Dreams and Predictions for February 2019

I hope to get back into regular posting and blogging soon. I’ve had some negativity that I’ve needed to beat back, but I’m working on it. In the meantime, here is a prediction to share.

1) Americans will be taking to the streets in unrest in the next month or so. It won’t have anything to do with Trump, but rather, issues from the past that have yet to resolve themselves. This time, the powers that be won’t be able to ignore it any longer.

2/5 ETA: Another prediction.

2) Ralph Northam, Virginia’s embattled governor will not resign from office, potentially being what causes prediction #1 to be fulfilled. He will, however, be forced out by no later than November due to revelations of his collaboration with Republicans to damage the Democratic party and the consequences this has for the party’s electoral prospects in the fall in the state. He will be disgraced more than if he had just voluntarily stepped down earlier.

2/10 ETA: Some more predictions.

3) There will be a notable uptick in crime nationwide starting in March. Although there is no definitive cause to it, rising inequality, coupled with mass exasperation with the current state of affairs, are likely triggers of this rise. Rape and violent crimes will be the most notable of all the statistics.

4) More lawmakers will be exposed for having used blackface in the past, including Roy Cooper of North Carolina and three Republican senators. All but one will be forced to resign.

5) I said in last months predictions that the shutdown would last 42 days, even though it only lasted 31. Despite being the longest shutdown on record, it seemed that my guess for the timing would be wrong. However, with the government due to shutdown again next week, it will likely only last nine days this time which would mean my dating would still be accurate, even if it’s split into two parts. Watch for that on Saturday and into the following week.

2/17 ETA: Yet another prediction.

6) I’m foreseeing scandals surrounding Saturday Night Live as they approach the end of the season. I’m sensing the lid being blown off of their decades long habit of joke stealing and sexual assault of women cast members and crew. This will be touted as a victory for Trump, even when he has nothing to do with its exposure.

2/26 ETA: I haven’t had a dream based prediction in quite a long time. There were some personal messages sent to me that I won’t share, but this particular part of my dream stood out for attention.

7) In a long series of events, I saw Michael Jackson seeking and gaining redemption for the lies that had been put out about him by others. I suspect this has to do with the controversial Leaving Neverland documentary and how there is a counter documentary being produced that exposes the lies of Wade Robson and James Safechuck. This is likely suggesting that despite efforts by the press to destroy his legacy, they will not be successful and he will be vindicated when all is said and done.

2/27 ETA: I’ve been hesitant about making a prediction on this, since I’m not 100% sure how it’s going to go down, but here’s what my instincts suggest.

8) Maduro will survive the attempts to oust him from power as Gauido’s rebellion peters out due to fear and uncertainty of support from foreign powers. This will not see Venezuela’s problems come to an end, but it forces a retreat from US regime change agents. I also believe the rebellion in Haiti will force the Trump administration to pause and rethink its foreign policy strategy, especially with fears expressed of their intentions by Kim Jong Un.