Dreams and Predictions for March 2019

Now that I posted about how to work against Bing and other search engines blacklists on this site, the viewership numbers have begun to slightly increase. Hopefully, this will start a trend that will raise our numbers over time. In the meantime, here’s the first prediction to share for the new month.

1) I’m worried about lawmakers facing violence over the scrapped Amazon Headquarters in New York. City Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer and State Senator Mike Gianaris should be mindful of their safety. Some incredibly unhinged people are after them and the threats are not to be taken lightly. I do also believe that this will eventually lead to an investigation against Andrew Cuomo that might see him criminally prosecuted and finally sent to prison.

3/3 ETA: Some more predictions to share.

2) “Pro-life” politicians in the US and around the world should pay special attention to the story of an 11 year old rape victim forced to give birth by c-section in Argentina. The outrage around this case will see the current government toppled in the upcoming election and see abortion legalized in the fall or early next year. Such a story will be used multiple times against Republicans as they attempt to criminalize abortion in the US.

3) A high profile District Attorney will be murdered this month. It may very well be Sacremento’s DA Anne Marie Schubert on the heels of the outrage of letting Stephon Clark’s murderers walk free, but it could be someone else, possibly Brooklyn DA Eric Gonzalez for letting cops off for rape or a different DA for an entirely different reason. Either way, this will spook DA’s offices into prosecuting murderous police on a more regular basis as a result.

4) I had a dream the other night that Bernie Sanders could be assassinated during the election season at a rally. In the event that this happens, a surrogate from his campaign would take his place. This makes sense considering who I have foreseen as the nominee for the Democratic party in 2020 is not Bernie and it’s not any of the named frontrunners either.

3/23 ETA: So I was right about the Mueller probe being shut down. I thought it would happen in either December or June, but it has happened this month instead. I’ll write a blog about this sometime either at the end of this month or early next month as I have a lot to say about this. In the meantime, here are some more predictions to share.

5) Stacey Abrams should think twice before agreeing to serve as Biden’s potential Vice Presidential nominee should he win. His campaign will derail itself and it will permanently damage her brand as a result. She’d be wiser to decline and run for a different office next year.

6) Watch out for Sanders surrogate Nina Turner. She will play a prominent role in the 2020 election. She could even be the president under a set of circumstances that prediction #4 lays out.

7) Finally, watch for agitation against Iran in April. A coup is being planned and if it succeeds, the Trump administration (and the world) will live to regret it.

9 thoughts on “Dreams and Predictions for March 2019

    1. I’ll go into more detail in the blog, but it was shut down. You’ll understand why soon and you’ll understand that the FBI won’t let this go without consequence for Trump.

      1. Wait until the blog post is finished and posted. I’m not saying anything else until it’s done.

      2. Well, I did learn that a Mueller grand jury is still ongoing, so I do not know what to think. It sure is suspicious. I still think William Barr committed fraud and perjury. Trump is not out of the woods though. Adam Schiff is still investigating, and the report is still implicates Trump in obstruction of justice.

    1. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I’m not sure what her involvement is, but there have been several high profile dealings of police brutality in DeKalb county. I was initially foreseeing someone a bit more personally responsible for aiding and abetting this kind of corruption, but if nothing else happens this month, then this is the fulfillment. I appreciate you sharing this.

    1. Two things. It will lead to a further crackdown on speech online, particularly in France in connection to the Yellow Vests, and it will tear the EU further apart at a time that it would need to be united to face the challenges ahead. I still believe that the EU will be disbanded eventually, but when specifically, I can’t say now. Hope this helps.

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