Dreams and Predictions for March 2020

I feel bad that I keep putting my “Need Your Energy and Prayers” post to the front, but I have needed it lately and it has been immensely helpful. Thank you for your prayers. I will probably put it up again a number of more times when needed. I’ve been in a difficult phase of my life, so the support has been crucial to keeping me stable. I hope to have a unique new blog post to share this month, but we’ll have to see what happens as the month progresses. In the meantime, here’s an insight to share.

1) Bernie Sanders’ team really ought to dig deeper into tonight’s South Carolina results. A little bit of poking around the board of elections and one will find some cheating being done on behalf of Joe Biden’s campaign. It’s important to check this out, even if it doesn’t change the overall result, because Biden’s campaign will do it again if it’s not exposed soon. It’s critical if Bernie wants to avoid a contested, and bloody, convention.

3/9 ETA: As you can see from this months blog post, I still have strong impulses that Biden won’t make it to the convention. Time will tell whether I’m right on this or not. I also have come to the conclusion that the prediction in the 2020 predictions of a pandemic from a European scientist is likely the coronavirus instead. In addition, I have some more predictions to share.

2) Poverty is going to significantly increase in the western world. By the end of the year, over half of world will be living below the poverty line.

3) Watch out for the increase of refugees heading into Europe. With darkness surrounding the continent, I expect a mass execution to occur in Greece, being one of the worst human rights violations so far in this century.

4) The Taliban better stick to their agreements in the supposed “peace deal” or US troops won’t be leaving anytime soon.

3/20 ETA: I have been hesitating to post a Coronavirus blog because I’m getting a lot of mixed messages from the spiritual world about what will happen. I’ll post my latest insight, along with another prediction, now and hope to post more at another time.

5) My current instinct today suggests that the Coronavirus will see a quick cure by the end of the summer. A leading scientist is able to find a breakthrough in Europe and the vaccine is spread around the world for free, to the anger of the Trump administration. When the death numbers are lower than estimated, Trump will arrogantly take credit for saving lives anyway.

6) I’ve been hearing voices in my head saying “Joe Biden is down” and “Joe Biden is sick.” This indicates to me that he has, or is about to get, coronavirus and may not survive. I also suspect Bernie Sanders could contract it and fall ill as well, leading to the two leading contenders for the Democratic nomination to pass away before the convention. This will further inflame tensions at the convention, making blood shed and terrorism all but certain. I’ve said for a while now that none of the debaters on the presidential debate stage would end up being the nominee. As time goes on, I’m more certain of this than ever.

3/27 ETA: I have things to say about the Coronavirus, but am not ready to say them yet. I’ve been in regular touch with the co-founder of our site, Fefe, and we both have horrible visions of what is to come. I’m really trying to hesitate on writing the blog on what we’re seeing, because I’m afraid of manifesting it into the universe by accident. Still, unless we have a course correction soon, the path we’re about to go down is jagged and dark. Look out for the blog on that next month. In the meantime, here’s a prediction to share.

7) I’m once again worried for Britney Spears. On the heels of an extreme show of generosity during this pandemic and her quote tweeting an author calling for a general strike, I’m afraid the powers that be will use this crisis to eliminate her. They might say she died of coronavirus, despite her self quarantine now for over two weeks and severely limited contact with others. There could be another explanation as well, one that is not legitimate, but a cover up for murder. Regardless, watch for this. The vultures are circling her as we speak.

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  1. it’s time for you to take a break. you are obviously looking in a pexi-glass for predictions.

    1. Not true at all. I was accurate in sensing problems with the Iowa Caucus and I will be vindicated in saying there were corruption problems in South Carolina as well. While not every prediction I make is 100% accurate, on this particular subject, I’ve been very prescient. Also, it’s “plexiglass” not “pexiglass.”

  2. You said if Pelosi became Speaker she would face assassination? Would this tie into the chaos of the contested convention scenario? Presumably, Pelosi would take the side of Biden, which might lead to a revolt, right?

