Dreams and Predictions for August 2020

I am having a bit of a back and forth in deciding what blog to post for this month. One has details for events that won’t happen until the fall, while the other has to do with a certain “gossipy” psychic who I’ve warned about in the past. I will hopefully make up my mind soon. In the meantime, here’s some predictions to share.

1) Don’t expect any sort of economic recovery to occur anytime soon, in spite of congress working to pass a broader stimulus package within two weeks. Markets will continue to plunge and mass layoffs are coming down the pipeline.

2) Expect China to engage in cyber warfare as a preview of what is to come. Several major websites will be shut down and some will face permanent destruction of their servers.

3) A major female celebrity has a car crash in Los Angeles, though I’m not exactly sure who. Blonde woman.

4) It is the end of the Ellen Degeneres Show. She will announce her exit by the end of next week.

8/11 ETA: In case you’re curious.

5) Trump will win reelection this fall.

8/21 ETA: With the Democratic convention done and with the chaos in the streets at a minimum, I will have my post convention blog, explaining why I had to change my prediction and why Biden can’t win, by September. I also would like to point to this recent event, the poisoning of Putin’s political rival Alexei Navalny. Very bad sign if he dies, especially as it relates to Biden. In the meantime, I have some more predictions to share.

6) I suspect someone will be killed in the near future by an officer that Kamala Harris let off when a previous misconduct case came before her desk as the district attorney. It will tank her the way Derek Chauvin tanked Amy Klobachur.

7) Watch out for Britney’s safety again. As she tries to assert her right to freedom, those in her inner circle and the powers that be will stop her before she is able to do so, as I have warned for years now. She might make it to September, but I’m not feeling confident. Her time is short.

8) I also feel that time is short for Chicago’s mayor Lori Lightfoot. I have a hard time seeing her hanging onto her office past the election. If she hasn’t stepped down by then, it is possible that someone will shoot her.

9) Watch out for Steve Bannon’s safety. He may be open to talking to prosecutors to minimize his sentence and will be silenced by Trump’s team if he does so.

10) The former Pope Benedict will pass away by the end of the year. There will also be a sex scandal emerging soon around cardinals and bishops hiring prostitutes.

8/23 ETA: A comment from below prompted me to post this.

11) There will be something of a “general strike” that takes place right before the election this fall. This will hurt Biden’s poll numbers, but will lead to several benefits for the unions and workers who organize the work stoppages.

8/29 ETA: I’ve gotten several messages about this already, so I figured I’d put this in an update. In my 2020 predictions post, I said that a star of the Avengers would die tragically this year due to a dark ritual performed in the final Avengers movie. The curse has now taken its first victim in Black Panther actor Chadwick Boseman. Though I did not predict his death specifically, I left my prediction vague enough because I wasn’t 100% sure who would die first. I believe the actors I had mentioned are safe for the time being. However, I do believe that the curse will take another victim within the next three years (not related to the war that is about to come). Continue to watch Colbie Smoulders, Jeremy Renner and Brie Larson, like I had originally mentioned. I have bad vibes from all three of them of an early end to their lives.

I would also like to bring to your attention the fact that the threats against de Blasio continue, this time coming from one of the heads of the Police unions. This comes after he was prominently attacked during the RNC convention this week. So although he did not resign or get killed in June and may still live out the end of August, it is indisputable that the threats against him are still in the air and he is living on borrowed time. He’s been extremely lucky, but his luck will run out.

With all of that out of the way, I have another prediction to share. Probably the final one for the month.

12) There will be a second wave of Covid before a vaccine is distributed, this time being deadlier than the first wave and where most of the deaths will occur for the pandemic. Late October/early November is the vector for the next and likely final spike in cases. It is notable that the areas that got hit the hardest first will be spared, while those who saw spikes this summer will get the worst of the death counts this fall.

21 thoughts on “Dreams and Predictions for August 2020

    1. That’s not what would happen in that scenario.

      1) Constitutionally, it would go to the highest in the command that would still be in office. That would mean the Senate Majority Whip. But that’s not what would likely happen.


      2) If there is a war with China or other civilian conflict or the pandemic causes a delay, Trump would institute martial law and keep himself in power as long as possible. That would flare up a domestic conflict, as predicted in my “War is Coming” post. The US would crumble.

  1. “This may seem out of the blue, but what can you tell us about a man named Dan Schneider?

    1. It’s shocking that he hasn’t been exposed more fully yet. The rumors about him are all true and he’s far from the only one.

  2. An astrologer blog I read declared Trump will win reelection. He also predicted Trump’s election in 2016.

    Will he win reelection by the way of fraud/cheating? Or, will more people decide to choose him?

    1. I’m going to write about what insights I got from peering into the Biden apparatus. They could have gone on a path that would allow them to win in November, but Obama sent them on a losing path by insisting on Harris. To answer your question, it’s both. I will post a fuller blog post on this in the near future.

  3. Is the new prediction related to Harris being chosen as VP? How did that change the course of events? You said before it could’ve been someone else – an unknown black woman who didn’t run?

