A Decade Ahead…..

Sometime in the coming month, I’m going to post a long blog post detailing my general impressions for the upcoming decade. It’s difficult for me to see into the future more than a year or two removed, but I’m able to pick up on general trends that are expected to occur. Things might change from publication to now, but I’ll get as specific as I can. That will be the bulk of this months posting, along with a new predictions and dreams post for the month of November. Look out for it soon. Hope the information will be useful to you all.

2 thoughts on “A Decade Ahead…..

    1. It’s hard for me to say for sure, but it seems like he will. I’ve been wrong on the dating of brexit largely because there’s been so many powerful forces looking to stop it. However, they can’t stop it in the end. It’s only a matter of time. I also think that, with the choice between Corbyn and Boris Johnson, it’s obvious to me who wins. Hope that answers your question.

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