Suggestion Box for My 2019 Predictions Post

It’s that time of year again. I’m getting ready to compose my 2019 predictions post and am open to your suggestions on what to write about. Let me know within the next two weeks what you are interested in hearing about and I’ll do my best to put in the final draft. Hope you all have a happy holidays.

16 thoughts on “Suggestion Box for My 2019 Predictions Post

  1. Hey man, you mind touching on the rise or fall of power between political parties, (will Dems keeping losing) perhaps a new party emerging sometime next year? Any signs of a weakening cabal at all? Also any events towards disclosure or alien contact. Thanks!

    1. I’ll mention some of this in my 2019 predictions post. Watch out for it on January 1st. Thanks for reading.

  2. Hey new commenter here and have been following you for awhile.Thank you for all you do to enlighten us all about the coming changes to our world.For the 2019 predictions what do you see for the advancements of LGBT rights as well as any medical or scientific breakthroughs.And is there any hope for the people of Yemen and other people of third world countries?

    1. Hi Kaylee. Thanks for your readership. I will include some of these things in my post. Look out for it on January 1st.

  3. Hi, here is a suggestion or two. Please do stuff on Canada. Our Prime Minister, I think, is under mind control by Muslim extremists. Please verify. Also, at this point has he completely lost his mind? Will Canada find a way to recover from the immense damage he has done to the country in such short order. Will Maxine Bernier save the country or have the extremists gotten too much of a strong hold? There has been so much petty nitpicking of Trump that the world has not seen what has been going on in Canada and we will have become a threat to the US because of it. Trudeau is not merely a world joke he has been an instrument of massive destruction. Have the globalists gotten too much of a foothold now because of Trudeau? With this the Canadian oil industry has been pretty much destroyed at this point. Is there any good for this? Alberta wants to separate but should we take over oil or are we ready at this point for alternatives. Will the chaos in Canada create a mining boom in Ontario with it becoming a blood money operation run by Muslim terrorists? Will there be horrific fires again in BC? Will the BC economy go down further. Will the Chinese get a stronger hold of the housing market there? Will prices of homes go down?

    1. Oh lord, that’s a bunch. Canada wasn’t originally on my radar as I believed next year would be relatively uneventful as opposed to years past. However, I’ll try to touch upon a few of these things in the final post. Thanks for commenting.

  4. what country will be first to send people to mars, will people live on places like Saturn’s moon titan.

    1. I’ll answer that now since it’s not happening in 2019. It all really depends on the issue of climate change. If its effect accelerates faster than humanity can keep up, then it could take a while to get that far into space, maybe even 300 or 400 years. If, however, there are some changes made in the next year or two, we could be that far out in about 150 to 200 years. As for leaving the planet, we’ll likely see men on Mars by no later than the mid 2030’s. The plans for that have picked up pace and it could happen even sooner if the money is invested regularly. Hope this information helps.

  5. Tell us what the outcome is in North Carolina regarding the allegations of election fraud. Tell us where the stock market is heading. Tell us where all the demonstrations and riots taking place in Europe are leading. Tell us about the direction of crude oil and natural gas prices. Tell us about the future regarding U.S. immigration policies. Tell us if Trump stays in office or gets thrown out. If he is removed, who replaces him?

  6. Hi there,
    Can you please do a prediction on Britney Spears? Will she retire soon now that her Vegas residency is not selling as much as it used to. Also, can you please do a reading on Jamie Dornan? How is his marriage to Amelia Warner and will he star in a Fifty Shades sequel?

    1. I’ll say this about Britney. I was really sure that she would have been dead at this point because of the numerology involving hers and Marilyn Monroe birth years and deaths. Marilyn was born in 1926 and died in 1962 at 36. Britney was born in 1981 and I believed that 2018 would have been the year she went as she was 36. She’s 37 now, but I’m still not convinced that she’s totally safe yet. George Michael died on Christmas day two years ago and although Britney will have made it to 37, she may not make it out of this year. If she does, she should consider herself very lucky as she’s had a number of close calls in the last few years. I’ll write about her if she lives and I’ll try to see what I can get about Dornan. Thanks for reading.

  7. Hello, liam if you are still taking suggestion then my request will be about future of Indian economy and Hinduism. Thank you.

    1. I already have my post ready and don’t think I’ll have any visions on this before tomorrow. I have some predictions on India, though, so be on the look out for that. I’ll try to include something on this in the January post. Hope this helps.

  8. Hello and many thanks for all that you have shared with us this year. I was wondering if you would consider looking into the microchip that many large companies (starting in Scandinavia, I believe) are now starting to require their employees to have inserted in their hands and or foreheads. Scary stuff…do you see this becoming a trend in 2019 in other countries as well?

    Hope you and yours have a safe, happy and healthy 2019.

    All the best,

    1. I’m not going to have time to write about this before tomorrow. I pretty much have my post ready to go and don’t think I’ll see anything in visions before then. I’ll try to see if anything comes up and post it for the January post. Hope this helps. Thanks for reading and have a happy new year.

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