The Other Notable Event in 1968

I have an important blog post to share sometime later this month about how change really occurs in our society, but this is an urgent matter. Though I have things to say about last nights election results, there is something that has been bugging me for a few days now and the feeling has been increasing significantly. A lot of pundits have been opining for the last few months about the possibility of a brokered convention, which last happened in 1968. Though that possibility seems more remote now, what people sometimes fail to understand is that history repeats itself and one should be careful about what they manifest into the universe.

A couple of days ago, I started getting an eerie pull to California, specifically in regards to RFK’s assassination, which also happened in 1968. At first, I thought this might be a warning for Bernie Sanders, but with his frontrunner status diminished and the association to Irish Catholicism clear in my visions, the real target of these eerie senses became extremely obvious; Joe Biden. Now that he is leading the back, albeit by a small margin in delegates, a major target has been placed on his back.

My instincts had their first confirmation of validity in an attack onstage at a victory rally last night. With Trump, the Russians and many of Bernie’s fans angry at his new frontrunner status, he has a lot of enemies that want him out of the race. All it takes to alter the trajectory of the Democratic primary is one gunman’s bullet and the campaign turns into a bloody disaster. With Bloomberg dropping out to consolidate the field, the chance of Democrats putting up someone to challenge Bernie post Biden assassination would be non existent, which makes the danger to Biden’s life even more serious and the chance of a calamitous brokered convention all but certain.

I could be off on my assessment, but like with the danger that still surrounds Trump, desperate people will do desperate things to insure the result that they are looking for. Since he risked death in 1988 with a run for the presidency, all the signs are pointing to a bad ending for the establishment favorite Joe Biden. Anyone who thinks this race is in the bag should think twice. Bad times are soon approaching. Next stop on the misery tour: Ohio.

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  1. Warren has just suspended, if Bernie defeats Biden by simply being the last man standing I don’t know if he is going to be able to unite the party like that. They will get behind him, sure, but reluctantly. and they certainly won’t trust the Progressive wing of the party enough after something as suspiciously convenient as that, I could see them voting for Pelosi over Buttar to put a check on Bernie, so I don’t see how she goes down in that scenario unless she faces the same fate as Biden besides losing the House.

    Even Biden getting incapacitated or merely injured wouldn’t be enough to make him irrelevant, Biden would just recommend an alternative candidate to Sanders at the convention.

  2. Also, I don’t know if it has any significance, but remember, Hillary made the argument to stay in late in ’08 on the basis of Obama possibly ending up like RFK. Now that didn’t happen obviously, but given that Obama picked Biden as his running mate after the fact, and given that Biden credits dropping out in 1987 with saving his life in ’88, that might be something to look at.

  3. Also, the next dem debate will be on the Ides of March (the 15th) – the first time in history where a presidential debate happened on that specific date, and the debate will be hosted in PHOENIX

      1. Another interesting tidbit:

        Biden claimed his two heroes MLK & RFK were both shot during his senior year at Syracuse Law in 1968 and wondered about what would’ve happened had Obama faced a similar fate and get this he said it on the 11th anniversary of Biden being selected as Obama’s VP right down to the very day.

        Keep that context in mind with Hillary’s earlier comments.

  4. Did you hear about the Cueller-Cisneros race? Pelosi backed the Establishment Dem Cueller and he ended up winning by a tight margin – and get this, Cueller had the backing of the Koch Network – another ominous seen for Buttar, Pelosi might end up getting backed by major Republican Donors given this precedent – contrary to your theory of Republican Donors necessarily opposing her, what do you think? Sounds like she has everything tightly coiled so as to block any challenger regarding her House Seat.

    1. Not convinced. The fact that the race in Texas was tight and with such a short notice for the progressive challenger to rally should alarm Pelosi. That, the fact that Buttar has eight months to raise cash and campaign against her, plus the house speaker curse, are all working against her this fall. So no, I don’t think the race is tightly coiled. I was right that Buttar, and not another Republican, would challenge her this fall. I feel I’m on point in saying that, if he doesn’t defeat her, then it’s going to be a really tight race. Pelosi will need to be on high alert from now on.

      1. It just seems to me that with everything going on – from Northam succeeding in VA to now the Kochs backing Establishment Dems that the latter won’t learn their lessons unless they do it the hard way.

        As I’ve mentioned on here before, there may have been an alternative timeline where Moore won in AL – causing a butterfly effect leading to Kavanaugh’s defeat leading to the GOP winning the midterms which put the curse on Mccarthy leading to a Progressive backlash with maybe more violence directed towards the GOP, but shouldn’t that mean in this timeline that the Establishment Dems should be the victims?

        What if violence was predestined either way – and it was always a question of the targets – either the Establishment GOP or the Establishment Dems – and this was all set by Moore’s defeat?

        Something definitely changed in the air during the course of 2017, wouldn’t you say? Ossoff lost his race, but Moore lost his later that year.

        I would suggest you maybe take a look at Steve Bannon – he may have something to do with this. I think he changed his mind on how to manage his ‘nationalist’ movement when he realized he wouldn’t be able to control the dark energy, and so he destroyed it over the course of 2017.

        Remember, the Doug Jones victory was both a win for the DNC and a loss for ‘nationalism’.

        Also, wouldn’t it have been far easier for Pelosi to face defeat out of power – just like Crowley? Maybe in that alternate timeline she faced a more peaceful transition.

        E.G. in the alt-timeline too, the Kochs wouldn’t have needed to fund Cuellar because they would’ve still had influence over the GOP, but in this timeline they did, which perhaps provided his margin of victory in the primary?

        Another example, maybe in that alt-timeline – Beto is the frontrunner now instead of Biden – remember Beto’s name is Robert Francis and he is of Irish descent, so maybe he ends up facing the curse instead of Biden?

        Just thought I would offer up some suggestions for you to further ponder.

  5. Prior to 1980 – debates didn’t have audiences, which makes this debate a throwback to a previous era…

    What’s interesting about this debate is that the format was recently changed to a town hall format that would take questions from the audience, but now there won’t be an audience to do that which in turn changes those plans. Another parallel is to the last debate between Mccarthy & RFK which was criticized for being more of a town hall than an actual debate.

    1. The fact that Joe Biden is pretty much the nominee just adds to the danger he will face and the near certain that his death would lead to a contested convention. He won’t come out of this process alive.

  6. The window of opportunity for a progressive to be the nominee is declining, if Biden gets a majority, it’s over, even if he faces tragedy, his DNC delegates would simply pick someone in his mold – an establishment dem like Kamala.

    1. I’m not really thinking about the election at the moment because there’s a bigger story developing, that even you no doubt are aware of. I’ve been talking to Fefe, the site’s co-moderator, and she and I agree that this coronavirus is definitely much worse than we initially thought. It’s gotten, and getting, so bad that there may not even be an election in November. I won’t be commenting on the election again for a few days until the two of us can get a clearer picture of what’s happening. In hindsight, what’s coming could be because Biden stole the nomination from Bernie and it’s punishment for America and the world for not being willing to change things to better humanity.

    1. I’m not paying too close of attention to the race anymore, except that the Democrats have expressed a fear by going ahead with today’s primary that won’t be less likely to happen by pressing ahead with the contest; the cancellation of the election. I’ve been talking with the site’s co owner, Fefe, and we both agree this coronavirus was worse than we thought. It’s significantly altering the trajectory of events and we still need time to process things. If our instincts are correct, a cancelled election will be the least of our collective problems.

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