The Threats of One Pass on to Another

I was originally going to add this as a blurb in my predictions post for the month, but decided it needed its own post instead.

Paul Ryan decided to do the admirable thing for his family and step down as House speaker before he faced assassination this fall. This, of course, will spare his life and push another member of congress into his unenviable position where the threats to life will face them instead. Already one candidate, Steve Scalice, faced an assassination attempt last year and will likely not run as a result. Instead, Kevin McCarthy, the current house majority leader, will likely take Ryan’s spot and his place in facing serious assassination threats. If he does end up taking the job, then he will face assassination around the time that Trump will in 2019 (I will elaborate on this in my 2019 predictions post next year). The danger may have subsided for one, but it will continue to face whoever holds this office so long as congress remains wicked in defiance of the will of the American people. Until that changes, the dangers will continue unabated. Congress could remedy this, the question is will they? The choice is entirely up them (if the deep state doesn’t get to them first).

4 thoughts on “The Threats of One Pass on to Another

  1. Slightly off subject, but I am off the trump train after last night. I think the deepstate are in control of him now, did you see the speech he did something felt off. Like it was not even trump, his eyes looked almost empty looking. Your thoughts ?

    1. I was never on the Trump train, to be honest, but now I’m not sure that we’ll avoid world war 3 this year. I haven’t posted the second blog for this month, but I may have to do some revisions before I do because of changes occurring in Syria. Trump seems like he wants war to distract from his domestic scandals. The difference between him and Hillary Clinton at this point is his secretary of defense, James Mattis, restraining him. Once he goes, all bets are off. I don’t think this was a deep state prompting, though I think they are more than pleased with him at this point. However, this has the immense potential to backfire and ultimately bring Russia and Iran into the mix in a nuclear fire. I know such a war would be devastating, but to be honest, it may be necessary at this point. The public is unwilling to challenge their corrupt governments in any meaningful way and perhaps only after the ruins of another world war will they be willing to do so. Those are my thoughts, hope they were insightful.

      1. Tx for the feedback, what do you think the response from Russia will be? The whole situation feels off, maybe it is just me thinking something does not feel right. And plus here in UK media is going into overdrive with the whole Russia thing.

      2. I thought the Russians would take a heavier hand, but so far they’ve restrained themselves. This is partially because Putin is not the irrational warmonger the media portrays him to be and the fact that the west hasn’t done anything that they haven’t already in Syria. If Trump goes further than he has, we’re in trouble. Otherwise, I think the threats have passed for now.

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