key states. I don’t like how Arizona hasn’t been called yet. I don’t like how likely the Supreme Court is to buy the argument that the election in Pennsylvania was fraudulent. I’m not entirely convinced I was wrong yet. Until either Trump willingly concedes or Biden is sworn in on inauguration day, the situation is far too fluid. So no, I haven’t changed my mind.

  3. Well it looks like its game over for usa as Biden has stolen the election. This will have knock on effect with UK.

    1. I’m not convinced. Until Trump concedes or Biden is sworn in, I’m not convinced that Trump won’t do what I’ve said he will do for a while…cheat. There are still a number of close races and tricks up his sleeves.

      1. The dems cheated the amount of missing ballots found. Trump ballots removed from system etc etc is unreal. And why would voters vote for Biden I just don’t understand it he wants to lockdown and plus a fear another war will happen under him. It’s just insanity, I can’t see trump voters just being okay with being cheated out of a election.

      2. Just Anecdotally here: I think what Trump is really doing here is buying time. So that he can reap more donations for his legal defense and elongate his political power of command. Just my two. Cheers to you as well!

  4. now both moderna and phizer have vaccines….you have said the initial one would be deadly…is it one..or even both of these? is there a REAL legitimate one to take ?or coming?if so…which?

    1. The astrazeneca vaccine will be the safest. It is both the most throughly vetted and least stained by regimes looking for political wins.

    2. Will vaccines end up being mandatory here in UK?, either way I wont be having it, is personal choice.

      1. I’m leaning towards no, but they may restrict you from doing things or entering buildings if you aren’t vaccinated. Quite frankly, if what I suspect is going to happen happens, then they won’t have time to vaccinate anyone in the near future.

  5. i read the atlantic. its a scary but direct roadmap of what trump is attempting ..you are correct …ie DQ votes in mi and wi and throw out the Pa votes via rudy the redface..given the blowback..it does not appear to be working..but..
    my larger concern is an earlier prediction of joe not making it and becoming a Curse of Tecumsuh victim. ..even by
    the raging covid…before jan 20th….assuming plot 1 fails…is plot 2 most likely to occur b4 or after jan 20?

    1. Trump clearly has a road map to stealing the election. He met with the head Michigan republicans in the state legislature today. He’ll probably meet with the Pennsylvania ones by Sunday. He will recount the votes in Georgia again. He is in the midst of a recount in Wisconsin. The Republican governor of Arizona is not going to certify the results until all the lawsuits are finished, even if it passes the deadline. I think people see some setbacks and assume he’s finished. He is not. Just as I correctly predicted that Trump would attempt a coup, I am very confident that he will have at least one state send dueling electors, if not two to five. My instincts on this have been on point. Don’t dismiss it.

    1. Possibly. I didn’t mention that following that bird, I saw an orange squirrel climbing a tree high in the mountains. Perhaps it’s related to Trump, but I still think they are new species to be discovered. We’l see.

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