Iran, Taylor Swift and The Democratic Primary

I was going to post a blog on either the situation with Iran or Taylor Swift’s music industry fight, but I decided to combine and then briefly summarize my insights into these two situations and add some other things I’ve had on my mind as well. It’ll make up for the lack of blog in June and hopefully give you some perspective on some important issues of the day.

I have said in previous blogs that I do not believe that the US would be going to war with Iran, at least not until the regime is toppled and replaced with one that is far more radical than it currently is. Now, I have some reservations on that. Trump’s actions in breaking apart the Iran deal (which I was never a fan of and still am not) and imposing crippling sanctions have led to a place where Iran feels it has no choice but to go to war. Neither sides leader wants a war, but its respective military leaders and theocratic reactionaries do. The question becomes who wins out in the end, the sensible leadership or the base that pulls them towards conflict?

While I still believe cooler heads will prevail in the end, I can’t 100% say this with certainty. There is a chance that war will break out this summer and if it does, the US will lose with Russia and China join in on the side of Iran. However, what is more than likely to happen was laid out in a blog post I wrote about last year. Although some of the events did not transpire, certain events currently taking place in the streets of the middle east seem to suggest that my predictions may be fulfilled a year late. If so, that will postpone a major US Iran war for another couple of years. We shouldn’t breathing so easy because it’s only prolonging the inevitable. I do not believe that war between the two nations will ever be entirely eliminated, just pushed off until a later date. Sometimes, it’s better to get it over with than letting it linger in the background for years to come.

A noticed development occurring in the music industry involves yet another Taylor Swift feud, but this one has major implications for artists and the working class as a whole. Taylor Swift posted a blog post a few days ago complaining about her inability to buy back the masters to her work and having a nemesis of hers, corrupt manager Scooter Braun, buying her catalog. The post may have been seen as a vent, but the reality is that she wants her masters back and is using Braun’s deep corruption and unpopularity as a ploy to get it back. Braun’s people have already been on the counter offensive towards her, but so far, she has resisted striking back. That is about to change.

I suspect that Taylor will be using a number of tactics to press for advantage in buying back her catalog, including supporting the BDS movement (knowing it will piss of Braun and many of Hollywood’s most prominent executives) and working to devalue much of Braun’s financial investments to the point of his declaring bankruptcy. I do not believe this will end up resolved in a short period of time. I believe the conflict will last a while, maybe even years, but eventually, Taylor will have sufficiently made Bruan cry uncle and he will sell her back her masters at a rock bottom price. Although this is a temporary setback for her, in the end, she will prove victorious and solidify her power in the industry. Of course, she will also become a major target and I suspect that her life will also find moments of imminent danger. I’ll write about that another time, but know that she is taking on a righteous fight for artists and all workers who believe that they should share in the fruits of their labor.

As I mentioned in my predictions blog this month, I’ve been having a lot of dreams about the Democratic primary. Although I still believe that the party (or one adjacent to it) will end up winning the presidency in 2020, it does not appear good at the moment. This is because the party has failed to learn the lessons from 2016 and is insistent upon repressing the working class uprising that has taken hold throughout the country. None of the candidates (including Bernie) can credibly bank into this anger authentically and it is causing problems for them as a whole. I do believe this situation will change as Trump’s assassination and some economic turmoil will change the landscape as we approach the end of this year. I’ll write about this another time. In the meantime, know that the people currently up on the debate stage will likely not be sparring with the GOP nominee in 2020.

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