Some More Fefelove Predictions

Although Fefe is still avoiding the site for personal reasons, she has more predictions to share. She just got over being sick and that’s why some of you who have been waiting for answers have had the wait that you have had. Send her your thoughts and prayers.


I can say my dreams of late:

1 . I have had several horrid nightmare EMP dreams. They happen on a weekend in my dreams. Lots of fire in these dreams.

2. Horrible demonic infestation dreams.

3. Weird dreams about some up and coming trend. In England some Indian chef is a caterer for the court. He comes up with this fusion food of kolaches and other breaded type food stuffed with Indian food (the kind u normally eat with bread). He is popular with the court n establishes a restaurant called the queens buns that has an early instant fame n cult like attraction. The restaurants have a pop culture wallpaper with queens past and flags in neon. Anyway he ventures to include kolaches and bread stuffed pastries that include middle eastern, Pakistani and Turkish maybe Iranian fillings and they are marked with the ethnicity on the displays. His food is featured at art show openings and it becomes a fad that spreads in chains internationally. Why I would have this dream I’ve zero idea. Why it’s important who knows. In my dream it was as popular as Starbucks.

4. Still having a creepy dream about demonic things trying to create some upload situation where they have bodies and create android type bodies that are part biological.

I had a few others I’m forgetting now but I am sure if they are relevant they will return.

One thought on “Some More Fefelove Predictions

  1. Fefelove #4. I saw a program about how in the future (they think) people will have sex with these robots rather than other humans. About 1 week ago I dreamt a white creamy plastic robotic man was trying to have sex with me against my liking. I was trying to pull it away and got two handfuls of rubbery head that i pulled and it didnt move its head away from me. I got upset and woke up. UGH…

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