Tik Tok, De Blasio

ETA: Read any additional updates after the initial posting below. Thank you.

With the riots from Minneapolis spreading across the country, it seems that some of my upcoming blog post for June will have already happened by the time I publish it. I’m still going to upload it in a few days anyway, as it has information on the convention and other important pieces of information to know. However, this takes priority first.

I warned many years ago that Bill de Blasio was an evil man. Over the last seven years he has been in office, time has proven that to be the case. He has shielded murderous police officers from accountability. He has used has office as a means of enriching himself off the backs of the taxpayers. He failed to adequately prepare for the Coronavirus pandemic, costing thousands of lives in New York City and across the nation. I have warned the spiritual world so many times of his evil and it seems that I had been ignored when they could have intervened…until now.

This shameful press conference, defending his officers brutalizing protestors and ramming into them with their cars, is the last straw. Already, mounting calls are coming for his resignation from office. A criminal investigation did not stop him, though it got close to doing so and the report exposed his corruption openly. He faced many previous close calls before. Now is the time.

June 6th, the date of Robert F Kennedy’s assassination, is the deadline for de Blasio. He has two choices. Either he can resign peacefully, ceding his office to someone who will reign in his brutal and murderous police force, or he will face an assassins bullet. The choice is his. The spirits are not playing around any more. Tik tok, de Blasio. Time is running out for you. Better act soon or a decision will be made for you.

6/5 ETA: One day left until the day of reckoning and de Blasio has adamantly refused to resign. This week has seen growing calls for his resignation, exploding into yesterday’s loud booing and demands to resign by an angry crowd at George Floyd’s memorial service in Brooklyn. The disgraced mayor’s rhetoric has enflamed people, leading to daily protests outside of Gracie Mansion. As this goes on, de Blasio has implemented a week long curfew; the first in New York City history, because he would rather unleash his fascist people to brutalize and harm the citizens of his city than leave office in shame.

I have been communication with my spiritual guides and they have told me that de Blasio has been urged by his daughter, several current and former staffers and a few other people close to him to resign. He has adamantly refused to do so and angrily lashed out at them when they did. His staff has engaged in open mutiny and he has totally ignored this. He has been warned about a pending assassination in his dreams and ignorantly believes it will be the police that will kill him if he doesn’t stand behind him. He’s about to be in for a rude awakening tomorrow if he doesn’t leave office by the end of the night.

Last night, I had the following dream:

I was sitting by my computer and heard the news that De Blasio had been shot outside of Gracie Mansion just after 10 AM Saturday morning. It mushed into a bunch of news reports where they described what happened. They said something to the effect that de Blasio was leaving to go to City Hall when someone came up to him and shot him three times in the chest and two times in the head before he was subdued and apprehended by police. De Blasio was then taken to Lenox Hill hospital, where he was on life support for an hour or two while the doctors tried to revive him before he died. His wife, Charlaine, did some press conference at the hospital, crying as she announced that her husband had passed.

This is being posted because the deadline for de Blasio’s ouster is tonight. Rather than see the writing on the wall, he is hanging on for bitter life like the brutal dictator he has become; losing his mental facilities for everyone to see. I have tried for years to urge him and the spiritual world to remove him peacefully. He is such an evil man that he would rather die by an assassin’s bullet than cede power willingly. If this is what he wants, then it is what he will get. He has been given many chances to leave office and his time on Earth is through. By tomorrow morning, de Blasio, you will have wished that you left power peacefully. This is your last warning. There won’t be another.

6/6 ETA: So far, it seems that my warning hasn’t played out into an assassination yet. However, I know now that the threat this morning was credibly there because de Blasio cancelled his press conference and isn’t leaving Gracie Mansion. The day is still young, however. It is possible that if he holes himself inside all day that he can avoid assassination on this particular day. However, he can’t stay inside Gracie Mansion forever. He’s going to have to come out eventually and the threats against him will still be there. Plus, tonight, there may be an aggressive attempt to storm the mansion by protestors. I’m not willing to call this a fail yet because the threats against him are credible and the anger still permeates the air like a thick smog. To de Blasio: How many more hints do you need to get to resign? The writing has been on the wall for ages. Get the hint, pack your things and go now before it’s too late.

