Dreams and Predictions for June 2018

I have just come off dealing with the loss of someone who I hold dear to me. I knew it was their time to go, but it was hard to say goodbye and even harder to watch them leave this Earth. I’m still processing all of this and my dreams are largely focused on this as a result. In the meantime, here are some predictions to share.

1) The end of Mueller investigation comes after the midterms. It will be finished without a resolution due to those who refuse to cooperate and pressure from Trump’s team to shut it down. This sets the stage for a very dangerous 2019.

2) The decision not to indict Eric Garner’s murderer will be coming this month and it will cause all sorts of anger throughout the country. It will impact Trump but, as stated in a blog post from last year, it hits the streets and lands on de Blasio’s doorsteps most specifically. The anarchy that follows will not be pleasant, but necessary for long overdue changes that our country desperately needs.

3) The “plight” of White South Africans comes into focus this month and it will not be pleasant for the Netherlands as a result.

4) The issue of pollution and garbage comes into focus this year as Trump policy is fought against due to its disastrous environmental consequences. The forces of good will prevail over him, but it will come as a result of a very vicious and dangerous battle.

5) The issue of renewable energy comes into focus this summer as gas prices soar due to instability in the Middle East and a sharp cutoff from Russia. We may not get it right this time, but the US will end its dependency on fossil fuels in twenty years tops as a result of the problems this summer.

6/25 ETA: I know I didn’t post many predictions this month, but I have another one to share before it concludes.

6) Expect security at airports and cruise ports to increase in the near future due to completely unnecessary and burdensome regulations sent down from the Department of Homeland Security. After much outrage, it will be rescinded, but it will take a while before it gets back to where it is now.

8 thoughts on “Dreams and Predictions for June 2018

    1. For the most part it is uneventful. July is when the realities of Brexit begin to settle in and August is when Theresa May’s government is in trouble and Northern Ireland blows up again. It won’t be very pleasant after that until some long overdue changes are made in governance and in public opinion.

      1. Hello Liam,

        Thank you for getting back to me, how do you mean the reality’s of Brexit? the government is desperate to reverse it altogether. Also do you see the UK government coverups and corruption coming to light?

      2. I think that Theresa May’s continued forced leadership is sending Brexit in a bad direction. Jeremy Corbyn’s victory was key to making this work for the United Kingdom as a whole. As he is being continuously denied leadership through cheating and foul play, May is going to make an exit from the EU sting for a long time to come unless she is stopped in the near future. I hope the corruption comes to light, but I fear it may not come out soon enough. Sorry it took me so long to respond. Hope this helps.

  1. There is now a great deal of attention in the media on the extremely inhumane treatment of asylum seekers from central America. I think this is surely very harmful politically for Trump and the Republican party. What are you seeing as where we are headed?

    1. First off, you should check out Fefe’s post on this from a couple of years ago. It’s getting a lot of attention because she called this years ago.


      Secondly, contrary to popular opinion, I don’t really believe this will make too much of a difference heading into the midterms. The GOP will lose some seats in the House but not a majority. Meanwhile, they will gain seats in the Senate giving them a veto proof majority. I also don’t see this policy of family separation ending until after Trump and his remnants leave the White House. Hope this helps.

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