A Confession About Karma

It may not my place to air these grievances out loud, but this has been bothering me a lot lately. This all started before George HW Bush’s recent passing and with his death, it is bugging me now more than ever. As I’ve said many times before, Karma can be a cruel mistress. However, she doesn’t always give it to everyone who deserves it. There’s no real blueprint to understanding how it works and it isn’t always a fair process. The reason I mention this is because there are some people who I expected would finally see karma hit them and yet it hasn’t happened yet. It’s embarrassing because the energy against these people is strong, but it never manifested itself into the kinds of downfalls that I predicted happening last year. I hope this blog post will explain why karma should get its act together and maybe prompt those in the after life to get the ball rolling on what should have been taken care of a long time ago.

I’ve always had an issue with those who say that the universe has a way of always correcting itself. It is true that many people do eventually get their just deserts, but too often, those who have committed the worst atrocities get away with their crimes scot free. I say this, even as a psychic, because major war criminals continue to smile while those who have been harmed by their various misdeeds continue to suffer unspeakable tragedies. It is unjust and no system that is fair should have allowed this to go on for as long as it has. Obviously, Henry Kissinger, pictured above, is one of them, but there are a whole line of others who have been on my more immediate radar who have continued to skirt justice when it tries to come for them. If its being blunted by the spiritual world, it needs to stop this year. If it is just not happening because the spirits don’t feel like doing it, then they need to understand why the time has come for certain individuals to face justice.

The two immediate targets (besides Trump, who will be getting his just deserts this year) are Bill De Blasio and Andrew Cuomo. The two of them collectively keep getting away with major Trump endorsed corruption despite having the feds on their trail for the last several years. I know that sometimes justice is dealt out in other ways that we don’t always see, but for those who suffer at the hands of their policies (the ghosts of Eric Garner and Akai Gurley might like a word with the spiritual world), it isn’t comforting enough. Not only have innocent people suffered as a result of their policies on police brutality (endorsing it), gentrification and public corruption, more will continue to suffer if action isn’t taken by the spiritual world right now.

There are many other individuals who I won’t mention in various positions of power who are applicable to this call for change. A prayer for this to change is needed for 2019. Sometimes, the spiritual world needs to hear these things out loud in order to get things moving on their end. Obviously, some will say that it isn’t right to question the universes grand plan, but sometimes, it is necessary in the face of unspeakable evil being allowed to flourish to speak up from silence. Hopefully, this will do the trick for those such as Henry Kissinger and George W Bush who deserve to be punished for their crimes against humanity. No longer should they be allowed to live their lives with impunity the way the Bush Sr was allowed to. Something’s gotta change and I hope 2019 delivers it once and for all.

2 thoughts on “A Confession About Karma

    1. It’s quite obvious what Trump has done. He has supported a plan of genocide against the Palestinian people, he is creating conditions for the mass execution of migrants caused by America’s foreign policy, he is trying to raid social security for his own personal gain and he’s sowing a culture of fear and hate which has already killed many and will kill many more so long as he is in office. That’s not including the complaints from the news media of subversion of the rule of law (which every President has done since the founding of the country) and his subserviency to white supremacy (America itself a white supremacist nation, Trump is a symptom not the disease). To say this is fraudulent is to deny reality. I know why this comment got initially put in the trash (I didn’t do it, someone else did), but you have to be able to see this clearly. I’m no Democrat by any means, but I see reality for what it is and he is evil, plain and simple. Dismiss my predictions if you want, but that doesn’t change the facts.

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