2019 Predictions from Liam

Hello everyone.

This has been a trying time for the world. Things have been chaotic and gloomy and just as it seems things can’t get worse, they do. This is not unexpected and as much as I’d like to tell you it will all get better tomorrow, the truth is that we’re not out of the woods yet. However, we are about to see some of things that make our world miserable disappear overnight. Take comfort in that and the positive predictions I’ll share further down this post. It’s the best I can do for now until a brighter day emerges.

I know that I need to update the predictions fulfilled page, but I have had a very trying 2018 (which I will not get into) and it has taken away a lot of my attention to the site. It doesn’t help when you have the government, through their conduits at Google and Bing and Yahoo and Duckduckgo, shadow banning your website so that hardly anyone sees it. My long time co-owner, Fefelove, has also had a difficult year and I can’t yet say when she’ll be back to posting; if ever. I’m seeing a more positive year for us next year, though, so I can take comfort in that.

I also know that not all of my 2018 predictions happened exactly the way I said they would. There have been alterations on the order of events, alterations on timing, thwarted predictions and delayed predictions that have messed up some of my accuracy. I went into detail on this in a blog post last year that you should all check out. Some of last years predictions that didn’t happen may happen yet. Sometimes, there is a spill over when timing gets messed up. Watch out for those in the new year as well just in case.

Have a happy new year to the best of your abilities.

Now on to my predictions.

2019 is a year of catastrophe around the world. The way we are used to doing things is about to drastically change and those who are a stickler for routine will find themselves out of the loop and at their ends in the next year. The consequences of our collective actions will be felt this year and those who put off what needed to be done yesterday will be paying for it today. This will be a year where the truth will find a way through an orchestrated and coordinated web of lies. It will be a year where the systems we once knew will no longer exist in the blink of an eye. It will be a year where many of our beloved senior citizens will pass away in successive order on the heels of a new baby boom to follow. It will also be a year that sees several important events occur that will alter history’s trajection forever. It will be a year we will talk about when we look to the past in the future.

Donald Trump is in his last year of president and his last year of his life. He will not see the new decade come because of the enemies he has made over the last few years. His successful efforts to shut down the Mueller probe will see a visibly poor reaction from the FBI and the CIA who will not allow him to blunt their power and assert his dominance. In the middle of the year, a co-conspiracy of individuals in the FBI will plot an assassination that will take place in the fall. It will occur during a rally and he will be shot and killed by a patsy. The initial blame will be put on the cartel of El Chapo, but the blame will shift to ISIS after a few days of uncertainty in the “official” story. This will cause widespread chaos and see the country split in two as a result.

Before this occurs, Trump faces an incredibly trying time at home and afar. He will purge his cabinet and replace them with yes men and women who will carry out his orders without an intervention of cooler heads. No longer will he be able to derelict his duties to his advisors and will be forced to take a more hands on approach to governing the various crises in his White House. He will also have to take more responsibility for his actions as he will not be able to put the blame on anyone else credibly. Such will become a problem for him because he is out of his league and will make grave mistakes which will cost the country dearly.

There will be an attempts by House Republicans to win over a number of Democrats to the idea of electing Kevin McCarthy as speaker of the house over presumptive candidate Nancy Pelosi. It is uncertain how successful this plot will be, but if New York state serves as any guide, it will mean that the Democrats victory in November was for nothing.

Regardless of who becomes speaker, Trump has an incredibly difficult time passing any of his legislative priorities. Most of his policy priorities get held up in committees and no one is eager to pass anything that could offend anyone. This leads to severe gridlock and the lapsing of several underfunded mandates in our government. Food stamps and unemployment insurance are on the line. The fiscal solvency of Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid is as well.

Election fraud is once again dismissed by the Republican party and nothing is done to stop the issue, causing a lack of confidence by the American people of the legitimacy of the elections. This will not a prevent a Democratic president in 2020, however, as the legislation to allow felons to vote in Florida, coupled with anger in the rust belt, will spell doom for the GOP.

The gridlock of congress also manifests itself onto the Supreme Court. After an extremely controversial decision to overturn Roe V Wade, the anger and threats to Kavanaugh’s life cause fear amongst the justices and a resistance by a majority of members to take up any cases that could be seen as “legislating” from the bench. This forces most decisions to be decided in split lower court decisions and through state legislatures instead. Issues like gay non discrimination laws and gerrymandering will have to be taken up on a state by state basis before the federal government acts further down the line.

Internationally, Trump makes new enemies, but also new friends as well. He begins to form closer bonds with Bolsonaro in Brazil, Duerte in the Phillipines and even makes overtures to Canel in Cuba which is resisted by his cabinet. As this goes on, his relationships sour virtually everywhere else, most notably with Putin and Netanyahu. Some of the leaders of these nations will be in on the assassination plot that follows later in the year, particularly Macron and Kramp-Karrenbaur.