Additional 6/6 ETA: So, it seems that de Blasio has lived to see another day by basically shutting himself in at home all day and not leaving Gracie Mansion. That is one way to avoid assassination on this day, but it’s not avoidable forever. Something I noticed today is that, unlike de Blasio, Minneapolis’ mayor Jacob Frey addressed an angry crowd gathered outside of his house and was booed loudly when he told them he would not support defunding the police. Trust when I say that de Blasio would not get such a peaceful reaction, the way it happened in Frey’s case, if he were to do the same thing. If de Blasio attempted to do this, the way his advisors are now pressing him to do when, on Monday, his own staffers march to his house in protest, he will not make it out of the crowd that gathers there alive. His only way of peacefully resolving the anger in New York City right now is to resign. Anything else will eventually lead to his blood shed. Today, he got lucky. His luck will run out.

6/7 ETA: Some big developments today, but I want to converse with my spiritual guides first before updating. I will have an ETA tomorrow detailing what has been happening. Look out for it then.

6/8 ETA: So, I have some updates to share. First of all, people may think that this is an obsessive thing to be focusing on, but it will serve as a major bell weather for what happens to Joe Biden. How de Blasio is forced out is how Biden will be as well before the convention. Let’s get that out of the way first.

I am more convinced than ever that something happened on Saturday that spooked de Blasio to his core. I’m not exactly sure what exactly happened, but something did occur that temporarily got him to change his mind on how he has been handling things. This indicates that the threats to his life on that day were credible and that’s why he hid from the public all day.

Yesterday saw a day filled with flip flopping and reversals. The day started with de Blasio addressing his angry staffers, trying to reassure them (to no avail) that he was going address their concerns on the brutality of his police. When he tried to do that later in the day, his police commissioner and chief of police threatened to resign. Fearing the blowback from such a dramatic series of resignations, de Blasio begged them to stay on and promised not to mention the concerns of his staffers any longer.

De Blasio is, to any keen observer, held hostage by his police department. He is a continuous danger to the public because of it and his removal is the only way that peace will return to the city. He not only avoided going to his press conference on Saturday, he avoided being anywhere near city hall today this morning when his staffers protested against him. To try to mitigate the public relations blowback, his team asked them not to protest in front of Gracie Mansion as they originally intended to; to their eternal shame. His team is obviously now trying to avoid dangerous situations to save their boss, while not meaningfully addressing any of the demands of the people in the streets. His strategy of trying to have it both ways is doomed to fail.

I know someone in de Blasio’s inner circle is reading this. It is too coincidental that de Blasio has now avoided both leaving Gracie Mansion on Saturday and avoiding City Hall today. I have this to say to you: Your boss will not be able to avoid his forced removal from office. Last Sunday was like a car crash and now the vehicle is spiraling out of control. De Blasio can try to steer the wheel back safely if he wants, but he will not be able to do so successfully. What de Blasio does not seem to understand is that he has created an enormous amount of bad karma against him. The amount of deaths he has caused, the amount of violence he has unleashed, the amount of money he has stolen has gone on for far too long.

He cannot rectify this if he wanted to. His time in office is up. There are only two ends to this story in sight. He can either jump out of the vehicle and save his own life or crash into a tree and die in the process. Those are his only choices. There are no others. Hiding and ducking from the masses, your current strategy to help save him, will not work because he cannot avoid the angry people of New York City forever. He will have to come out of hiding and address the public someday soon. It won’t go well for him at all when he’s finally forced to do so.

I would also like to remind you that even though he was not assassinated this Saturday, the dream didn’t specifically say June 6th. The anger against him will continue to grow and I suspect there will be yet another attempt on his life this coming Thursday. Our site’s co-founder, FefeLove, agrees with me that the end is near for de Blasio. Your boss is living on borrowed time. His time will run out. You will have wished to push him out peacefully before he’s pushed out of his body by the bullet of a gun.

6/11 ETA: Not too much to report right now, except I’d like you to see these photos. This is the police presence that has been holed up at Gracie Mansion for the past week. If they didn’t think the threats to de Blasio’s life were serious, they wouldn’t be guarding it like a fortress. That’s all. I will update this post as soon as new information becomes available. Just know, de Blasio, that they can’t protect you for much longer.

Additional 6/11 ETA: Just in case de Blasio’s team have deluded themselves into thinking their boss is safely out of the woods, I’m afraid I have some bad news for them. I had another dream last night showing his vulnerability to an assassination.

In my dream, I saw a tweet of the mayor’s being ratioed on Twitter. Scrolling down the list, I saw a tweet from a user saying “Resign” with a video accompanying it. The video was someone being filmed at Costco on line, when suddenly they pull out a plastic container filled with ammunition. The last thing I saw was that the word “Resign” turned into “RFK” before my dream ended.

