A Dream on How Trump is Assassinated

ETA Note: After reading this post, please see the update below. I have some additional information to share.

There have been some questions recently about whether or not I believe Trump will still be assassinated this fall. Not only do I still believe it will happen, I have more specific information about it than I did earlier on. Here is what I have foreseen.

I recently had a recurring dream two nights in a row about how Trump will be assassinated. It gave specific details, but these might change when it happens. My instinct is that this should occur in October, sometime near or around Halloween. The scene takes place in Salt Lake City at a college basketball arena where people are packed to capacity in the bleachers and standing on floor. Noticeably, not one person is sitting. Trump does his usual speech, though I didn’t hear what was spoken, and then leaves to cheers through a door to a hallway. In the hallway on the way out to an emergency exit, a gunman pops out from an unmarked door and shoots the president three times in the chest. Security, taken by surprise, tackles the gunman and tries to take his weapon. The gunman manages to retake the gun and shoots the president in the head two times, fatally wounding him. There are five shots total (something worth noting for future conspiracy theorists) and no accomplices.

The Gunman is arrested and taken into custody. I was not sure of his nationality. I previously said that it may be an Arab or Hispanic male, but my sense was that it may not be a minority as I had originally suspected. An ambulance is called to the scene where the president is profusely bleeding and unresponsive. Emergency crew arrives two minutes later and takes care to lift president onto stretcher and move him to the ambulance through an emergency exit. It seems that there at least some preparations for tragedies like this (having emergency personnel nearby), but it is not enough. Trump is pronounced dead at the hospital after unsuccessful attempts are made to revive him on the way to the hospital. News cameras capture the shooting on FOX and a few other networks, but it is not aired live, but soon after the event.

As this is going on, the arena where Trump spoke is emptying of rally attendees before three pops are heard. Confusion leaves people who are still there paralyzed as the crowd then stays in place trying to figure out what just happened. Thirty seconds later, two more pops are heard and a man runs from the corridor where the assassination occurred into the arena to announce the president has been shot. Screams of shock and anger follow and chaos emerges. There are attempts to restore calm, but crowds rush to the corridor where Trump is to try to get to the president, but they are blocked off by secret service and police, causing aggressive confrontations and accusations of complicity in the shooting. Sometime after the crowd forms, the gunman is taken through the arena where he is met with an angry mob ready to rip him to shreds. Police hold back the crowds as he is brought into custody. I then saw various news segments from the arena and the shooting aired on TV before the dream came to an abrupt halt.

It is important to stress that by relaying this dream to you all, it could tip the president and his staff off and see the event thwarted, something I have warned about in a previous blog. However, I highly doubt that those orchestrating this will cancel the event as the FBI, still fuming over the shut Mueller probe and fearful of exposure into their dirty dealings, will not be deterred in allowing this to happen. As mentioned earlier, details could change, from the location to the date, but this is how I have seen it happen and have continued to see it ever since. Watch out for the fall. The end of Trump is near.

8/12 ETA: So I see that this blog post has gotten a lot of traction and I thought it was important to post this update. First off, I wanted to let certain readers KNOW that I know they’ve been GOSSIPING about this site to other psychics. I would really appreciate it if There Was a moratorium on trying to pit other psychics against each other for clicks and drama. This is not the first time it’s happened and, quite frankly, I’m getting sick of it. I don’t really wish to engage in debates with other psychics started by readers asking “So and so said this, what do you think?” I’ve seen this a number of times and I would request that it cease. I rarely comment on other psychics unless they are directly attacking me or I’m making a general point about prescience overall. Generally, I try to keep goodwill with other psychics. Please assist me in making it stay that way. Thank you.

