Dreams and Predictions for July 2020

I have a draft of a blog for this month, but I haven’t decided if I’m going to post it yet. I have been preoccupied for the last few weeks, so my attention on this site has been greatly reduced. I still feel there’s going to be some volatility in the election, though it may not seem that way right now. I also have been shown through visions why de Blasio has not been forced to resign yet. He has very powerful protectors, devilish ones. What his evil has exposed is the rot in the entire system. Perhaps the outrageousness of his actions were required to reveal this to the world, but it’s becoming more and more apparent how horrible the government is, irrespective of Trump. Revolution is inevitable. It’s only a matter of time. In the interim, here’s some predictions.

1) Mass evictions this summer will leave millions homeless around the world. The streets will be filled people unable to seek shelter by the time the fall rolls around.

2) A major bank will go belly up by the late summer, early fall because they will not be receiving any more bailouts. Expect this to cascade into a large scale series of job losses as a result.

3) Facebook will face tougher regulations by lawmakers, controlling what content they can allow on their site and censoring dissent. This will see a major implosion in the amount of its users.

4) A Trump ally will face criminal indictment over money laundering, though it will have no impact on the campaign.

5) Susan Collins will announce her resignation before the election, either due to family illness or bad polling numbers.

6) Amy McGrath will not defeat Mitch McConnell in the November election, should it occur (which I’m starting to have doubts about).

7/5 ETA: You may think that I’m jumping on a trending topic with this following prediction, but I’m really not.

7) I had sent an email yesterday to a friend of the site, Michael McLellan of New Prophecy, warning him about danger to come for Kim Kardashian this summer due to her ties to Trump. I suspected either she would commit suicide or be murdered by her husband, Kanye West, before he committed suicide. Not even 24 hours after sending that email, Kanye announces that he is running for president, likely at the urging of Trump to split the black vote. I really think this is a very bad idea and it makes a tragic end for the two of them in August extremely likely. I have warned about danger for these two for years. I hope Kim can get Kanye to back down off his high horse before it’s too late. This foolish attempt at a presidential run will cost both of them their lives if he doesn’t reconsider this absurd decision of his soon.

7/22 ETA: Some more predictions.

8) Fires in San Francisco. Not sure if this related to protests or arson or just a random fire, but it’s going to leave the city in tatters by the end of August.

9) Florida is going to have a very bad hurricane season, topping off with a devastating storm in October that leaves thousands, possibly even millions homeless and many people dead.

10) While I may have said previously that de Blasio would be gone by June, if anyone has paid attention to New York City politics, you’d know that the situation is still volatile and the unrest is still lingering below the surface. Case in point: a shooting and a stabbing occurred just mere feet away from where de Blasio made rare public appearances in recent days. Another psychic website says that de Blasio might be gone by August, rather than June. It’s entirely possible, so people should still look out for this in the near future as anger still ferments against him.

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    1. Seems like a bunch of nothing, to be honest. Don’t think Tucker is going to have a very good future, by the way, especially when Sean Hannity tries to force him off Fox News the way he got his competition Bill O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly booted. Hannity is the person who spilled a lot of dirt on the late Roger Ailes to Gabriel Sherman for his book and is also a big leaker of Trump’s secrets. It’s amazing Trump hasn’t figured that out yet.

  1. It’s been speculated that Kanye has some sort of chemical imbalance, and is manic depressive. This may account for his erratic behavior.

    1. He clearly has some sort of severe mental health issues. He’s probably bipolar. Being wealthy and well connected doesn’t help because he has a lot of enablers around him. I don’t like this path he’s going down. It’s going to end in tears.

  2. Hong kong is now 99% gone…will their revolt to stay free still happen? If so …if.IF they receive western help..is that the ww3 spark…this year?

    1. What really bothers me is that nearly every conflict I’ve seen that will take place during world war 3 has had a flareup this summer. Not just the crackdown on Hong Kong, but tensions in Taiwan, Israel bombing Iran, India attacking China and Pakistan and Turkey provoking Syria. We’ve also seen unrest in the US and Europe and will see unrest occur in Russia later in the summer as well. I have yet to see anything that seems to indicate we can avoid this war. I don’t believe the war will take place this year because two or three major events have to occur first. However, I feel that by the spring or summer of next year, the world will be at war with each other for the first time in over eighty years. Scary as it is, the elite are determined to destroy the world on their way out.