This indicates that de Blasio is still at risk of being assassinated like RFK was in 1968. The anger against de Blasio is still potent and the calls for his resignation are growing louder and louder. Next week, the New York City Council will be voting on a “vote of no confidence” in the mayor, which serves as an official notification to the governor, Andrew Cuomo, that he should be removed from office by executive order. This could very easily happen, but it would also throw the threats towards de Blasio against Cuomo by an assassin’s bullet instead. Save everyone the hassle and trauma, de Blasio. Resign now before blood is spilled in the street. You’re living on borrowed time. Don’t take it for granted.

6/15 ETA: Here’s a possibility I hadn’t thought about originally, which could be occurring as we speak. So for the last couple of days, de Blasio has been avoiding the public, shamefully trying to avoid assassin’s bullet. He’s orchestrated staged press events, but has made no effort to talk to anyone outside of his inner circle. I’ve noticed for the last couple of days that his behavior has become increasingly bizarre and he has been espousing worrying delusions of grandeur, ones that made our site’s co-founder, Fefelove, recoil in horror. The pressure is clearly getting to him. It’s blatantly obvious.

Yesterday, I noticed that his decreasing mental state was accompanied by the photo posted above. During his only public appearance, he spoke to a crowd of city taxpayer funded employees, trying to salvage his destroyed reputation. In spite of the shamelessness of it all, what worried me was that he looked frightened, white and pale like a ghost. I remember years ago when my uncle was near death, he looked very similar to this. When I first saw the photo, my instinct suggested that de Blasio is on his last legs. It seems there was validity to that hunch after all.

This morning, his hacky press secretary, Freddi Goldstein, said he was cancelling all public appearances today because he felt “under the weather.” I have a feeling that what is ailing him is a serious illness. Being out in public, not wearing a mask constantly for days on end, it’s very possible that he caught the coronavirus. It will be known to be the case because he will cancel events for the next several days if this is so. I hadn’t considered the idea of him dying from the virus, seeing as he is in relatively good health and physical shape and doesn’t have any underlying conditions. However, it is also possible that he got a bad strain of the virus and it ends up killing him. This would still be a fulfillment of my prediction and a major warning to Joe Biden.

If de Blasio dies of the virus, then Biden will almost certainly go this way too. Trump has already had the coronavirus and recovered. He was asymptomatic. Much of the world, including most politicians, have not had it yet, so more than just Biden might end up going this way. It’s going to be a long summer in Washington DC if my instinct on this point is correct. Watch de Blasio closely. If he dies in the next week or two from covid19, then trust me when I say he won’t be the only one leaving our Earth as a result of the pandemic.

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  1. Did you see this story from the NYT:

    “At the same time, her online life was taking a sharp, pro-Russia turn. In 2017, on Twitter, she had shown support for the special counsel’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. By late 2018, she was inveighing against “anti-Russian propaganda” in America.

    “Why would a liberal Democrat support Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin?” she wrote in an essay on Medium. “Maybe it is because I believe he has saved the world from a large conflict on more than one occasion.”

    She reposted that essay on the information-sharing social platform Quora, where she was following three accounts, all Russian-oriented, including those of a self-described former “Soviet propaganda executive” and a “Russian national-conservative” who has alleged that Ukraine’s anti-Moscow regime is a puppet of Mr. Biden.

    She told visitors about a Russian man with whom she was video-chatting online.

    The relationship was active when she made her first public accusations of harassment against Mr. Biden, according to two women who saw photos of the man, whom they took to be a love interest. Neither could recall his name. The relationship lasted through the summer, recalled one of the women, who would speak only on the condition of anonymity.

    “She had a picture of a guy and said that they had been communicating,” recalled the other woman, Rachel Sabajo, a former housemate of Ms. Reade who confessed to developing a personal aversion to her. “I said, ‘Why Russia?’ And she said, ‘Putin is so dreamy, I really get him.’””

    1. No, but two things. 1) She’s not going to be his only accuser. 2) The country is burning right now. If things get heated enough, this election won’t matter in the slightest. That’s why I’m going to wait a few days to post my latest blog post for the month. I’d like to see how developments turn first.

  2. biden has had his ‘senior moments” ever since his brain surgery for an aneurysm in the 90s….and has recently…but …trump appeared unsteady at west point’s graduation…and again at the executive order signing yesterday…unsteady hands…hesitant speech…unsteady gait. Parkinson’s? after effects of c-19 he had when self-medicating with his home remedy? if Hizzoner the Mayor fades from c-19…is this a presage for trump as well as biden?

    1. Only possible for Biden. Trump has already had it. His unsteady health could be a consequence of getting it. Covid causes long term bodily harm that we haven’t fully uncovered yet.

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