In regards to this post specifically, I was doing some research yesterday and I came to deduce some details about this dream. I believe that the shooting was to take place at Salt Lake City Community College. Some might ask why the President would go make an appearance at a venue with far less prestige, but that may be because he and his team have trouble finding an available venue that will accept him and be willing to risk blowback for hosting his rallies which have been the subject of much controversy. It is also important to note that the college itself is a short drive away from the airport, making safe passage to and from the venue from Air Force One relatively painless and quick. Although I recall seeing red seats in the arena rather than blue, it could be due to the redness of the MAGA hats or from campaign rally decorations making it appear red. It’s also possible that I got the venue wrong, but considering how much it looks like the one from my dream, inside and out, I’m pretty positive that this is it.

Hope this update clarified some things. Look out for more predictions and another blog post later this month on an unrelated matter.

7 thoughts on “A Dream on How Trump is Assassinated

    1. That I mentioned in a previous thread. If Trump hasn’t replaced Pence at this point (which I still believe he will), then he becomes the VP and loses in the fall of 2020 to the Democratic nominee. The loss would still occur with another VP or it would see a passing of the torch to another Democrat if it happens to be Nancy Pelosi (unlikely). I also think this will see anger on the right fume towards the left where the next Democratic president will face assassins bullet as well, triggering chaos throughout the country. The end result of this is either war or something up to the brink of. As I’ve also said in previous posts, it’s the next president that faces the real threat of world war 3. This could trigger events in Russia and Iran that would lead us to that point. It won’t be pretty, but the US’ karma is too negative to aver this fate. Hope this helps.

  1. Ugh, everyone needs to brace themselves. Even though Trump is an evil person, there are larger evils at play here. Hopefully the consciousness of Americans will shift and stop listening to news/media and realize they’re being controlled, oppressed, lied to, segregated etc. It amazes me how obvious things are, and how there’s so much information incriminating so many people in power, the Epstein case is a great example of this. Yet people still won’t accept the reality of what’s actually going on and how sick and corrupt things truly are. Trump is the same as Epstein, there’s been so much evidence of this, yet people still don’t want to believe it. It makes me sick, I hope there will be a collective conscious enlightenment in this country so we can over throw these wretched narcissistic sociopathic predators that control this country, and hold them accountable for what they’ve done. Strip them of their power. I hope the truth about Trump becomes believed public knowledge. He’s a pedophile, and the things he has done are unforgivable. He hides in plain sight, and I can’t believe people don’t see it. Sorry for venting haha.

    1. It’s fine. Oddly enough, Trump wanted Epstein alive to damage the Democrats politically. This murder happened by someone further up the food chain than him or the Clintons. Epstein knew where the bodies were buried and powerful people wanted him silenced. In any event, that doesn’t preclude the fact that Trump has engage in pedophilia. I also think this murder is a warning sign to Trump that his days are numbered.

      1. That actually makes a lot of sense that he would want him alive for information against his rivals. The reason I think trump has done awful things to teenage girls is because of old court cases brought against him where a girl who was 13 at the time claimed to have been raped by Trump as well as Epstein at his parties. Of course this never came out her case was shut down and apparently she was paid money to let it go. Pretty awful stuff, but I do hope that now that Epstein is dead they will continue to investigate and expose those involved. I agree with you though, it does seem like Epstein death is a warning to Trump that the end is near.

  2. How does the death of Jeffrey Epstein affect things does it greatly increase or decrease the chances of trump’s assassination.

    1. I’m reposting something I wrote another commenter on a different post:

      Most people are suspicious of the death and for good reason. It’s obviously murder, the question is who did it? I think it goes beyond even Trump and the Clintons because Epstein knew where a lot of bodies were buried and they didn’t want him talking. Trying to make this political distracts from the financial elite who are really the biggest predators being protected. I’m sure Bill is relieved, but I don’t think he ordered the kill. I’m also sure Trump is not happy about this because he wanted to use Epstein politically to damage the Democrats and I’m sure Netanyahu wanted him alive as well to damage his political rival, Ehud Barak. It could also further prove that Trump is on his way out, which I wrote about in one of my blogs for this month. Watch out for a “break in” at the White House soon. It’s the warning shot that assassination is coming. Hope this helped.

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