A Burning Hot Summer

I’m glad I posted a more optimistic blog post last month before posting this one. I did so in the hopes of giving comfort and strength to my readers who so desperately need it during these difficult times. However, I also want to make sure the darker side of reality is being addressed as well. Lots of bad things are coming on the horizon before the war begins. You’ve seen a preview of this in regards to the uprising in Minneapolis. I’m going to address some of them here in this blog post.

First off, this will be the hottest summer on record. Many places throughout the world will experience record heat, even south of the equator. Europe and the western US will experience frequent brownouts. Many will die from heat stroke or from contracting Coronavirus during hospitalization. Hurricanes will have a greater intensity this coming season, leaving a record number of people homeless. There will be two major earthquakes, but I’m not totally sure where they will take place. The displacement these natural disasters cause further leaves people vulnerable to contracting and spreading coronavirus around.

Terrorism will become a common occurrence this summer, but not from Islamic groups, as we have previously seen. We’ve seen some of it already in reaction to the murder of George Floyd by the police. It will get worse as the months go on, because the anger will not dissipate and the powers that be will keep provoking people with their outrageous and despicable actions. We will see blood shed in the streets by the summer, most notably politicians blood. De Blasio still faces the threat of assassins bullet, but he’s not the only one on my watch list. Both Biden and Trump will face close calls, along with Andrew Cuomo, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. Others will have brushes with death, including Lindsay Graham and Marco Rubio. It will be a dangerous time to be a politician, which will see them shut down congress and refuse to legislate further for the year. It will continue to be dangerous for them for years to come, as people have had enough of their lies and corruption.

We have seen major riots all across the world in response to the murder of George Floyd. What happened in Minneapolis has become a nationwide trend, even in more conservative areas. We’ve seen stores looted and business shut down, further creating problems for the economy. I believe that these types of riots will happen again this summer; twice, in fact. One major outbreak comes in July and the other major outbreak comes just before the Democratic convention. By the time it’s all over, most major cities will become ghost towns and a mass exodus occurs amongst the wealthy into the suburbs.

The Democratic convention will be pure pandemonium. Even if Biden isn’t assassinated before the convention (which is a big concern, considering Trump’s open threats against him), there will be a major challenge to his candidacy. His frequent racist comments and weakened mental state, coupled with more accusations of sexual assault, cause a revolt by the delegates, especially Bernie’s. My original prediction of Bernie temporarily claiming the nomination before contracting and dying of Covid 19 could still occur if Biden continues to raise doubts about his viability in November and doubts grow about his ability to beat Trump. It may seem unlikely now, with the polls so decisively in his favor, but I have a feeling certain people who are ready to talk will be changing the conversation very shortly.

My biggest worry about all of the chaos that is to come is that it could make conditions ripe for a quicker escalation of war with China. Already, China is preparing for war with the US, as both major party political candidates fan the fames of conflict. I do believe that this will trigger an uprising that works to topple the elected government of the United States, no matter who leads it. By next year, the nation will be at war with itself for the first time since the original civil war.

This summer will be bad, but like with the problems caused by the Covid 19 pandemic so far, it’s only just the beginning. As I warned months ago, it will get worse from here on in. Peace will come some day, but first the Earth will cleanse itself of the toxins that pollute its surface.

7 thoughts on “A Burning Hot Summer

  1. Does the UK fair better, it seems protests are starting here along with removing statues.

    1. Fares not as bad for the most part, but London is going to be facing very big riots.

  2. If Biden receives the nomination – and then he is assassinated wouldn’t that fulfill your prophecy of Bernie’s VP albeit through Biden instead? I don’t think Russia wants to escalate to the nuclear option until they have no other options, they could be trying to play with the delegates, trying to get the accusers to come forth etc. but if Perez, Obama & the Biden campaign and put the hammer on all that there’s nothing they can do.

    If Putin does that – it means he’s crossing the point of no return just to cause chaos, Russia would certainly be embargoed by not just the US Congress but by all NATO allies. Most of the Kremlin would be against his decision because they all have offshore assets which would be effected by that embargo. Putin would be putting everything on the line.

    With regards to the daughter you’re referring to, I find it seriously unlikely that she would come forth especially if Obama has threatened her, going against Obama would eliminate any standing she had in the Democratic party for her future career.

    Maybe this chain of events I’m referring to culminating in the Deep State retaliation against Trump is what opens up the investigation/judgement of Obama & maybe the Clintons?

    1. I’m not going to go into this discussion right now. Let’s just say the daughter doesn’t work in politics, so the Democrats, nor Obama, can retaliate against her in terms of employment. It’s about her reputation and her familial ties. She might still come forward and hopefully she will find comfort from my words to do so.

  3. Hi Liamofktn,

    Thank you for your post. I know it was hard to deliver this news but it must be heard. I believe every word you say because I can see it and feel it. Every time a politician doubles down for the wrong side of humanity, the anger rises. The sad thing is that the people are awakening but not fast enough. And the evil has been very busy and is gaining strength. As I have been telling my friends, I totally believe we will emerge from this, but not without a terrible fight and an attack from another county or countries. I hope everyone will keep their focus on that time of peace and renewal. Envision it and bring it to fruition. Peace and blessings.


  4. hmm…latest rumours out of DC …in wake of ..trump retweet of video of ” white power” chants from golf cart riders at the villages near MAR LAGO ( prez>” love the villages”) and the Russian bounty for dead usa soldiers and marines ( prez>” I wasn’t told”) IS…That trump is imminent to RESIGN ..even joe scarborough..(” idont think he WANTS to get elected”) ..and with Pence making more appearances…does this fit your scenario- a Trump resignation?

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