My Prescience vs Dating Inaccuracies

I’ve brought this topic up before, but I wanted to elaborate on it further. It comes on the heels of some of my previous predictions being fulfilled, but at a later date than I had anticipated. As my readers know, many of my predictions get fulfilled in the way that I say they will. My issue often arises in terms of accurately dating when they should occur. It’s why some have challenged my prescience even though my track record is better than most. While my dating needs improvement, this is why my overall prescience is indisputable.

Sometimes events can be delayed ever so slightly, but for the most part, they end up occurring. One prediction I’ve just seen fulfilled is the death of legendary singer Aretha Franklin. While I made it and expected it to be seen as fulfilled by the end of last year, she ended up dying half a year later. The cancer that ended up claiming her started taking its toll last year so although the prediction isn’t entirely accurate, it’s prescient enough to be seen as a fulfillment. This happens on a number of occasions, but it still proves that my instincts are on point for the most part.

Sometimes events that are meant for one person occur for another. Last year, I also said that Rupert Murdoch would pass away (and his death may still come this year). What ended up happening was that his infamous associate, Roger Ailes, took his place in the graveyard instead. Targets can change for various reasons and that is something I try to mention in follow up posts. I did so when my warnings of death for Selena Gomez ended up taking her friend, singer/songwriter Christina Grimmie, and the 53 victims of the Pulse club shooting instead. The evil curse that caused such a devastating weekend was meant for her and followed her on her concert tour throughout that time. The curse also took a little boy at Disney World and several other lives in a shooting in Texas near where Selena was to perform. She may have been spared, but many others took her place. While it’s not an entirely fulfilled prediction, its indisputable that the evil I warned about was a real threat to her life. She’s fortunate that it just wasn’t hers.

Sometimes events are thwarted that are meant to occur. Before my co-writer Fefelove started this site over four years ago, I warned on another blog about a devastating terror attack that was to occur during the 2012 London Olympics that was being set up as a false flag to cause a war with Iran. The attention that my warning brought saw the plan shut down and the attempted attackers arrested and stopped. An example from this website is the prevention of a poisoning death of former House speaker John Boehner. I mentioned seeing this type of death in visions and it was stopped from occurring. I can’t help it if certain events get stopped after I write about them, but the fact that the threats were there in the first place is still a tip of the hat to the accuracy of my visions overall.

My main issue, as some may notice, is dating predictions. It is not one of my strong suits, nor is it for most other psychics. I pride myself with being as specific as I can (unlike some who post vague, unspecific messages and then get many thousands of likes and comments). My dreams and visions don’t have dates in them and the spirits I communicate with don’t provide that information. I try to gauge the timing based on things like the weather and when events can plausibly occur. I also use a system devised from a friend of the site, Michael McClellan, called base 7 numerology. This is the theory that events repeat themselves in intervals of seven. I try to match visions I have to previous events that are similar in nature and make a best guess on dating when they should occur. I’m not always on point, but I do the best I can and sometimes get it exactly on the money (such as when a riot occurred on the infamous Rikers Island). I’ll try to improve in the future, but there’s no doubt I do it better than most, despite some miscalculations along the way.

I hope these clarifications were helpful for our readers. I’ll try to have more predictions to share by the end of the month. Best wishes to you all as always.

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  1. I have been a long time follower of Mike McClellan as well and I am glad to have found your site.

  2. If you think you know much of what will happen in 2019, there is no reason to delay posting it. There is no reason to wait till January or whenever you were planning to wait till.

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