Dreams and Predictions for September 2019

I apologize for not completing my Britney Spears related post last month. It should be done in a couple of days. In the meantime, I have a prediction to share.

1) Although there have been delays since I lasted predicted this, I do believe that the recent protests in Hong Kong are the start of the beginning of the end of the Communist regime in China. It may occur a year or two later than originally predicted, 2020-2021 rather than this year, but Xi Jinping’s days are numbered. Joshua Wong also must watch for his safety again as he’s at risk of disappearance and an ultimately death.

9/10 ETA: I posted the Britney Spears blog a week ago which you can check out below. More news has surfaced since, including the mysterious death of her doctor, the court ordered imposition of a new conservator and further disturbing Instagram posts. The signs are getting grimmer. The end may be near. In the meantime, here are a few more predictions to share.

2) I see Pete Buttegieg inching past Kamala Harris in new polls, but for the most part, the state of the Democratic primary remains the same until January. Like I have said previously, I do not believe that any of the current candidates will end up being the nominee.

3) Despite Trump’s attempts to broker a peace agreement in Afghanistan, don’t expect it to happen on his watch or in the next few years. Instead, more progress will be made in Iraq where troops will be leaving a lot sooner.

4) I had a dream a while back that actress Jennifer Lawrence was having an affair with an actor named Terrence Mann. I don’t know whether or not this will actually come to pass, but adultery of some sort may be in her future.

9/20 ETA: Some more predictions

5) Although I was wrong about her being banned from the US, I see danger approach for Greta Thunberg, but also a nobel peace prize.

6) Joe Biden has an accident on the campaign trail that critically damages his electoral chances.

7) Watch out for another major terror attack in Europe this fall. Germany seems to be the target.

9/28 ETA: Some dream based predictions.

8) I fear that Turkey is about to see a major civil war break out between the Turks and the Kurds. The results will be devastating in both loss of life and economic damage.

9) Iran’s leaders will attempt to communicate with the American people directly in an effort to do an end run around the Trump administration in the efforts of avoiding a war. Such attempts will be futile, but there still won’t be war for the foreseeable future.

10) Taylor Swift is about to enter another feud with a prominent female artist, this time over accusations that she stole her latest tour designs from her. This won’t be resolved for a long time until one of the sides waves a white flag and calls a truce.

9 thoughts on “Dreams and Predictions for September 2019

    1. Yes and I’m not surprised at all. He’s been a thorn in Trump’s side for the last several months and has been primarily responsible for nearly leading us to war three times this year.

      His ouster will calm down the war talk, but because of his work to sabotage the Afghanistan talks, it’s going to be a while before we’ll be leaving there. My greatest fear is that, since Trump’s days are numbered and Pence worked to sabotage the talks as well, it’s possible that the situation will stabilize enough that corporate America will begin investing there and it will turn from a war in Afghanistan into an occupation.

      If the Tablian believes the US government will get war weary, they are mistaken, especially if it starts turning from a deficit into a profit for monied interests. All one has to do is look to Israel’s occupation of the west bank to see how a “temporary” occupation becomes permanent. If we don’t work ourselves out of there soon, then we won’t be leaving until the next revolution in the US, which I foresee for the 2030’s.

      Despite Bolton’s ouster being a good thing in the short term, the damage he has caused will cost us in the long term big time. Hope this helps.

      1. Not particularly good. Trump wants Pence out and Pence refuses to leave. I always thought Trump would replace him before he’s killed, but if Pence is part of the plot to murder him, then he will succeed him and lose in the following election. Of course, Pence could be out before that so keep an eye out for more shakeups towards the end of this month.

    1. I answered this in my predictions for 2019 page. Nothing for now, but Ford will be put under pressure by a Democratic administration to press rape charges and that will force Kavanaugh to resign rather than face impeachment.

    2. Before you comment this (because I know you will), Nancy Pelosi initiated a stonewalling impeachment “inquiry.” It is not an official impeachment proceeding, it’s only designed to explore if the President’s conduct merits a vote of impeachment for high crimes and misdemeanors. It does not mean they will be successful and it doesn’t change the fact that Trump will face assassination. It is likely that this step was taken due to pressure from the very intelligence community that I said would orchestrate the assassination. It may have been done by Pelosi to get them to back off taking actions by their own hands, but they will find soon that this is a stonewalling operation and not a serious investigation. I don’t believe that this will alter the timeline too much, but it does bore badly for Trump and spells his end.

    1. Possibly. It’s hard for me to see at this time as it seems like it would be hard to force Pence out before the October/November timeline for assassination. However, this impeachment “inquiry” could alter things slightly, but it also may not because it’s expected to wrap up in November, during the period of assassination. With this administration, things could change quickly so Pence could be out before, though at this rate, I’m not as certain as I once was. Hope this was helpful.

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