2019 Psychic Predictions from Fefelove

So I managed to reach my co-owner Fefelove and although she won’t be posting on this site for the foreseeable future, she wanted me to send her best wishes to you all and for me to share the following predictions from her to you.

* the demonic end game use of technology, AI, sex robots and uploading demonic consciousness into hybrid bodies. Big topic lots of thoughts here. Nightmares.
*watch for Yolanda Renee King. Being groomed to be president. She’s the Granddaughter of Martin Luther King, Jr.
*the war was put off and delayed but I still feel it conning even worse now
*nightmares about fires accompanying war
*the evil of pedos coming to surface but the worst part is that it’s linked to satanism in all aspects of society.
*microwave technology and vaccines. Very dangerous government weapon
*5g is a death trap
*evil television
*healing from vibrations
*whats with the Mandela effect? Huge topic. I don’t have answers but I’m very disturbed and interested in the topic
*seriously afraid of Beto
*quickening as the technology shift happens within 8 years I think so many things will be realized. But it’s a birth pain type shift. Dangerous.
*aliens coming to light finally


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