The 2020’s: A Summary

I apologize that it’s taken so long to post this. I have been very preoccupied with issues at home and professionally. Hope that this will give you an overview of what to expect in the 2020’s decade. Since many events are so far into the future (ten years from now), it’s difficult for me to get a totally accurate picture as variables can change. It is not comprehensive, and there’s a lot that is obviously missing, but it should suffice for the time being. Look out for my more specific 2020 predictions post by the January 1st.

The US: Americans missed their best chance of an overthrow in the last decade. I don’t see one happening in this decade, thought it should. Instead, when it looks like the US may be on the verge of a toppling, they will allow a socialist type candidate to pass more broad reforms and programs to try to ease the massive poverty in the country. These crumbs will only placate people for a short period of time, before they get ripped out from under the public in the 2030’s. This is where I foresee the next best chance of an overthrow. A dying boomer population, coupled with an angry Gen X and Millenial group, instigates the upheaval and succeeds.

I do believe that there will be a female president in this decade, but she will not be white. I believe that if the Democrat wins in 2020, like I suspect they still will, then the Republicans won’t hold the white house this decade at all. Trump’s decline leaves a lasting scar on the GOP and sets back the cause of fascism for a decade.

Coastal flooding overtakes Miami and leaves parts of it uninhabitable. This trend will only get worse as climate change accelerates.

Canada: A big fight takes place this decade on removing pipelines and the use of fossil fuels in society. It is heated and very violent, probably one of the most contentious in the nation’s history. The environmental activists and indigenous tribes will be successful by the end of the decade.

The UK: Out of the EU, the UK’s economy will thrive, after some initial mishaps.

King Charles causes a constitutional crisis as he seeks to assert more political control over the parliament. A major debate over ending the monarchy follows, which dies down once his son William takes over the throne in the 2030’s.

There are attempts to try to force Harry and Meghan out of their royal titles, like Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson.

Corbyn has a lasting impact on electoral politics, making any cuts to the NHS and public funding for the poor politically unacceptable. He also forces a major change on the issue of foreign policy.

Scotland will hold a referendum to leave the UK and rejoin the EU, which will succeed, but they will end up regretting this in hindsight.

Ireland: A border poll is hotly contested by Unionists, but the vote sometime in the middle of the decade is for reunification. There are legal challenges to try to stop this, but it is not successful. These debates really take form around the 100th anniversary of the partition from the UK.

A major politician is assassinated, something that will shock the nation.

France: A civil war takes place this decade, which will be unsuccessful for the usurpers.

Another historic Parisian landmark is damaged by fire, either the Louvre or the Orly museum.

Germany: Will not be the European economic superpower it is now in a few years time. Resentment by other EU members, coupled with an increasingly hostile France and Italy, demote their status in the dying bloc.

Will be dealing with Muslim bigtory that could lead to a resurgence of Neo Nazism if the issue of migration isn’t addressed soon.

Belgium: If any country that still had a monarchy is likely to abolish it in the near future, it’s Belgium. A referendum on this will be held sometime in the middle of the decade which will pass in favor of dissolution of the royal family. Other nearby countries, mainly in Scandinavian nations, will follow suit.

Brazil: As I have previously stated, don’t expect Bolsonaro to allow elections to be held this decade. It won’t be until the following one that the nation is able to restore its democracy. Economic impoverishment follows his rule and a mass migration of people will flee up north and into North and Central America.

Argentina: Will serve as a socialist refuge for its nearby neighbors dealing with fascism all around them.

Mexico: A brewing civil war is hidden beneath the surface. Sometime close to the end of the decade, it will explode into one of the nation’s worst conflicts.

China: A new government structure is formed that aligns closer to the values of the US, but which is resented by the Chinese people. Major tensions follow this and I don’t see such a government lasting very long.

Russia: A post Putin Russia is one that is more of a threat to the world than ever before. If tensions aren’t cooled, they will instigate a third world war.

India: With China and Russia suffering from a trade war against the US, the superpower that emerges from the chaos is India. A more robust middle class is emerging and it will empower its allied neighbors like Nepal and Bhutan to allow it to dominate the Asian continent, to the disadvantage of Pakistan.

Tanzania: Is the epicenter of political organizing around the idea of a United African Republic. You’ll hear discussions amongst lower elected officials go up into the leaders of various nations, with the President being a major proponent of the cause. By the end of the decade, the nations of the continent will merge to have one federal government, making it the third largest country by population in the world.

New Guinea: The nation bans tourism due to its devastating effects on the environment. Other parts of the world follow their lead.

Australia: Bad weather will go in conjunction with bad politics. Expect major attacks on health care and clean energy laws to make the nation much less desirable to live in.

