2020 Predictions from Liam

First off, I wanted to once again link to this blog post I put up a while ago. I’ve had a few commenters trying to claim I’m a fraud or illegitimate because my dating on events isn’t entirely accurate. While certain events last year didn’t occur when I said they would, much of last years predictions did occur or are in the process of occurring. Look out for some events that I wrote for 2019 to happen this year instead.

I apologize in advance that this predictions list is shorter than previous years. I’d also like to let you know that personal issues and other commitments have kept me away from the site in recent months. That will unfortunately continue in 2020 as I expect it to be a busy and important year for me personally and financially. I’ll post what I can, when I can, but I will not be as active on the site as I used to as a result.

Now onto this years predictions.

2020 will see a descent into darkness as the world waits on bated breath for the other shoe to drop. A feeling permeates that war is inevitable, even if it isn’t immediately on the horizon. Foreign conflicts that have sat on hot embers for years take center stage, as those who call for peace are killed and those who advocate violence gain power. In spite of this, a collective realization that politics will not save humanity takes roots and ordinary people take leadership roles in fighting for what they believe in. It will be a year of grassroots power taking on, and winning, against big corporations and wealthy people. It will be a year where work is no longer seen as important to most people, as family, friendship and the pursuit of passion become a priority to more people. It will be a year where people lose their freedoms, but also lose their fear of their oppressors. If the elite think they can control the masses, they are in for a very rude awakening in 2020.

Trump managed to survive 2019, in spite of a serious hospitalization and assassination attempts, due to the air of impeachment that hung over him. The attempts to remove him from power non violently will prove ineffective, so the deep state will off him before the election occurs. His death will send a shockwave throughout the world and anger conservatives who will rally to power in various parts of the world as a result. The fight for a post Trump America will be bitter and bloody.

Before his death, his administration is paralyzed, as lawmakers have no incentive to pass legislation and important funding priorities get put off into the distance.

The arms of justice come for Trump’s sons and for Jared Kushner. All of them will face stiff jail sentences.

Bernie Sanders becomes the Democratic nominee, but dies before the election. His choice of Vice President runs in his place and wins the general election in November.

A major US airline files for bankruptcy this year, giving a glimpse into the beginning of the end of the commercial airline industry. In reaction to this, congress takes on the airline companies, forcing them to lower prices and eliminate many of their major fees in fear of tougher regulation.

To the horror of Democrats and the victims of mass shootings, Alex Jones and Infowars make a comeback after Trump intervenes on their behalf and demands their reinstatement to Youtube and Twitter. This will become a heated discussion on the campaign trail.

Expect the US to place sanctions on the ICC and the Netherlands due to its investigation of Israel and the US war crimes in Afghanistan.

New York City burns to the ground and the real estate bubble bursts, leading to several years of financial crisis and a battle for a more progressive future. Black and brown people lead the charge on priorities such as making public transportation free and abolishing the police department.

Watch out for terrorism in Las Vegas, particularly around the election.

Another Waco like stand off will occur in Texas sometime in the summer.

Expect political violence to become the norm starting this year and into the next two decades.

A major hurricane damages South Florida in October, with some of the worst floods the state has ever seen. Millions lose their homes and several people die.

The UK will be out of the EU by the end of the year.

Large scale riots occur in London that damage critical infrastructure. Such destruction will be the undoing of Boris Johnson.

The Queen will die this year. Prince Phillip will precede her in death earlier in the year.

Macron begins to lay off his corporatist agenda in fear of a vote of no confidence. While he may survive removal by other lawmakers, it will cost him his seat in the next election.

Germany’s power wanes in the EU this year, as France becomes the new de facto leader of the bloc.

One of Greece’s major landmarks is lost to a fire in the summer, most likely in Athens.

Sweden hosts an Olympics like ceremony for the arts. It will become a tradition by the end of the decade.

A young Eastern European scientist, trying to find a cure for cancer, accidentally creates a virus that breaks out in Europe. Expect a large death count to follow.

Erdogan appears at the Tokyo Olympics to try to give himself an image boost with the scandals he’s facing. Such efforts won’t help him, but will be given the thumbs up by Trump.

Feeling vulnerable, Bolsonaro consolidates power in Brazil and puts a permanent halt to elections. The economy and the social situation unravel in the process.

Argentina will begin an economic upswing after years of stagnation, to the anger of the US.

Overtures by several coastal African nations to major cruise companies are successful, as the southern part of the continent begins to become a major destinations for tourists.

Tanzania becomes a hot spot for financial investment this year.

The US is forced to leave Iraq this year, giving Iran a major victory in the region.

Israel won’t have a stable government throughout the entire year due to Netanyahu’s refusal to resign, showing the apartheid state on its last legs.

A major fire breaks out in the Philippines this year, destroying an entire home, leading to some fatalities and a community devastated.

Hong Kong continues to be a thorn in China’s side, as protests spread to Taiwan, leading to unrest in the two contested territories.

Greta Thunberg needs to mind her safety this year. Several prominent financial players want her silenced.

A watch maker discovers a frozen body and is killed before he can contact the police. Police find him and the frozen body a few days later, which leads to the discovery of several missing people who have been frozen to death. This seems to occur in Canada or Northern Europe.

An Asian tea company is prosecuted for negligently putting chemicals in their products that have led to illness and death. The resulting prosecution will lead to its bankruptcy by the end of the decade.

Ebay buys out a major online etailer, in the hopes of competing with Amazon.

Expect Verizon to consider buying out Sprint, leaving the US with only two major cell phone carriers. This will see an opening for communist minded individuals to advocate for the government seizing the means of production by force in a few years time.

A major publishing house files for bankruptcy.

A major competitor to Youtube emerges and leaves Google scrambling as a result of mass defections of popular internet personalities to the site. To compete, Youtube relaxes the rules on political content and nudity.

Comic book movies begin to flop at the box office, with Black Widow and Wonder Woman to bomb. This is a sign of bad things to come for Hollywood overall.

Expect boy bands to become very popular this year.

A major shakeup at MSNBC leads to a mass amount of layoffs, including Rachel Maddow and Joy Reid.

Miley Cyrus stars in a sitcom that is very popular.

Alec Baldwin suffers a heart attack this year.

Andrew Garfield suffers a life or death situation on a film shoot when a fire breaks out.

Adele releases a new album this year, but it won’t be nearly as successful as her previous efforts.

Another Willy Wonka reboot is considered by Warner Brothers, but Roald Dahl’s estate puts the kibosh on this.

A big pop star announces their retirement this year. This one will stick.

A star of the Avengers franchise dies tragically this year. The likely victim is either Colbie Smouders or Jeremy Renner, but Brie Larson is in danger as well.

Taylor Swift becomes the most prominent celebrity to support the BDS movement, infuriating the Israeli government and leading them to declare war on her.

Diana Ross is close to the graveyard. If she doesn’t pass this year, she will leave us the following one.

Madonna’s days are numbered.

JK Rowling or someone like her develops cancer this year.

Demi Lovato suffers another drug overdose. It remains to be seen whether it will be fatal or not.

Expect a major religious scandal to involve Chris Pratt. Anna Faris will be vindicated in the court of public opinion and in her career.

Dakota Fanning makes a comeback.

Stephen Spielberg retires from show business after his dark secrets begin to leak out to the press.

Expect more stories with gays and lesbians in leading roles, particularly on streaming platforms.

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      1. Won’t become a pandemic. My fear is a virus coming from eastern Europe becoming a pandemic in the summer, as I wrote in my 2020 predictions. If you hear of a similar virus coming out of Slovakia or the Czech Republic, that’s when it becomes a serious matter.

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