Britney Spears is Still in Danger

Hello ATRL. I’ve seen your referrals to my site and your questioning of my prescience. Although no psychic is ever 100% accurate, this is not a prediction that any of you should dismiss so out of hand. While Britney has not been killed as quickly as I believed she would, the warning signs are getting louder than ever. With the recent accusations of Jamie Spears beating Britney’s children, the darkness surrounding the Spears family is boiling up to the surface. No amount of puff pieces by complicit Hollywood “news” programs will distract from this fact.

In addition, this picture she drew of herself and Marilyn Monroe indicates that even she believes that she is the reincarnation of tragic actress, as I wrote about on this site years ago. All of this is coming as her court case for freedom is approaching and her team is determined that she will not leave the conservatorship alive. Doing so will allow her to speak out freely on the abuse that she has faced and could lead to criminal prosecution against powerful people in society. Before she is allowed to talk openly, they will off her, using a drug overdose of anti depressants or pain killers as an excuse.

I have acknowledged in previous posts that my dating can be off. I originally thought this series of events would occur last year during her 36th year of life (same with Marilyn Monroe and Princess Diana). Although it didn’t, her recent downfall occurred in the vector that I predicted. It’s also possible that Britney’s team hopes to kill her while the eyes of her fans and the media is off of them so it will not be directly challenged (good luck with that, Jamie). Building a narrative of instability and drug addiction is important to shut down legitimate inquiries into her circumstances (look how well they’ve gotten the media to shut down the #FreeBritney movement). Now with creepy new Instagram posts to boot, the narrative of instability is taken root and those who dare question it are accused of being “conspiracy theorists” which the FBI has recently compared to terrorism.

In any event, when her murder occurs (since I do not believe it can be stopped), when the clamor for accountability gets too loud, they will offer a fall person in Lou Taylor and perhaps even Jamie himself who will face criminal charges and will ultimately be sent to prison like Michael Jackson’s doctor Conrad Murray was after his tragic death. Despite the optimism that some feel that she will recover, the truth is, as stated earlier this year, that it is too late to save her. I know some have complained about how improper or rude it is to talk about peoples deaths, but considering how obvious the signs of a tragic end are (even the creators of the #FreeBritney movement acknowledge it), it would irresponsible for me not to bring this up. As I said in my last post, hopefully she will find peace in her next life because she’s not going to find it in the remainder of this one. I wish it would be different, but the circumstances are what they are.

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  1. This is very sad Liam. I have a feeling you’re right about this. Her life is so tragic. My prayers go out to her.

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