A Season For Giving Shuts Down

I managed to get in two blog posts this month and it’s only the 9th. I’m giving myself a pat on the back for this.

As this year begins to draw to a close and World War 3 looms ever closer to our purview, I wanted to draw attention to some notable events to be on the lookout for in the near future. Before our world goes to complete hell, we will have one more holiday season to celebrate. Already dampened due to the pandemic, it will be unlike any we have experienced in recent memory. Not only will the inevitable social isolation create strain and relief, certain events will take place that will cause a collective reevaluation of our values and change our future celebrations.

Let’s start with the obvious challenges to the celebration of Thanksgiving this year. Travel will be extremely limited, so most gatherings will be with immediate family and friends or alone in isolation. Suicide numbers will go up this season from previous ones due to this loneliness, but most will try to see at least someone during this time and video call those they love when they can’t do that. There will be no parades or other glitzy events in the streets of major cities, like usual, creating a dark eeriness where cheer once flourished. The mood overall will be solemn, far from the aura of joyousness of previous years past.

Adding to the chaos will be the organization of big protests for indigenous people’s rights. Mass gatherings across the country will take place organized by Native American groups looking to end the celebration of Christopher Columbus and the holiday of Thanksgiving. The protests will be brutalized by police, but they will spark a new conversation on the foundation of this country and the genocide of its original inhabitants. It is a long overdue discussion and it will spark some much needed changes when the war is over a few years from now.

For the capitalist class, two big events dampen the mood of their perpetual greed. One is that Christmas sales will plunge this year. Consumer confidence will be at an all time low due to mass unemployment and poverty, so dismal sales will further crater our already vulnerable economy. Black Friday, normally a time of big crowds and big shopping, will see empty stores or stores that are looted by anarchists and rioters. Online sales will be decimated as well, so this will not be in relation to any fear of going outside or into stores to shop.

The second development is that more people will be on strike this year. Stores like Walmart and Target will not have employees working there during the holiday season, as they demand better pay and the advocacy of single payer health care nationwide. Labor militancy, already rising this year, will reach a new high in the fall, becoming one of the boiling parts that sparks an overthrow of the US government. People will finally see the value of their collective labor and will learn how to use it to force change in society. Although these actions will plunge the world economy into a great depression, it will be the first time that ordinary people confront the mass income inequality that our system has produced over the last several decades.

In spite of the unrest in the streets that is coming, one positive development manages to make itself known this upcoming holiday season. Time spent with family, friends and loved ones will be more important this year. Seeing as much of the year was spent socially isolated, those that are able to will gather and appreciate the time they have with the ones they love. Many families will reunite after spending months apart, being a brighter spot in a very dark year. This will cause many people to place less emphasis on gift giving and more on the genuine human connection with the people we care about most. Against the desires of the powers that be, this becomes a permanent mentality shift amongst millions of Americans, away from greed and towards human love and compassion.

My message for you all is simple. Cherish the time with the ones you love during this upcoming holiday season. It will be the last one celebrated for a number of years due to what is coming down the pipeline. Make it count because you may never get another one after this, seeing as much of the population will be decimated in the aftermath of the upcoming war.