Dreams and Predictions for June 2019

I had a large amount of predictions in last months post, so be warned this month will have less than that. Here’s a prediction to share in the meantime.

1) Watch Russia and China in the summer as they play a game of brinksmanship and chicken with the Trump administration. Eventually, he will fold when the alternative is world war three.

6/8 ETA: Another prediction to share.

2) A high profile Trump administration official will be murdered by an Islamic terrorist this month.

6/11 ETA: A few more predictions to share following our websites fifth anniversary.

3) A worldwide supergroup is about to explode and become very famous and successful.

4) I think we are on the verge of a very explosive summer. Expect a lot of rioting and violence in many parts of the world, particularly in the US, Canada and Europe.

5) There will be an astral ghost spotting of Eric Garner at the spot where he was murdered nearly five years ago. I believe this will happen on the anniversary of his death, July 17th. This will be an omen for Bill de Blasio, Bill Bratton, James O’Neill, Daniel Pantaleo and many others in New York city and state government that their day of reckoning is approaching and how it ends will not be pleasant for them in the slightest.

6/12 ETA: A dream based prediction.

6) I believe there will be a pipe bomb explosion in New York City or another large US city this summer. Not sure how many people are injured or killed, but I believe it will be on a busy street corner (not a major attraction site) and it will be detonated from a garbage can.

9 thoughts on “Dreams and Predictions for June 2019

  1. Someone rushed the stage while Kamala Harris was speaking at a public event. I was wondering what you thought about that.

    1. Definitely a warning sign for Trump and/or Bernie. The man who set himself on fire in front of the White House was definitely a warning for Trump. This fits into my prediction where I said that there would be warning signs before they actually assassinate Trump. They are arriving one by one. If Trump isn’t spooked yet, he ought to be. The FBI is not playing around.

      1. Oh and please don’t go over there and say “So and so psychic said you rip off other peoples predictions.” I’m not interested in starting drama with them, I was just pointing it out to you specifically.

    1. I did mention why the Mueller probe failed and mentioned the obstruction taken by Barr and others to stop the investigation in a previous blog.


      I don’t recall mentioning that I would say anything else for now, but if I did, I don’t have anything else to add at this point except that there have already been warnings against Trump mentioned in this comment section. More will come in the next few months, including a prediction I’m about to post above. Hope this information was helpful.

  2. Hey Liam,

    So I believe your first prediction has already manifested and passed. The whole issue with Iran, and the spy drone being shot down. Initially trump was about to attack Iran, then Putin interjected. Essentially stating that if America were to attack Iran than that would mean an attack on Russian. So trump was quick to change his tone and retract his prior statements declaring America wouldn’t do anything. It seems if trump isn’t assassinated this year he will win the 2020 election. Even though I fear the consequences of the assassination, it seems to be the only thing that will stop him.

    1. I was going to write a blog post about Iran (may still do it), but it seems that you’re right and that my prediction already came to pass. I wouldn’t say we’re 100% out of the woods just yet, but the sense that Trump is reckless and dangerous may make his assassination even more likely. I’ll let you know if I post anything else. Thanks for the tip off.

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