Dreams and Predictions for February 2020

This will be another month with limited predictions. However, I should have my Trump blog update posted soon. With his acquittal coming and this warning from the deep state in tow, Trump’s days are numbered, especially if the establishment thinks Bernie can easily beat him in November. In the meantime, here’s a prediction to share.

1) Expect several cities to take the lead from New York’s recent J31 protests. Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington DC will soon be following suit.

2/23 ETA: I apologize that it took so long to post the Trump update and that it wasn’t as comprehensive as it could have been. However, as I have said repeatedly, this year has been very busy and I haven’t had the time to post the way I have in the past. This will continue as the year progresses. If you haven’t already read my Trump update blog, check it out below. Otherwise, here’s another a prediction to share.

2) Expect the daggers to come out against Nancy Pelosi in the form of a viable primary challenger, Shahid Buttar. While I don’t want to definitively say he will pull the political upset of the year, he is one to watch, especially if he makes it into a run off election against Pelosi in the fall. She better start actually pounding the pavement in San Francisco soon or she will end up like Joe Crowley before her.

14 thoughts on “Dreams and Predictions for February 2020

    1. I did and I warned in my predictions from last month that the Biden team would try to rig it. Buttigieg might be leading, but it’s done on Biden’s behalf to dampen Bernie’s enthusiasm so he can try to steal the nomination later. It won’t work in the end, but it’s going to get very nasty before this is all over.

  1. After Mitt Romney voted to convict Trump, I remembered your prediction that Trump would hold a rally in Utah and be assassinated there. Do you think Trump might hold a rally in Utah because of Mitt Romney?

    1. Possibly. I’m still editing the blog on Trump that I’m working on, so I may add something about this to the posting. Look out for it soon.

    1. I don’t like that dude, Palmer. He gives me the creeps. I think he’s hiding a very dirty secret of his own and a lot of the “Resistance” liberals will turn on him when they find out what it is. It’s very disgusting, FYI.

    2. Also, it seems Bloomberg is attempting to steal the nomination for Biden, but it won’t be a successful effort. That dream I had a few weeks ago seems more prescient than I initially thought.

    3. Also, go look at Ms Spooky in the comments section of the Trump blog I just posted. For every one person who claims I’m pro Trump (which I’m not), there’s people like her who claim that I’m deranged and against the President. Just thought I’d point this out because I’m not a partisan and go off of instinct, not just my beliefs.

    1. Interesting. I said in my previous predictions that Cardi B would serve jail time, which she still might. If this occurs, it will be a wake up call and one I believe will serve as a motivator for her to turn her life around. Hope this insight helps.

    2. Also, I apologize that your comment from last month’s blog got deleted. One of the other moderators must have done it by accident. Those protests will definitely be expanding soon. Expect another big one for New York in March.

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