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I wrote a very brief prediction in my predictions for 2019 post that Oprah would retreat from the spotlight due to new attention paid to her personal life. It’s now obvious to me why this will be the case. On the heels of her hosting the after special for the questionable Leaving Neverland special, Oprah is in for a world of hurt. Already, she has admitted to inserting herself into an eye of the storm moment and she will find very shortly that she will not make it out of it unscathed. Jackson’s fans, along with others in the media who have long held grudges against her, will begin compiling a list of unaired grievances into a new documentary that will shatter peoples perceptions of Oprah and lead her to having to answer questions she never intended to address. This involves her rather shady business dealings, her true sexual orientation and her collusion to protect powerful predators and criminals. Rather than address these issues head on, she will retreat into the background and watch as her empire crumbles over the next few years. Most of her staff will desert the OWN empire like rats on a sinking ship and it will negatively impact her relationships with Gayle King and Stedman Graham. Although she will quietly return to the spotlight a few years later, she will have taken serious scars to her legacy that will dwindle her support and leave her poorer than she expected. A humbling is coming for the supposed Queen of Day Time Talk. In hindsight, she will regret hosting the after show after what comes her way in the next several months.

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  1. It is sad how they are maligning Michael Jackson. They should all be held accountable.

    1. It’s really impossible to hold them accountable as there is no definitive proof exposing their lies. However, much of the accountability comes from karmic blowback, some of which I described in this blog and other posts. I believe Michael Jackson will be vindicated, but there will always remain those who doubt his innocence.

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