Psychic TV Episode? 1950’s Western Predicts Trump’s Fate

I’m not suggesting that this 1950’s television episode is really based on psychic predictions. The episode was likely based, in part, on Donald Trump’s father Fred who looked very much like the antagonist in this episode of the western Trackdown. Rather, it is interesting to me how much the parallels run between the story of a con artist swindling a town out of money to build an asteroid shield and Trump’s promises of protection from illegal immigrants with a border wall. What most of the media missed in reporting this episode, however, was the ending. After Trump is placed under arrest by the town’s sheriff, he is shot to death. If this episode will be fulfilled as enacted, it means that Trump’s assassination is inevitable. In case there is doubt as to the legitimacy of this episode, it has been proven to be authentic. Something for you all to keep in mind as the year progresses.

2 thoughts on “Psychic TV Episode? 1950’s Western Predicts Trump’s Fate

    1. No, it isn’t. However, it is eery considering all the similarities to the current situation and my visions of Trump’s assassination. I’m also not the only psychic, or the only evaluator of history, to see his assassination so the pieces all add up in conjunction. The disagreements come in terms of dating. I’m confident it will happen in the fall as Trump shuts down the Mueller probe, while others think it won’t happen until 2020 or 2021. We’ll see who ends up being right.

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