Dreams and Predictions for December 2019

The last predictions blog of the decade. Speaking of which, I’m still working on the 2020’s summary blog, which you should expect this month, along with with the 2020 predictions post by January 1st. Look out for those in the near future. Also, people might be wondering why Trump hasn’t been assassinated yet, which, while I’m a bit surprised by this as well, I have an explanation for if it doesn’t happen by December 20th, the last day of fall. In the meantime, here’s a prediction to share.

1) There will be a major earthquake in Central America in the near future. Something like a 7 on the richter scale.

12/13 ETA: Thought I should post this update.

2) I had said for a while that either Corbyn would win or eke out the leadership in a hung parliament. However, it seems that Boris Johnson has gained a solid control of the house of commons. This is deceiving for two reasons. One is that the exit poll was wrong in that labor had a higher final total than the original exit poll showed. The second is that several of the elected tories oppose brexit and the fight will take place next week to stop the legislation from being passed. In such a scenario, enough defections (around 20) could lead to a hung parliament. In such a scenario, Corbyn could cobble up the votes to take the prime minister spot for a short period of time. If Boris Johnson thinks he has a mandate now, he is sadly mistaken.

9 thoughts on “Dreams and Predictions for December 2019

    1. It’s more likely to be a hung parliament which eventually leads to Corbyn’s ascension at this point.

  1. Trump assassination won’t happen because when you speak things out into the universe and create awareness of something you then can alter the outcome.

    1. Not necessarily. Things can be delayed, but for those who are the most determined, things will happen eventually. I’ve consulted with a friend of mine about what could be happening and I’ll write about in January if he’s not assassinated in a few weeks. The impeachment may be delaying it, but it won’t remove him from office, so it is inevitable. The question is when.

  2. The FBI agents who leaked to Rudy Giuliani are being investigated. What do you think?

    1. This is more parts of the coup to try to remove Trump through congress. I’m planning to write about this in January, as I’m busy working on my 2020 predictions blogs, but this impeachment circus is why he hasn’t been assassinated yet. Once the FBI and CIA have exhausted all of their other options, they will kill him. It’s a risky strategy considering most everyone will know who is responsible, but they are determined to remove him, consequences be damned. At this rate, I’d prefer Trump lose the election so he goes peacefully. If he refuses in that scenario, however, then deserves what’s coming to him. Hope this helps.

      1. Coup? Congress has the right to remove a President. It is in the Constitution. The House does the impeachment. The Senate is the one who convicts. Even if the Senate votes to acquit, it will hurt Trump so much that he will not win in 2020. Calling impeachment a coup would be denying what is in the Constitution.

      2. It’s more complicated than you realize. I loathe Trump as much as anyone, but I understand what people at the FBI and the CIA really hate, and it’s not the migrants in detention camps or his overall embrace of white supremacy. It’s his desire to pull our troops out of the middle east. I’ll explain this more at another time.

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