    1. At the moment, Pelosi’s biggest worry is her primary challenger, Shahid Buttar. If he is able to make it into the general election, this could be what takes her down non violently. If he doesn’t, then I would worry for her safety as we approach the convention. For now, though, I think the voters will have their say before the forces of darkness do. Hope this clarifies things.

      1. Update, Pete Campaign Admitted that as the Objective:

        So what happens? Bernie walks in with a plurality, the establishment then tells him that he will be denied the nom, and then violence breaks out with the Speaker being a victim of it?

        What happens after that? Does he get it after the superdelegates are intimidated or is he still denied?

      2. Did my meditative session last night. What I seemed to get is that Bernie will not get a majority of delegates, but he will have a plurality heading into the convention. What follows is that someone or some people are killed before the delegates have a say and some of Elizabeth Warren’s delegates defy her and go rogue in switching to Bernie, hoping to calm tensions by giving him the nomination. It may not be 100% accurate, but I have a feeling this is what will happen. Hope this insight helps.

  3. I’ll give you a clearer vision of what will happen after my meditation tonight, but I will let you know that all day I’ve been having these odd pulls to California and specifically RFK’s assassination. You would think this would have to do with threats to Bernie’s life, but my gut instinct says it’s another Irish politician who is at risk, meaning Joe. Joe has pissed off a crazy person with access to him and a gun. His safety will likely be in jeopardy on Tuesday, which could alter the trajectory of the race again. It might be a false alarm on my end, but I can’t shake the feeling that it’s not going to be a peaceful night on Tuesday, which bores badly for the convention.

    1. Buttigieg is now endorsing Biden and Klobuchar who just dropped out is also doing it. What happens to Biden? I know he had to drop out of his 1988 campaign for plagiarizing speeches from Kinnock & RFK in 1987. Does that have any symbolic significance?

      1. No. However, Pete and Amy dropping out gives Biden more support and delegates heading to the convention. The chance of a brokered convention grows and it will not be pretty.

      2. I’m not going to opine on tonights results for a few days, but I thought I’d share this with you in the meantime. Biden had a security breach at his rally in California tonight. That indicates that my sense that he was in danger was accurate and his life is at risk now that he’s the frontrunner. Don’t be surprised if more breaches like occur, leading to an actual assassination attempt in the near future. https://twitter.com/TrvHnd/status/1235045048762261505?s=20

      3. Just also wanted to note that Biden claimed that dropping out in 1987 saved his life due to him having brain aneuyrisms in February of 1988 speculating that the they might not have been detected had Biden remained in the campaign or alternatively they might’ve been worse leading to his death either way. In other words he thinks he might’ve died had he not dropped out of the 1988 primary. Does that bear any significance?

        Also, Shahid Buttar just lost his primary.

      4. Very much so. I wasn’t aware of this before, so thank you for informing me. If that is the case, then the risk is even greater than I originally suspected. In addition to Bernie running up big delegate numbers in California and Texas, the risk of death will definitely dampen his chance of success. I’m seeing problems for Biden in Ohio, just as there were in California.

        Also, it’s not good for Pelosi that Shahid lost. It means her life faces real danger, as the curse of the speaker post seems to continue to be powerful. In hindsight, she will have wished she lost an election.

      5. Sorry, I was about to post that correction, though if Biden meets RFK’s fate, that would probably cause Dems to lionize both Biden & Pelosi so I don’t see how Pelosi loses her election, unless losing means the GOP takes back the House.

  4. Looks like Shahid actually made it, but I don’t see how he has a chance now, even if Joe follows RFK, the Dem Establishment base would probably lionize him and Pelosi as heroes. If Pelosi stays safe, the only way she may peacefully be removed is if the GOP takes back the house at this point.

    1. If Biden goes the way of RFK, wouldn’t that have a ripple effect in causing the Dem base to love their leaders like Pelosi even more? I don’t see how Pelosi is peacefully removed from power other than the GOP taking back the House in that scenario.