The wall at the US southern border will never be built, though a compromise on more fencing is reached in a year end budget.

Trump’s trade agenda is rejected by congress. As this happens, the ISDS (Invester State Dispute Court) provisions in previous trade deals are challenged in court. When these provisions are found to be unconstitutional further down the line by the supreme court, it will force a significant rewrite of all of the previous trade deals under a president more amenable to the interests of the working class.

There are major problems with the world economy at the end of the year. The long awaited stock market crash may soon be upon us, if not this year, then no later than 2020.

To the north, Canada will face a relatively quiet year considering the chaos around it. Trudeau will be in a reelection year as he faces anger from his left and right. It seems doubtful that he will win if the opposition puts aside their factional differences and rallies around one candidate, a more moderate left candidate than Trudeau, possibly non white. There are protests over oil extraction that lead to arrests and a shutdown for several days in the summer. Vancouver sees a mass sell off as Chinese investors are scared over the arrest of Hauwei executive Meng Wanzhou and a mass price drop follows. There will also be issues on trade again as the ISDS provisions of the NAFTA deal face challenges in US court. They will not survive at the supreme court level, causing Canada to pull out of most trade with the US when the next decade arrives.

Brexit officially begins in March despite a last minute referendum to stop its implementation. At first, it seems that the move will be a failure, but after a number of months of domestic calm, coupled with problems that will arise in the EU, the UK is seen as the safer investment choice and the pound becomes stronger against the Euro and triple the value of the dollar. Corbyn manages to wrest control this year as Israel loses its grip on the nation and its power over Theresa May. This will help to settle the seas that are sure to be bumpy.

Macron faces a vote of no confidence in the parliament that is passed nearly unanimously, even by members of his own party. He will use the state of emergency to refuse to resign and it will flare up into the early signs of the first of three revolutions in this century. As this happens, Paris real estate plunges and tourism begins to recede to some of the lowest levels in its history. There is also talk in the country side of seceding to form their own nation. Although such talks are dismissed now, they will play a role of importance further down the line.

Spain’s leadership may think that the Catalonia issues has gone away, but they are gravely mistaken. The issue reemerges this year with the help of Wikileaks and it causes severe rioting over the summer in Madrid. An aggressive police crack down is condemned by the UN and several countries call on sanctions to force a peaceful resolution. This is encouraged by the Trump administration looking to weaken the European bloc that has thwarted its agenda in the body. There is also a major debate over ending bull fighting and a protestor throws themselves into the ring and dies trying to protest the event. The scene will be seen globally and cause a major shift in thinking on the issue.

Germany’s new leader becomes popular amongst the broader European Union, but it will be no use as the country’s migrant crisis, coupled with a sharp economic downturn, bring the nation to its knees. There will also be massive student protests this summer that turn violent, the worst of which occurring in Berlin.

A major fire breaks out in Rome and sees some important artifacts and buildings lost to history. This foretells more trouble in Italy as a break from the EU approaches. There is also a movement to reinstate the death penalty and it begins to rise in spite of opposition from the Catholic church. This is the earliest sign that the church is losing its power in Italian society and 2020 will see bigger fights that really show the break that is coming down the line.

Mexico gets into difficult fights with the Trump administration and faces the threat of sanctions as a result. This fight spills into the city streets and leads to a period martial law in early July. Calm is restored by the end of the summer.

Guatemala and Honduras face crippling sanctions this year as a result of the migrant crisis. Rather than stemming the tide, it will only make conditions so grave that it triples the number of refugees to the United States. Sadly, they will face concentration camp like conditions and it will leave a stain on America forever.

Brazil sees the end of its democracy occur as Bolsonaro uses his first year to strip the right to an election and declares a military dictatorship over the nation. Such will see a massive purge of leftist activists and minorities that faces outrage and condemnation and leads to a shuttling of refugees to other nations. Many eventually end up at the doorsteps of the US further forcing Americans to reevaluate their government’s foreign policy. Democracy will not return to Brazil until the 2030’s.

Ecuador will face more economic hardship in spite of an approved IMF loan. After Julian Assange makes a break from the embassy to asylum in Russia, the nation is condemned by the US and sees economic sanctions follow. As this occurs, poverty rises rapidly and Moreno’s grip on power begins to slip. It will cause a gridlocked government and see Ecuador turn into a state of chaos by years end.

In counter to a far right shift in Brazil, Argentina and Chile fight for new left leaning leaders to oust its conservative leadership. Argentina elects a new woman to lead the nation and Chile’s populace demands an early election that will result in the ouster of Pinera in favor of someone to his left. The two nations serve as a place of refuge for Brazilians and a counter to the tendencies of Bolsonaro and Moreno in the region.