  3. So, how is this woke takeover of everything gonna end up? The far left has been on a power trip ever since the George Floyd riots.

    1. If I could post an eye roll emoji, I would. As if only the “far left” cares about George Floyd being murdered.

      If you read my blog posts “War is Coming” and “The People Have the Power,” you’d know where things are going.

  4. I was wondering what you thought about what happened in Oregon. There has been a lot of pushback against Trump over the abduction of protesters in that state. I think it will lead him to back down, just like what happened when protesters were tear-gassed outside the White House.

    1. I think he’s about to instigate the second of three major riots this summer. I thought it would have happened last week. I was seeing the 18th in visions. However, it could happen this weekend or sometime next week. It benefits Trump politically, by the way, but it is building towards an actual uprising against the entire system.

  5. 1. Will there ever be a downfall of the current big tech websites?

    2. Is there any truth to the Glee curse?

    1. Yes to your first question and I confirmed the validity of the Glee Curse in a blog post last year entitled “The Death in the Movie Becoming a Harbinger of Death in Real Life.” What people should be on the lookout for soon is the Avengers curse. I suspect, by August or September, one of the stars of the franchise will die tragically. As I said in my 2020 predictions post and the other post I mentioned, I feel the most worried for Colby Smoulders (born the same year as Cory Monteith and in the same country), Jeremy Renner (possibly from suicide) and Brie Larson (gets a lot of negative karma from people looking to take her down). Be on the lookout for this soon.

  6. The GOP in Congress is refusing to postpone the election after Trump suggested it today.

  7. Did you hear the news? Even the Republican Party in Congress is refusing to postpone the election.

    1. They say that now, but two things.

      1) I discussed this possibility with a friend of the site, Michael Mccllelan of NewProphecy. He publishes all of his correspondences (which I wish he wouldn’t, but whatever) and you can go back to April where I poached the idea of Trump postponing the election with him. He agrees with you that this is unlikely, but both Fefe and I have had this intuition for a while. Hers have been stronger than mine and I consider her to be the better psychic of the two of us. You can read the letter further down the page at the link below.


      2) A number of events between now and November can take place that will change the calculus for our politicians. In addition, there have been a lot of problems with the absentee ballot system, with hundreds of thousands of votes being tossed out in states across the country, both red and blue. Trump is not going to allow expanded mail voting, neither will the GOP. That will likely force a choice for the Democrats. Either they will need to go ahead and force their voters to the polls to risk dying or they will agree to postpone the election.

      I also would like to point out that, even though Biden seems to have the nomination on lock, I have this very eery feeling surrounding him. What really creeped me out was this Twitter post in regards to someone at a protest recently (you should keep in mind that this is one of the longest sustained protest movements in history, on par with the civil rights movement in the 1960’s).

      It hit me when I first read this because most people suspect political violence is coming (so do I). #1 Target: Biden. That’s on top of the fact that Biden has not yet contracted the virus, whereas Trump has both had it and has been a super spreader, just recently killing Herman Cain and infecting other staffers in his administration. If Biden falls ill, he will not survive. Whoever he chooses as his VP would end up as the nominee, likely winning in November, but then immediately facing her own death within a year.

      We’re living in revolutionary times, Nathan. Things will inevitable get worse before they get better. Hope this insight was helpful.

  8. biden was not present at john lewis’ funeral. ..my immediate thought/worry…is…HE HAS the virus. ..he DID go by the cartage in the d/.c. rotunda…but with a cane…( underlying condition) ..when baseball teams with millions for safety and security and basketball with its bubble cant keep the virus out…i see no liklihood Uncle Joe makes it to nov. 3 UNLESS the vaccine gets to joe b4 the virus…..so…
    1 the russians say they will be the 1st to have it…will trump block it? remember…this is the treasonous s.o.b who let the bounty on marines in afghanistan by his pal putin go unpunished….
    2. is your prediction off the table for trump and his Lee Harvey rendevouz? if so..is pence still the v.p. ? i could see the tRump thinking to boost the ticket with someR- star…but THERE ARE NONE…and none who wld do it( romney).

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