Dreams and Predictions for January 2020

Hope you all enjoyed your holidays. I apologize for not posting so much in recent days. My personal life has become very busy and I suspect it will become more so in the new year. I won’t have a lot of new predictions to share, besides my 2020 predictions post, so don’t expect many predictions here this month. I will, however, have an explanation for why Trump wasn’t assassinated soon. It may seem like my biggest fail to date, but if the only thing wrong with my vision was the dating, then I’m still going to call it fulfilled. I’ll explain more at another time. In the interim to that, here’s a new prediction to share.

1) Some may be wondering how hot a conflict with Iran gets after the assassination of Qasem Soleimani. As I’ve said in previous posts, Trump does play with fire by these provocative actions, but at the end of the day, I don’t see world war 3 breaking out as long as he’s president. What this does do is shut the door on another nuclear arms deal and almost certainly guarantees war at some point down the line. In the meantime, expect Iran to cause more trouble overseas, but also domestically inside the US. The next time there is unrest in the country (which I suspect will occur by the end of the month), expect the Iranian government to fan the flames and cause major economic damage to the US economy. The means of retaliation, at least for the time being, will be subtle, but devastating.

1/6 ETA: I know some of you are still curious about Trump’s attacks on Iran and what this means for him and the world. I’ll have a follow up post on that sometime near the end of the month or early into next month. In the meantime, here’s a dream based prediction to share.

2) I had a dream last night where I was in England and arrested and imprisoned on false charges of shoplifting. At first, it was very easy to escape the jail, but the more times they brought me back to prison, the more sealed the jail would get. I was in custody with several other people who were similarly held for false charges. An Iranian man who was with us died in custody and several other people were hospitalized as a result of torture, illness and malnutrition. This, in my estimation, is a warning for the UK that Boris Johnson is about to crack down on political dissent using trumped up false charges and engage in a mass round up of people who he sees as a political threat. I don’t think it has anything to do with the riots in London and, in fact, may precipitate them due to the cruelty of the actions. If you happen to live in the UK, watch out. Attempts to take away your freedom is coming.

1/19 ETA: Another dream based prediction.

3) I don’t remember the entirety of my dream, but the general gist of the message was that Joe Biden is going to attempt to cheat when it comes to the Democratic nomination. There were also exposed blueprints to city infrastructure, which seemed to indicate that some people will attempt to commit terrorism if he does steal it. Bernie’s people should watch for this, especially in the upcoming Iowa caucus and in South Carolina.

1/26 ETA: A hunch based prediction.

4) With Kobe Bryant’s death in a helicopter crash, I have a very bad feeling, like following the death of Aaliyah in 2001, that we are about to see a major terror attack occur either at the end of the month or next month. It may not happen in the US, but it will have a large casualty number wherever it occurs. Stay safe.

8 thoughts on “Dreams and Predictions for January 2020

  1. Iran has put a price on trump’s head…will this be cover for a patsy?
    …or to be cover for equivalency retaliation on vp pence? Or…what?

    1. Good question. I have to write an update for the Trump assassination prediction because I consulted with a friend of the site, Michael McCllellan of New Prophecy, and he gave me a theory that would explain a lot of why Trump isn’t dead yet. I hope to post that sometime this month or early next month. With this latest crisis in Iran, it could be a relevant factor. Look out for it in the near future.

  2. I have a question. When do you predict Donald Trump will be assassinated given what has happened so far?

  3. Hey Liam!

    I want to update you on this prediction:

    “New York City burns to the ground and the real estate bubble bursts, leading to several years of financial crisis and a battle for a more progressive future. Black and brown people lead the charge on priorities such as making public transportation free and abolishing the police department. ”

    An “Anti-Police, Anti-MTA Fare ” protest happened today in NYC:


    Arrests were made, but I think this is only the beginning.

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