The United States of Africa and A United Caribbean

This may not seem like something our readers will want to know about, considering all of the problems our world is currently facing at the moment, but I feel the need to say it anyway. It will give some attention to areas of the world I do not regularly write about. With all of the talk of the oppression of black people around the world, it’s important to note that it will not remain this way for much longer. With this blog post, I will present a future that will go from people shouting Black Lives Matter to Black Power all over the world. The source of this power comes not from the US, but from elsewhere on the planet.

One of the first major changes for black liberation comes when African nations unite sometime in the 2030’s. Right now, the continent is bitterly divided, particularly the north from the south. In the aftermath of war, with the two major powers, the US and China, down for the count, a power vacuum emerges that sees a scramble to fill it. India takes an initial grip hold, but it will not last due to their treatment of Pakistanis. As such, much of the world looks for an alternative to challenge their new found power. This will come as the nations of Africa see an opportunity to gain power on the world stage.

Past African leaders, from Muammar Gaddafi to Robert Mugabe, have been assassinated and ousted from power for advocating for a unified continent. With the implosion of US and China’s power, space is opened to pursue this avenue where it did not exist before. The idea gains traction throughout the continent and becomes more popular as more leaders advocate for it. A vote takes place across the continent in every nation, sometime by the end of this decade or early into the next one. The vote to unify the continent will be approved by a large margin, somewhere in the 70 to 80% mark. This will lead to the formation of the third (or second, depending on how many Chinese people die in the war) largest country in the world, The United States of Africa.

During the next few years following the vote, the structure of this newly established government will take place. The entire continent will end up sharing the same currency. military and national policy. There will be one leader, a president or prime minister, and then two adjacent governing bodies composed of representatives of every African country on the continent. It will be overseen by a high court and a governing body that serves as a veto on the absolute power of the presidency. After its official establishment, the new United States of Africa becomes the leading nation of Earth, surpassing India in terms of power and influence.

Consecutively to this newly formed United Africa, the island of the Caribbean will gain their independence from their colonizers this decade. One by one, various islands in the Caribbean will hold votes to remove their dependence on the bigger nations that currently rule over them. Nations like Curacao, Bermuda and Antigua are the first to gain independence in the aftermath of war, but by the end of the decade, every island nation will have declared its liberation, including Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

Unfortunately for these islands, most of them will find that the west will not let them go so easily. Following their own liberation, poverty flourishes in each respective island from being on their own for the first time in centuries. The west, angry at the success of this movement for freedom, pits each island against each other, with the support of powerful financial interests. They do this in the hopes of breaking their spirits. While this does weaken the islands at first, it only serves to strengthen the desire to fight back against these attacks on their sovereignty by the nations that once ruled over them.

Modeling their movement to the events that take place throughout the African continent, an eventual pact is formed amongst the block of Caribbean nations to unite under a federal governing system. Though it will not be as all encompassing as the one that is established in Africa, they will will share the same currency and a military is formed to protect all the nations. Cuba enters this pact, shedding some of its absolute control to establish a stronger economic support system with the other nations. Despite this new arrangement being opposed by the west, it will flourish anyway, in spite of their objections.

I hope this blog serves as a bit of a positive reflection on what is to come for the world. It seems, with how dark things are these days, that peace will never come again in our lifetime. However, I feel that this, and other developments I will post about at another time, will serve as light in a world of darkness. May the movement for black lives take on the form of freedom and liberation. Oppression will soon end, as will white supremacy.

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    1. Not as positive of a development, unfortunately. There may be talk of an independence movement following the war, but it will not be successful.

  1. Hi,
    This is very good news and also repeated among other prognosticators, which makes me happy (it always does when you all agree on something, though you are unaffiliated with each other to my knowledge). Yet this raises a question: how many Black people will be slaughtered to get us to this point. I’m especially worried about the SE USA, which has the highest concentration of Black Americans. Do you see us catching a break before we have to physically fight for out lives? Will the collective will give over to more light, fairness and equality, or will we have to have a human bloodshed disaster before that happens?

    Thanks for your followup comments,

    1. This is a complicated question, because there’s the short term and long term futures, which have varying degrees of volatility. Short term, things are going to get much worse, especially during the war, for black Americans. Long term, it depends on where black people are. Many will move back to the African continent or migrate to areas with better economic and ecological stability. Those that stay behind in the south won’t like what comes down the pipeline. I feel that racial harmony in this part of the country is a long, long ways off. Without a strong federal government, the situation, which is bad enough as is, will get progressively worse. However, I do believe that, over time, as our world eradicates white supremacy as a whole, peace for black Americans will eventually occur throughout the country, closer to the 100th anniversary of the civil rights movement in the 2060’s. Hope this answers your question.

      1. Thanks for your reply and I agree with it for the most part. It’s very sad. It’s definitely time to leave this place. America has no love for the Africans it purchased and raped to make more $$$. It tries to move forward from its neanderthal position in fits and starts, but oh so many people are slaughtered in the process of its growing pains. I keep hoping the light will finish cleaning faster, but alas, it’s up to the people. I hope that they get their fill of slaughter, whether it be in the streets or through disease or natural disaster.

        Peace and blessings come down.

      2. Thanks so much for sharing the Al Jazeera article. I am always looking for where to run. Problem is, now no countries will take in any Americans because of coronavirus. I trust n the light to lead me where I need to go and take me to the next plane when it’s time. Peace and blessings to you.

    1. That’s a question that you’d be better off asking a friend of our site, Michael McLellan, at New Prophecy. A lot of people think that we’re in a time of a one world government, but the truth is that we’re not going to get close to that until the 2200’s…possibly as late as the 2400’s. Mike has written a lot about this on his site, which you should read up on and check out. My psychic visions don’t usually go that far into the future, plus our world has so many alterations, that things can change.

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