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I’ve mentioned my predictions on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict before, but this blog has to do with Israeli influence in US and world politics. As the mainstream media is turning over every rock looking for Russian influence, the foreign power with the most influence is engaging in censorship right under their noses. From the unconstitutional assaults on the surging BDS movement to the attempts to eliminate human rights ordinances in local city councils, the attacks on our collective free speech in this way should be met with outrage. Instead, much of this is swept under the rug and not discussed very openly. That’s about to change and a documentary facing calls for censorship will do just the trick.

The cover photo of this blog refers to an article detailing attempts to censor a documentary exposing Israel’s influence on US politics (part of why PBS should stop taking government funds). Much like with the condemnation from lawmakers over a famous Vietnam documentary exposing lies in US foreign policy talking points, the anger by US lawmakers over this documentary is leading to Mccarthyite like retaliation. Qatar, under pressure due to wanting a Saudi led bombing campaign to cease and to avoid being labeled under the FARA act as a foreign agent, is caving into pressure to censor this critical expose on AIPAC and other organizations. This is morally unacceptable. To allow this to happen to information that is necessary for the public to know about is an assault on our constitutional rights worse than gun control.

As polls are skewed in one side’s favor due to a lack of critical information, such attempts to shut out critical information must be combatted at every turn. As such, the Israel Lobby documentary must air freely on Al Jazeera. If it does not, it will be leaked online as is without any changes made. Julian Assange already has his eyes on it and it will be put on the Wikileaks server within the next two months if action isn’t taken soon. It’s better to do it the legal way than allow it to be put out there as a leak that sees criminal prosecution take place. This documentary (and subsequent ones like it) will change public opinion on the Israeli Palestinian conflict when it finally sees the light of day. No matter how much a foreign power might try to stop it, the truth always has a way of revealing itself; whether they like it or not.

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  1. Unfortunately our government is heavily corrupted by special interests. If PBS refuses or cannot get public funding they will be corrupted by wealthy donors and advertisers. I don’t see any way you can avoid some type of corruption.

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