Dreams and Predictions for June 2020

As the calls for de Blasio’s resignation grow and the situation in New York City gets more heated, a big change is afoot. I have a blog post draft for this month to publish called “A Burning Hot Summer.” Some of the things I wrote about have already happened, but others have not. I want to see how developments play out first before I post it, seeing as I may need to add or subtract things beforehand. In the meantime, here are some predictions to share.

1) I had a dream about a reopened theme park. There were far less people than before, with major social distancing enforced. A lot of rides were closed or being renovated to fit with new social distancing protocols. This seems to suggest that theme parks will try to open up this summer, but how long this will last remains to be seen.

2) Film production will try to start up again this summer, but will shut down after more coronavirus spikes.

3) De Blasio will not be the only politician feeling the heat to resign. Eric Garcetti in Los Angeles, Lori Lightfoot in Chicago and a number of other mayors will be seeing the same sorts of pressures coming to them soon as well.

6/10 ETA: Today is the 6th year anniversary of our website’s founding. Figured I should mention that off the top. My de Blasio post was not a full fulfillment because he hid and is still hiding from the public to avoid assassination. That indicates that the threats to his life are real and my senses on that point were accurate after all. I also believe the threats have not dissipated yet, but I will wait to post another update when there is something else to share. In the meantime, here is a psychic insight that needs to be shared.

4) One daughter of a former US senator wants to speak out about sexual harassment and assault by Joe Biden, but she is being threatened not to both by her senator father and Biden’s campaign. If she or someone else in her circle sees this, know that you will be safe to speak out and that people will protect you from harm. Your experiences need to be heard and Biden should not be allowed to silence you to steal the nomination by force. Hope you take this advice.

6/17 ETA: Need to make the following note.

5) Despite the tensions in North Korea and along the Chinese/Indian border, I do not believe this is the immediate start of world war 3. I do, however, believe these will be key battlegrounds when the war eventually begins. I do not see the war occurring until more economic blowback occurs, after the Democratic convention and after the time that the first major Covid-19 vaccine comes into production.

6/27 ETA: So a lot of my predictions I made in this month’s blog post, A Burning Hot Summer, have been coming to fruition, including an earthquake in Mexico and confirmation of this being the hottest summer on record. More bad things will be coming down the pipeline. There won’t be relief in sight for months. In the meantime, I have some more predictions to share.

6) Lindsay Graham isn’t the only one who will see male escorts speak out about being employed by a closeted senator. Tom Cotton will also face sex workers who will expose him as well.

7) Expect Russia to face a volatile summer with mass protests over poverty and police brutality. Putin will quickly try to crush these uprisings, but Moscow and St Petersburg will burn by late August.

8) A major European politician will face death in a car accident sometime by the end of the summer. Late August is my guesstimate.

9) I have been following the uprisings in Curacao and I will have more to say about this in a longer blog post for next month. For the moment, I will say that this is a preview for a wide spread independence movement that sweeps throughout the entirety of the Caribbean.

10) Assad shouldn’t get too complacent with his status in Syria. I see several foreign players looking to flare up conflicts in the war torn region again. Erdogan seems to be the chief instigator here, but there are other nefarious actors involved as well. This will see the two fascists duke it out during world war 3.

11) Other countries should prepare to see a wave of Americans fleeing to seek asylum by the fall, particularly young people. Canada and Mexico will see boatloads of legal immigration applications and illegal crossings. Unlike the treatment of immigrants in the US, most of these asylum seekers will gain refuge where they flee.

12) Watch out for Bolsanaro in Brazil trying to start trouble with his regional neighbors. Maduro and Alberto Fernández are high on his target list.

13) Bolivia’s government will fall by the fall, leading to Evo Morales being restored into a leadership position by years end.

14) A protest movement erupts in Mexico demanding more refugees from Central America be let into their country. This will be opposed by Trump, but Obrador will cede to protestor demands anyway.

8 thoughts on “Dreams and Predictions for June 2020

  1. liam- 1st and 4most-
    thx for your brave postings….
    we are here on this planet to make choices….and it means things can change…so…do recent events..bad leading to good…( so far) change things in the macro sense? ie trump exits ( election or otherwise) a force for good gets in the white house? and ww3 is averted?

    1. Recent events make the bad scenarios in my predictions more likely, unfortunately. That’s what really bothers me more than anything else. I will write more later in the month. A lot of what I was planning to post in the “A Burning Hot Summer” post already happened. However, other parts have not, so some of it is still timely. Look out for it soon.

  2. Perhaps that daughter is being paid off through her parents?

    Suppose she doesn’t break the same way Trump campaign officials held out against Mueller.

    You mentioned before Russia might target him? I showed you the NYT story before about Tara talking to a Russian intelligence official – in other words – even if her story is untrue, the Russians may have perhaps known about Biden’s other accusations and tried to use her as a lightning rod to bring them out. But let’s say they don’t come out – is that when Russia might try something more ambitious such as an attempt on Biden’s life, and the Deep State would then follow through with an attempt on Trump’s?

    If you dislike both Biden & Trump – well, wouldn’t that cause them to suffer the most?

    1. My personal feeling on the daughter is this: it’s not that she’s being paid, it’s that her family is threatening to disown her. Shame her. Shun her. Leak embarrassing things about her in the press to damage her reputation. It’s really slimy and heartless, but they are so committed, in their minds, to defeating Trump, that they’d destroy their own family to do it…in a way that won’t work as intended. My point in posting it was this: this is the sign of a toxic family. She has her own money. She has her own job. If she loses her family because they threatened to cut her out for speaking up, then they aren’t worth having around and things will be better for her in the long run. Plus, eventually, her family would try to reconcile with her and own up to their mistakes. The question would be whether the daughter could forgive them or not; that’s for her to decide, not me. I’m just saying she shouldn’t allow fear or reprisal to deter her from doing the right thing.

      As for Russia, yes, they could pull the nuclear option closer to the convention. I’ve posted about de Blasio a lot because he is a harbinger for Biden. What befalls him eventually befalls Biden. It’s a story to look out for, even though it currently seems dead. There’s anger below the surface. I believe it will erupt again by this coming weekend.

    2. Yeah, but my point is that if that daughter is a democrat, then she probably detests both Trump & Biden and would like for both to suffer the most, and what I’m suggesting is that then logically shouldn’t she bite her tongue and not say anything and wait for Russia to make their move and set off that chain of events?

      1. No, because there’s no guarantee that Russia would be successful in their efforts. She needs to do what she feels is right. What she’s aiming for is for the DNC to replace Biden at the convention. If they don’t do that, then her words are meaningless and it only helps Trump. However, now is the time for her to speak out, no matter what happens in terms of her familial ties. Waiting too long closes the door for her for the foreseeable future. If she wants people to know about what she experienced, the best time to speak up is now. She may not do it after all, but I wrote it to assure her that she shouldn’t fear the consequences of doing so.

    3. Yeah, but my point is that if that daughter is a democrat, then she probably detests both Trump & Biden, and what I’m suggesting is that then logically shouldn’t she hold her tongue and wait for Russia to make their move which would cause Trump & Biden to suffer the most?

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