Trump attempts to convince Cuba to extradite Assata Shakur in exchange for lifting sanctions, but they will not do this. Despite the rebuff, some restrictions will be eased in the summer.

China discovers a key component to curing AIDS this year. It will be eradicated by 2030, near or on the 50th anniversary of the diseases discovery. Despite this positive achievement, the communist party faces further US tensions and a strong labor crisis that hits their factories in the fall.

India managed to survive a tumultuous year making some good decisions. Despite this, it may not be enough to give Narenda Modi a second term. I see a descendent of a famous political family challenging him in the next election and they are strong in the polls and popular amongst the people. This is not a Gandhi. The country is also forced to reckon with its mishandling of rape allegations after numerous celebrities and the UN shine a spotlight on it at the general assembly this fall.

Iran goes into a period of uncertainty this summer due to the effects of sanctions. It is very doubtful that Rouhani will stay on as president after a challenge to his leadership by hardliners in the government. Trump and the US will soon wish they had supported him as they will not like who comes into power next.

The US will finally begin to pull out of Iraq this summer, though there will delays due to resistance by members of the deep state. This will happen over a four to five year transition period and there will be no return after this.

There is trouble for the nation of Laos this year. It seems terror related. Lax security has allowed the wrong type of people to enter the country. That carelessness will cost them dearly during a prominent festival this summer or fall.

South east Asia sees a massive surge of tourism after a budget airline offers low price trips from the United States. Thailand, Vietnam and Nepal are the biggest beneficiaries of this surge of tourism.

Gays in Rwanda and Namibia face a serious of killings by Christian terror groups that is condemned worldwide, but not much happens to stop it, at least not by governments. Public pressure will begin to stop the terror in the late fall or early part of the following year.

The rest of the Caribbean islands will see their sodomy bans struck down in the courts this year and next. Antigua, Barbados and Jamaica will make the most notable headlines.

There will be a program that will help to give farm land over to Africans in South Africa. Despite anger from right wing sources, the program helps to alleviate the income disparity in the nation.

There will be a successful push for single payer health care in New York which becomes the first state to successfully implement the program. It will serve as the model that the federal government will eventually develop and implement nationally.

The groundwork is laid for a flight to Mars in the late 2020’s to early 2030’s. It will be lead primarily by the US or what is left of it in the future.

Apple is in for a world of hurt this year as underperformance of new iPhone sales, coupled with a hacking scandal, force it into a period of being on the verge of bankruptcy.

JC Penney will file for bankruptcy this year.

Watch for signs of economic trouble at JP Morgan Chase this fall. If there are reports of defaulted mortgages in large numbers, tough economic times are soon approaching.

Queen Elizabeth II is on her last legs. She rallied against a near death experience in 2017, but her time is coming up. If she doesn’t pass away at the end of this year, then she will most certainly pass by 2020. Charles takes the throne for a shorter period of time afterwards, perhaps ten to fifteen years.

Meghan Markle should be mindful of her safety. Jealousy from Kate Middleton, coupled with violent harassment by the press, could lead her to becoming the next Princess Diana if she is not careful.

A major scandal will hit Bill Gates and will cause a significant loss of his wealth as a result.

More anger is coming against Jeff Bezos and he will not survive the onslaught.

There will be talk of Hillary Clinton running again stemming from her camp. An intervention by Democratic party leaders and Obama changes her mind.

Joe Biden will begin talk of running for President. He will start as the front runner, but a Bernie delegate will eventually beat him in the 2020 primary.

More shading dealings are revealed about Texas congressman and potential 2020 presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke which force him to decline a run for the presidency.

Black groups encourage Kamala Harris not to run for President due to the fears of violence by right wing groups. Despite this, a black woman will get the nomination for president.

A prominent Republican talks and begins a serious bid to challenge Trump in a 2020 primary, but they will be dissuaded by blackmail that comes out about them in the summer.

Christine Blassey Ford is advised to press criminal charges against Brett Kavanaugh in Maryland. She resists at first, but will come forward later after a new Democrat is elected president. This leaves the seat up for grabs when he resigns rather than face impeachment proceedings after being convicted in state court.

Julian Assange makes a break from the Ecuadorian embassy in London to Russia during the initial chaos following a hard brexit. He will escape and will receive asylum for which he will never be extradited to the US. This leaves a black eye on the CIA and further emboldens Wikileaks to publish more state secrets in 2020.

There are discussions that begin this year to make the Oscars an online telecast only and to combine it with the Emmy’s to honor both film and television. Although not much happens on this front immediately, further declining ratings will spur the transition in the next few years.

There will be no major halftime show at the Super Bowl this year in honor of Colin Kaepernick. Although some university bands will play, it will not be the type of show we are used to seeing in the past. As a result, the ratings will plunge to under 100 million for the first time in decades. A sharp fall will follow in the years to come.

