What’s Next for Julian Assange?

This morning, Julian Assange had his asylum at the Ecuadorian embassy illegally revoked and he was arrested by British authorities for skipping bail. Separately, the US issued an extradition warrant for alleged “hacking” of computer systems (a ruse to bring him in to add additional trumped up charges later). At this juncture, it does not appear good for Julian. He had many months to plot an exit and either was unable to do so or failed to heed the warnings when he could. His next steps are largely out of his control, but there are entities that wish to keep him quiet that could aid in his rescue.

Before I lay out what I feel will happen, I would like to send a message to vengeful, corrupt Ecuadorian president Lenin Moreno. If he believes that assisting in the US Empire’s plot to silence Julian will help him or his country, he is gravely mistaken. Ecuador’s problems will bubble up to the surface this summer as riots plague the streets and the economy crashes in short order. No amount of IMF loans will turn the tide and the public will rebel against him. He may gain asylum in the US if he flees from citizens arrest (an irony that won’t be lost on anyone), but it will do him no good. His days are numbered and karma will hit him harshly for the crimes he has committed against the concept of political asylum and all political refugees in the name of a fascist empire.

Putting that aside, I believe that when the UK eventually exits the EU with no deal, there will be a rescue attempt orchestrated by his allies to break Julian out of prison and escort him to safety in another country. Though this operation is fraught with risk and could flare up into a very dangerous conflict, I believe it is the only way Julian avoids torture and possible assassination by the UK or US government. Pray that those who are looking out for him are successful in organizing his escape when it comes time to occur. It’s the only way out of the predicament he’s gotten himself into thanks to man who once praised Wikileaks for helping him win the election.

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