Alternative Search Engines That Don’t Censor

As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, our website has been dealing with an issue of search engine suppression by the big companies. Although we still show up on Google (though with a much lower ranking than in previous years), we have been effectively banned from appearing on Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, Bing and AOL. We believe that a certain Australian troll may have something to do with it. In her delusions about our supposed SEO editing (which has never happened), we believe that she worked with these companies to post a fake Yahoo Answers question and answered it herself as the top result for when our website is searched. Since I’ve tried multiple times to contact these companies to reverse the ban, the only alternative we have is promoting the websites that still show our predictions without impediment. For new search engines to consider, Yandex and Startpage are both free of the censorship of the other major companies. If they want to suppress our information off the web, then a smart way to counter this is to draw traffic to their competitors. Doing so may work to ease the blockade on our website by the other sites that has drained my desire to post here and has left readers around the world less informed on current events. Hope you all take my advice and that this will make certain CEO’s think twice in regards to cooperating with the government on their censorship attempts.

8 thoughts on “Alternative Search Engines That Don’t Censor

  1. Off topic regarding Brexit.
    It does not look like it is going to happen, there are votes happening in couple weeks. One to take no deal off the table, one to extend A50.
    Mays deal is not a leave deal in anyway, just to redo new agreement with EU a federal EU state deal.
    Basically 17.4 million people who voted leave are going to be told go away you don’t matter.
    Anger is building in UK on that side like a pressure cooker, I myself am done with all democracy.
    If its to be a EU eutopia that a lot of people want so be it, bring on the Euro and open orders.
    UK is finished.

      1. Brexit seems to be going to plan as I’ve suspected. I wrote in my predictions that there would be a last minute referendum, but it won’t make a difference (either because parliament disregards the vote or that the people vote to leave) and the UK will crash out of the EU with no deal. It may not happen until May or June (a delay of two or three months), but it will happen. I think there will be initial problems, but there will be a relative calm afterwards and things will not be as bad as the media punditry say they will. Also, I will be in England in May and I’ll make sure to give some prayer energy to make sure that things run relatively smoothly. Hope this helps.

  2. Well UK parliment voted tonight twice to reject leaving with no deal, its over UK is finished.

    1. As I’ve said earlier, the next step will be a second referendum which will include an option to leave the EU will no deal. I believe that when the voters see it, they will ultimately vote to exit even if there is no deal. The referendum will take place either in May or June. A slight delay in my vector timing, but the result will be the same overall.

      1. Anger is building now with leavers, and protests being planned at the moment.
        A second ref would really add fuel to the fire.
        A Different time line say what is your vision if Brexit is stopped?

      2. It won’t be stopped, largely because of the way the referendum will inevitably be written. The public will reject May’s deal and then the majority will vote to leave with no deal. The rest I have written about in my previous predictions. Hope this helps.

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