      1. Not necessarily. There’s two things to consider.

        1) The state of a congressional race is different than that of a national election. Pelosi has never faced Shahid head to head before, even though he has run on the ballot in previous elections. This is the first time she will face home voters with a real challenger and they will be looking at things on a local level. Rising homelessness, a lack of affordable housing and an inability to adequately reign in Trump will be fresh on voters minds and that is to Pelosi’s significant disadvantage. That, plus resentment by some that she is perceived as putting her thumb on the scale for Biden, will leave her vulnerable in the general election. In addition, the GOP will absolutely be putting in money into Shahid’s campaign now and that will make him competitive, especially since the general election is eight months away. That’s a lot of time to build momentum and a lot of things will happen between now and November (which I will detail at another time).

        2) Biden’s forced exit, either by bullet or even possibly coronavirus, would give Bernie a significant edge heading into the convention. With all of the centrists dropping out now, if Warren decides to stick with him, it’s over for any person the corporate wing of the party pushes up at the last minute, since they will be at a severe disadvantage in terms of delegates. People are not going to suddenly love Pelosi if she tries to interfere with this process and, in fact, such efforts to support a last minute challenger will blow up in her face.

        Last night was admittedly not good for Bernie, but since Biden has such a big target on his back, especially in the form of the Russians and Trump, his ability to survive to the convention is not good. The attack last night is a really bad sign of things to come. Watch out for Ohio. It’s where things get dicey.

    2. It’s fine. California has a run off primary, so that’s probably why you were confused. Shahid edging out the Republicans spells trouble for Pelosi come this fall.

    1. I’ve been talking to Fefe, who is the co-owner of this site, and our mutual opinion is that we underestimated how serious it was going to be. I’m going to take a few days to try to get as much information as I can, but if my initial instincts are correct, we’ve just entered a worse case scenario timeline.

  5. Prediction #5: I’m so grateful to hear about a possible cure. I wish it could be sooner, but end of summer is better than no time soon.

    Prediction #6: That is the last thing we need happening! People are crazy and angry enough as is. Have you been given any guidance on who could possibly the next elected official?

    1. I wish I could share your enthusiasm, but there’s a dark underlying reason why the coronavirus gets cured so fast. I’m not at liberty to say what it is.

      As for the election, a woman gets the nomination. It won’t be either Biden or Bernie at this point.

  6. I don’t see how the Left is able to seriously contest the convention if Biden gets the majority of delegates. Biden’s delegates would just pick another centrist candidate with Biden’s blessing. Biden would have to be forced out before he can accrue that majority.

  7. With both Bloomberg and Gabbard dismantling their campaigns, Bernie is now the last man standing vs. Biden. Considering that Bloomberg voided his Nov. Employment Guarantee – it’s unlikely he would be able to recruit the same talent should he want to restart his campaign post-Biden.

    Now does that picture look more clear? Maybe Sanders gets a plurality by default – but whatever happens to Biden, again I stress, must happen quickly in order for that to be achieved.

    1. Read my update. If Biden doesn’t make it to the convention, then it will be contested and will be chaotic. I stand by this, even if it’s unlikely for Bernie get a plurality at this point.

      1. Not exactly, but I’ll explain more another time. Should point that yesterday on Twitter, RIP Biden and Biden Dead were top trending topics on Twitter because of his disappearance from public life in the middle of the campaign. Just so you know.

  8. More states have since delayed their primaries, meaning Biden isn’t projected to secure a majority now until June. As I said, if you think there is to be a fight between Progressives and the Establishment on the DNC floor, Biden must not be allowed to attain a majority, otherwise the only fight there will be between various centrists.

    If Biden gets a majority, the DNC would have the power to vote to physically remove the minority of progressive delegates off of the convention floor if they try and make a fuss, that’s what happened at the RNC in 2016.

  9. Prince Charles tested positive for the coronavirus. What do you think of that?

    1. He’ll recover. The question comes if the Queen and Prince Phillip have it. If they get it, it will take them.

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