Paula Abdul: A Temptress of Fate

I wrote a prediction last year that 80’s pop singer Paula Abdul would die or cancel her performances on a joint tour last summer if she didn’t drop out. While only one show was cancelled, she didn’t succumb to an untimely death the way I thought she would. Despite her good fortunes up until now, she is tempting fate because she has embarked on a disastrous solo tour that has already seen multiple cancellations and a severe fall from the stage as seen above. You can only tempt fate for so long before you succumb to it. If Paula doesn’t outright cancel her shows soon, she will go to the graveyard. She’s not physically up for this tour and, despite whatever reasons she’s doing this (leaning towards needing the money), it’s not worth it. I hope she sees the warning signs and reconsiders before it’s too late. Her fans will understand if she cancels. They’ll never forgive themselves if she dies.