The collusion case by Kaepernick against the NFL is settled for a number in the tens of millions. Despite this, the testimony leaks and damages the NFL’s reputation in the process.

A prominent French actor will make a successful crossover to Hollywood and will eventually win an Academy Award for his work.

A retreat from the spotlight from George Clooney and Brad Pitt becomes permanent.

Rapper Cardi B will serve some jail time this year. Though it won’t be a long sentence, it will be enough to force her to clean up her act.

Rapper Tekashi69 will be murdered in the fall.

There will be criminal charges pressed against Drake. They will not stick, but they will damage his career.

Bruno Mars will suffer a fall from grace, as will Ed Sheeran.

Shawn Mendes suffers a breakdown. Initially hospitalized for exhaustion, the extent of his problems is made apparent after troubling videos emerge. The early signs of trouble occur with a quicker temper and then with strange behavior that will follow. Much of this is caused by his repressed sexuality, but a new rival, Alec Benjamin, will also set him off when his popularity skyrockets. Although he will not die, the meltdown will destroy his career and see what is left of his fanbase disappear, save for a few die hards. He will reemerge without fame or a career and out of the closet in a few years time.

Singer Halsey will have a sex tape or nude pictures leaked this year.

Harry Styles will put out an album this year that will win him a grammy.

There will be family problems for Hugh Jackman as men in his past come forward to talk about their sexual exploits. He will not be credibly able to deny this as photographic proof follows. This forces him to say he is bisexual to the anger and hurt of his wife.

There will be health problems for Bruce Springsteen this year that stop his career in the cold.

Elton John faces major health problems that will lead to his death in the near future.

A major health scare for Billy Joel will occur in the fall.

Robert DeNiro will fall and injure himself, but he will recover quickly.

Paul McCartney should resist the temptations of spirits calling him home. If he wants to secure his legacy, he should plan to be here for at least five more years.

Oprah Winfrey will retreat from the spotlight as rumors of a presidential run bring unwanted attention to her personal life. She will reemerge in a few years time on the heels of a major comeback.

There are fears that Christina Aguilera will try to commit suicide this year. She should be watched carefully, especially if she shows signs of erratic behavior early in the year.

Abigail Breslin’s career will explode this year.

Lindsay Lohan will marry a man who is effeminate, but not gay.

Chaka Khan faces death this year.

Tina Turner will pass away in July.

The Neverland Ranch is finally sold to an investor who looks to turn it into a museum and archive for Michael Jackson’s catalog and legacy. It will be open to the public after an extensive renovation in five years time.

A new black boy band becomes popular this year, leading to successes that rivals Boyz II Men.

Youtube sensation Mike Yung will have a big year and will land a record deal with a new album by the end of the year.

Jamie Dornan will have another child in the next year and will begin a transition from film to primarily TV work.

A mean Youtube channel will get exposed this year after complaining about Channing Tatum’s weight gain. The channel’s owner will receive death threats and go into hiding.

A young singer/songwriter will write a new national anthem that will eventually overtake the current one in popularity and usage.

Tom Brokaw passes away this year from cancer.

Talk show host Graham Norton will flirt with leaving from his popular BBC program, but will not do it this year.

A comeback is in the works for singer Leona Lewis that will be massively successful.

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  1. Thank You So Much Liam For Your 2019 predictions Contribution. I’ve surfed the Web long enough to recognized a swift ,increasing strangulation of any worthwhile precog material,whether by Shadow Banning,supplanting with sufficient disinformation sources or other filtering methods by TPTB .
    All The Best To You & Fefelove In This New Year.

  2. I have also worried that the government shutdown resulting from Trump’s attempt to bully Congress into passing legislation for the border wall would have more adverse consequences besides government workers not getting paid. I do in fact worry about Social Security and Medicare being menaced by Donald Trump’s actions. Yours is only one of multiple psychic websites that I read. So basically what I hear from different psychics is all over the map.

  3. Will condoleezza rice be the challenger in the primary hopefully the trade war between China us does not cause something quite bad,censorship sucks.

    1. It’s not her. It’s someone who has held office before, but they won’t end up running in a primary.

    1. No. I said in the predictions that regardless of who became speaker, there would be gridlock and hardly anything would get done. That remains the case.

  4. Well we leave in two months, I know people are saying article 50 extension but the leave date is written in by law, plus all rest of EU states would have to agree and the law changed at UKs end.
    I still feel it will go down to the wire like the Greece bailout talks a deal reached in thr final hour.
    Only its not a dead or Brexit its a stich up, a fake Brexit in which we have no time to go through the deal offered.
    If people don’t get what they voted for there will be anger,

    1. As I stated in my predictions, there may be a last minute referendum, but it won’t matter because the result will be exactly the same as before. The UK will leave the EU, but it won’t end as horribly as pundits would like the public to believe.

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