New Zealand: Also considers banning tourism, but works to limit people coming to the country and buying real estate as a compromise.

Israel/Palestine: A one state solution will come about by the end of the decade, along with the end of Israel’s status as a Jewish state.

The BDS movement also grows in numbers and strength throughout the world, despite the efforts of the Israeli Lobby to repress it.

The UN: There’s a very great risk of the United Nations collapsing by the end of the decade if war and a complete cut off of funds by the US occurs.

Global politics: The west becomes more conservative as the east becomes more liberal. Places that are very repressive now, like the Middle East, end up becoming bastions of political debate and free expression. Places that espouse human rights now, like Europe, go in the opposite direction of censorship and political repression.

Expect advances on issues like gay rights, sex work and drug possession to take place in many parts of the world this decade.

Expect labor unions to gain footholds in places they’ve never had them before, while they strengthen their power in places where it is currently weaker.

A third world war has been averted all of this decade, but it is a real possibility in the 2020’s. Watch out for Russia, Iran and the US as the major instigators, with China serving as a nation that pours gasoline on a steaming hot fire of conflict.

The environment: Expect our world to begin to see the worst effects of climate change take place. Coastal flooding, more earthquakes, hotter summers and famine will be a common occurrence for decades to come. Eventually, the perpetrators of the catastrophe, oil and gas companies, will be held criminally responsible in an international tribunal and sentenced to death or life imprisonment as a result of their actions.

The economy: The world has seen a now 12 year streak of growth since 2008, which is not only statistically impossible, but lacks common sense. The economy should have collapsed in 2014 and didn’t. The reason it hasn’t is because the wealthy have prevented it from occurring. They might be able to hold off another crash for another decade if they continue to have direct control the way they do now, but by 2029, we will see the worst depression in one hundred years occur.

Hollywood: The collapse of the comic book movie leaves Hollywood financially devastated, leading to many bankruptcies of production companies and a significant drop in productions. Competition from streaming and Youtube also eats into the profits.

The music industry: Expect the early part of the decade to be dominated by boy bands/groups, a resurgence of R&B to follow and then a combination of country, rap and dance music to become massively popular by the end of the decade.

Artists work towards unionizing and are successful by the end of the decade.

Medicine: A cure for AIDS is coming, along with one for several STD’s.

Technology: The flying car is coming, along with a greater prevalence of self driving cars.

10 thoughts on “The 2020’s: A Summary

  1. Well I did not vote conservatives here in UK but voted brexit party as I wanted some brexit party mps in to keep check on the conservatives to ensure is not just Brexit in name only. I am not happy conservatives got a full majority due to cuts etc. But I could not vote Labour as they abandoned working class and went too far left. UK voted for no socialism.

    1. It was difficult for me to call the election because there has been a ton of election interference by the US and Israel. Under such conditions, Corbyn couldn’t possibly overcome it. Plus, he listened too much to those who wanted to remain in the EU and it cost him the election. My general prediction overall has been Brexit is going to happen and everything leading up to this point has indicated that this will be the case. I also still see Corbyn taking power, so perhaps it happens post Brexit. Those are my current thoughts. Hope it was helpful.

  2. you continually used the term “by the end of the decade” decade is exactly 10 years. what does that mean for you? which decade are you referring to? if it is this decade? then the end of a decade would be next year. 2010 – 2020 is a decade!

    1. I apologize if it wasn’t clear. My definition of a decade is 2020-2029. Technically, you are right in how a decade is counted, but I am writing it for the 2020’s as a whole. Hope this cleared up your confusion.

  3. Thank’s for the 2020s forecast Liam.It’s frightening to think that Western countries becoming more repressive,will any of these country’s still have some bastion of progressiveness?

    1. Very possible he’s in on it. I’m going to elaborate on this in the new year, but if this impeachment leads to his assassination, then I’m going to call my prediction as at least partially fulfilled in the timeline because the series of events started in the fall of 2019, as I originally predicted, even if it took a lot longer to see the murder occur. Also should point out that I had another assassination dream last night, which was a group of people watching the news of Trump’s murder on a cruise ship. What was notable was that the dream seemed to allude to the fact that Kushner is tied into all of this and it kept making allusions to his supposed ties to the Kennedy family, the last president to be assassinated. I wasn’t able to fully interpret the whole dream since there was so much there, but I think Trump’s life is in peril, even if he avoided assassination in the fall. Hope this information was helpful.

    1. I’m not really sure to be honest. I don’t really want to say what happens to most refugees, since it’s so dark, but you can take an educated guess. Sorry if it isn’t a more positive prediction.

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