    1. I will explain it in a blog post sometime later this month or next month, but yes. To sum it up briefly, I originally had my eye on Bernie’s surrogate Nina Turner (who may still be president someday, presuming there’s a country left after this) as a compromise to the left. Then, as it seemed he just didn’t care about getting their votes, I felt he would go with Susan Rice (who was his preferred choice…Harris was imposed on him by Obama). If he had gone with Rice like his instinct suggested and died, the Democrats probably would have won in November. Now, it’s too late. I have never seen Harris in the White House and so it indicates that Trump will win re-election. I did add a caveat to my “War is Coming” post that it would be possible for Trump to still be president during this time. It is now all but certain at this point. Look out for the more detailed blog post in the near future.

  4. ..wait a minute….what happened to trump not being around by election? and biden being exposed by the democratic convention?????

    1. Some of this will be explained in the blog post, but I answered some of these questions in previous blogs as well. For example:


      The impeachment came around the vector of when I said he would be assassinated, so that blunted a lot of the momentum there. Also keep in mind that Trump has faced more danger since then, most recently a few days ago.


      So the threats to his life are still lingering in the background, though I suspect they are on hold until the election is over.

      As for the sexual assault exposure, the convention hasn’t happened yet. I’m not as confident about the women agreeing to come forward as I was before, but the possibility is still there, especially with some of them uncomfortable with Kamala Harris. There are women out there who have credible stories. It is up to them to share it or not.

      And as for de Blasio….


      The threats I mentioned were credible and still are. He’s had an NYPD detail lock down his home at Gracie Mansion since the protests began and he has been very limited in his public appearances as of late. The times he does go out, it’s very coordinated and the media is not tipped off until the final second. I can’t help it if entities repress threats that I post about. This has happened before. However, the threats are still there and de Blasio will be in for yet another dangerous month, seeing the anger forming around his dangerous school reopening plan.

      Hope this provides some clarity. Look for the new election blog post later in the month or early next month.

  5. Liam, curious if you have read any info on Q. I know you’ve expressed your feelings about Trump that he was put here by Satan, but the Q movements believes otherwise…that Trump is anointed and is taking down the cabal. What are your thoughts?

    1. Q has some nefarious origins. Think the Klan and Neo Nazis. Don’t trust anything they put out there.

  6. LIAM !
    THANKS for your honesty and openness…I appreciate it and realize life is fluid …and with so many involved in your predictions …things….. with free will …with so many…can change things….
    with that in mind…and the civil unrest you see…..I respectfully ask …what do you see as to what parts of the union break away/leave? the supreme court -post civil war – in texas v white said states could not UNILATERALLY leave but said that AGREEMENTS to leave ( OR excommunications !) cld happen…with covid emptying cities like NYC of their taxbase and creating a HUGE deficit …will – for instance- new York ..OR OTHERS- leave ?be asked to leave?the union?
    I don’t see this mountain of debt being able to continue..or ever repaid..nor our banker- china- being able or willing to finance it much longer….and with not assistance…the public will have no choice but to rebel….yes?
    and how soon?
    thanks again.

    1. Sorry I waited so long to respond to this. I have been very busy. I will answer some of this in a future blog post, because the splinter off is complex and difficult to say in a few sentences. It isn’t just regional splinters. There’s also bi-coastal alliances and other complex government structures that preclude a sort of “several states” form of government. I don’t know when I’ll write this. Maybe by the end of the year. I have two more important blog posts to share before this.

      As for the debt, read my blog post “The People Have the Power” and also pay attention to the teacher’s union’s threats of a strike in New York. Labor actions are going to increase this fall, culminating with something that appears to be a “general strike” by November. And yes, this will hurt Biden, though he and the Democrats brought this on themselves by insisting on school reopenings.

  7. you have no psychic ability. your chance of being right on any of your predictions is 50/50 and most of what you predict is based on second guessing and whatever you have read. if you were so accurate, you would be in a different place and not hanging around on the internet placating a bunch of psychic wannabes.

    time for you to retire.. find something new as Ivanka Trump have suggested as you seem to be searching for ways to make money.

    1. Let me make a couple of points very clear:
      1) I have *never* used this site to make money. Ever. This isn’t done to make a profit or enrich myself in any way. It’s about using my intuition to try to inform people of what is to come as best as I can. Humans are infallible and things can change.

      2) I rarely second guess my predictions. Sometimes events are thwarted and sometimes my dating can be off. However, my overall prescience is accurate.

      And speaking of Ivanka Trump…


  8. Chadwick Boseman has died. This fits with your theory about Avengers: Endgame, but he wasn’t one of the three most likely.

    1. Yes, I was about to mention this in an update. I said “likely” victims because I was worried about those three in particular. I still am because curses like this have long legs. We may not see another death this year, but within three years, we will see another Avenger actor die tragically.

  9. You got a partial hit today from one of your 2020 predictions. Chadwick Boseman (“Black Panther” other Marvel Universe movies) died of colon cancer.

    “A star of the Avengers franchise dies tragically this year. The likely victim is either Colbie Smouders or Jeremy Renner, but Brie Larson is in danger as well.”

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