Why the Mueller Probe Failed and Why Trump’s Assassination is Inevitable

As much of the nation learned last week, the Mueller investigation officially came to a close. As I’ve stated in a number of other blog posts, and has been recently confirmed, would happen, the Mueller investigation failed to turn up evidence that Trump colluded with the Russians in the 2016 election. That the FBI wasn’t able to connect the dots doesn’t exonerate Trump or his administration by any stretch of the imagination. Though they are not entirely at fault for securing his victory (this blog from 2016 says more), the fact of the matter is that Russian influence was pertinent to his victory. There were prosecutions, convictions and sentences of campaign associates for unrelated to collusion crimes, but the big smoking gun that everyone was expecting never materialized and never would.

The reason for this is because key individuals who had critical information wouldn’t talk and they couldn’t be compelled to against their will. In addition, Trump’s appointment of Barr assured that there would pressure on the special council to wrap its investigation up quickly and end the probe before it could get too close to the White House. This came on top of previous attempts by Jeff Sessions to limit the scope of the investigation in a very narrow parameter. As a result, the lack of key testimony, along with some aggressive attempts to rush through the end of the investigation by Barr, lead to an incomplete report that would never definitively solve the special council’s main mission question. It won’t exonerate Trump by any means. However, it will be seen as the end of the legal options that his opponents have to taking down his administration and the result for the future of his presidency is not positive in the slightest.

Despite the good news for Trump in recent days, with his exoneration coupled with a divisive and vulnerable lineup of 2020 Democratic presidential candidates, it will not last. An angry FBI is reeling in anger from the last two years of a pointless investigation that left them coming up short towards the goal of taking down their main target. Along the way, many long time members of the organization were forced out and now face criminal investigations of their own activities while in their official capacities. Fearing that their own power is being directly challenged by Trump and his supporters, the deep state members of the organization will engage in a counter offensive that will shock the nation for its cruelty and brazen illegality.

The retaliation, as mentioned in previous blogs, will be assassination. The plot is forming sooner than I originally thought it would as I didn’t expect it to kick off until June or July. The workings are kept crucially secret and several members of the FBI are currently in on it. Trump will not be able to stop what is coming because these are employees who he has no direct control over and he cannot fire. It also will not help because members of his own secret service will be in on it as well.

The vector for this assassination to occur remains the same, sometime in the fall, but it could come earlier with these developments on the horizon. Trump should watch his security at his rallies from now on and be assured that in the event of an attack, the secret service will not be there to protect him. I don’t think it will matter if he is warned, however, as those who are determined to eliminate him will do so regardless of how it will be perceived by the general public or how it amounts to a military coup on the presidency. It will end the decade in a state of chaos for which the fabric of the US as we know it will unravel. Watch for the warning signs as the summer approaches. The fall will change things in US politics forever.

4 thoughts on “Why the Mueller Probe Failed and Why Trump’s Assassination is Inevitable

    1. Stop! Nothing in that article disproves the fact that the investigation was suppressed and the scope of it was limited by pressures from Trump’s appointees. A repeated fight about his tax returns is not going to do anything to his presidency and members of the FBI know this. My points still stand.

      1. Now, Mueller’s team is saying that Trump and Barr lied about collusion as well. Even if the Mueller investigation was ended prematurely like you say, and I do not dispute that by the way, there is still enough evidence against Trump. Not to mention those subpoenas are revealing more information about Trump’s crimes, and Michael Cohen has released a bombshell which reveals that Trump told him to lie to Congress.

      2. It won’t matter in the long run. No President has ever been successfully impeached. Even Richard Nixon, who resigned in disgrace, was not officially removed through impeachment proceedings. Trump, unlike Nixon, would successfully shut down an impeachment proceeding before it could even begin. Sure, Nadler and the others can drag this out for political reasons, but it will not lead to his demise, the FBI (his true enemies) will, as stated in this post.

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