Dreams and Predictions for October 2019

I have a feeling this may be a slow month for my prescience, but hopefully that will not be the case. In any event, I have a prediction to share and am currently working on a new blog post that will elaborate on one of my comments in the comment section for the September dreams and predictions post. Hope to have it out in a week or two. Here’s the prediction in the meantime.

1) I do expect that we will see a warmer than usual fall and winter this year, particularly on the east coast. Parts of Northern Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas and Virginia will see temperatures in the 90’s in November and in the low 80’s towards January.

10/12 ETA: Check out my blog below about the occupation of Afghanistan. It really needs to be taken into consideration as to the moral degeneracy of the US. I have some more predictions to share as well.

2) I see a lot of violence breaking out in England, probably in relation to Brexit, but it could be an entirely different matter as well. Large demonstrations and arrests as well.

3) Spain will see a volatile fall as well, something to do with anger around the leadership.

4) I also thought it was important to point out, in regards to the danger that still surrounds Britney Spears, that even though she didn’t die at 36 like Marilyn Monroe or Princess Diana before her, she could still die this month at the same age as another famous woman in history; Marie Antionette, who died at 37 on October 16th, 1793. Though the two aren’t alike personality wise or status wise by any means, the event still lingers over this month.

10/17 ETA: There have been some news developments that have led to some prediction fulfillments over the last week or two, from the controversy around Ellen Degeneres befriending a war criminal who should be facing charges and jail time, as stated early this year, to protests in Spain fulfilling prediction #3. This is another update/prediction to share.

5) I have said for a while that Bill de Blasio would face gun mens bullet and it seems that, despite repeatedly flirting with death, he avoids it. He managed to hang onto his life this summer after forcing his police commissioner to fire Daniel Pantaleo, the man who murdered Eric Garner, but his days are numbered. I have a sense that he has been spiritually warned that if another unarmed people is murdered by his police force under his watch, it would be his last. I feel that day has come with this announcement of another murder by the police. As the man was unarmed, it will likely lead to de Blasio’s imminent assassination. De Blasio has been extremely fortunate (too fortunate) so far, but his judgement day is upon. It’s long overdue.

10/29 ETA: Probably my last prediction for the month.

6) A major US city will see a citizens uprising next month. When it’s all over, the United States will never be the same again.

4 thoughts on “Dreams and Predictions for October 2019

  1. Does hillary Clinton run for 2020 again if so does a strong independent run that takes votes from both the democrats and republicans.

    1. Sorry, this comment got deleted and I just restored it now. No, she is not running, despite some who wish for her to run.

    1. First of all, it’s October 22nd. There are still nine days left of the month so to say this now is extremely premature. Secondly, as I’ve stated in almost of my previous blogs, I said the vector was the fall, which technically goes all the way until December, but leaves room for this to happen in November on the 56th anniversary (7×8) of JFK’s assassination. As I’ve said before, while I’m not a numerologist, the fact that impeachment inquiries are happening now and the military industrial complex is turning on Trump very publicly over his moves in Syria should tell that you he’s in deep danger, in the vector I predicted. That’s all I will say about this for now.

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