Dreams and Predictions for January 2019

This probably won’t be a very long post due to how many predictions I wrote for the new years post below, but I had a thought that I wanted to share before February.

1) The government shutdown will last longer than any previous one before it. I’m seeing the number 42, or double the last longest shutdown. I’m also sensing that Trump will attempt to declare an emergency to fund the wall, but the supreme court will shut it down and he will be forced to back down from his stance on the issue. A long touted compromise on border security follows.

1/13 ETA: So I have a few new predictions to share. Didn’t expect to have anymore this month, but here we are.

2) Meghan McCain will suffer a meltdown in the next few months that will result in her ouster from The View.

3) The director behind the new “Leaving Neverland” will be accused of sexual misconduct which will derail the project and lead to the alleged victims not being taken seriously by the public. The documentary will also not change anyones view on the King of Pop.

4) Adam Levine will be accused of sexual assault and rape leading to the ouster of Maroon 5 from the Super Bowl.


9 thoughts on “Dreams and Predictions for January 2019

  1. So deepstate wins?
    Here in UK protests are starting to flare up outside parliament as we get closer to March. Do you see protests getting bigger, I just can’t see establishment giving us Brexit.

    1. There might be a repeat of the yellow jacket protests like in France, but they won’t ultimately stop Brexit. The EU won’t allow them to rejoin after invoking article 5 and they aren’t going to get a deal that will satisfy the parliament. I think the media has been in a hooplah the whole time and I’m less worried now that May is being kneecapped. Those are my impressions. Hope this helps.

    1. I wrote about India in my 2019 predictions post you can check out above. Don’t specifically have anything on Sri Lanka at the moment, though I’ll post something if I do. I wrote a while back that Australia would see a new prime minister elected this year that is not Turnbull. Hope this helps.

      1. Turnbull is gone now. Morrison is now pm. he won an internal leadership ballot but still part of same govt. so does that mean another change will happen with labour winning or will Morrison survive since Turnbull is gone

      2. I’m not seeing his victory either. I’m seeing someone younger winning on the ballot. Hope this helps.

  2. Turnbull has been defeated as pm in an internal leadership challenge in which Morrison became pm. but still same party. Australia has an election due. Does that mean labour will win or was this the change of prime minister you predicted

    1. I mean, as I’ve written in previous posts, this comes with the territory of being House speaker. The past several have had serious threats to their lives and one in the wings was shot. To expect Nancy wasn’t going to be facing threats at some point would ignore recent history. Having said this, I think she’ll end up leaving her speaker seat if she really thinks her life is in danger. When this will occur, I’m not sure, though after Trump is out of office. Hope this clarified some things.

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