Is It Worth the Price?

This may be a blog post that ruffles a lot of feathers, but it still needs to be said. In the wake of yet another mass shooting on US soil, the moment is leading to more calls for gun control. It’s not as if it hasn’t taken place. States already have it on the books on the heels of mass anger from previous shootings at Columbine and Sandy Hook. What is causing the current tension is that red states resist the calls. This gets to an underlying fissure in American society and it’s why politicians are reluctant to rock the apple cart.

Gun control is not a fool proof form of eliminating violence. It is largely racially enforced and doesn’t target the people who are the most likely to commit mass shootings (white people). It makes revolution impossible to achieve. It fails to address the mental health crisis in this country. Also important to note in this particular shooting is the FBI’s failure to stop the shooter (possibly purposefully). Most importantly, it gets to the heart of our system of inequality where the rich protect themselves with bodyguards and the police while the poor are left largely defenseless in this society. Until we address these underlying tensions and those that will attain weapons illegally, this is nothing more than an attempt to disempower the masses by the powers that be.

The reason the powers that be keep pushing gun control is obvious. The reason they have failed despite billions in spending is less obvious. The NRA alone isn’t responsible for why the United States doesn’t have sensible gun control. The voting block of the GOP, poor white southerners, has more to do with it than the money spent in elections. These are people with no prospects and no hope for bettering themselves due to a combination of fiscal austerity, racially charged propagandizing and a lack of access to others forms of advancement. As a result, they cling to their guns the way they do to religion (even if one serves to keep them disempowered the way gun control is supposed to for the masses). Take one piece of their pride away and you risk starting an uprising that won’t be so easily put down. It won’t be one that promotes freedom, but rather furthers entrenches a police state that needs to be destroyed.

If the feds continue to drive towards policy of gun confiscation, civil war follows by resistant gun owners. This could lead to the deaths of 36 million people and the further offing of any real justice for the American people. The question in such a scenario is would it be worth it? As sad as it is to say, the answer is it would not. This rebellion would be put down and mass shootings might stop, but at the cost of more lives lost than all previous mass shootings combined. It would also see the further erosion of civil liberties and a more vicious solidification of the police state that needs to be dismantled, not empowered further. If we are truly serious about attaining our freedom, then we must be careful about what path that takes. Going backwards will just further set us away from progress, rather than brining us to a more egalitarian future.

People should be careful about following the road the elite want us to go down. It will end in more tears than anyone can imagine. I am sympathetic to the victims of the Parkland shooting and those before it, but to do what they want would destroy the country in a way that will further enslave us and not free us. What is rebuilt in the ashes is a more authoritarian society than ever before and we’ll only see more suffering in its wake. I hope this anger is channelled towards the powers that be instead. That would bring a true sense of justice for the victims and everyone else in the country.

3 thoughts on “Is It Worth the Price?

  1. The USA has a much higher rate of homicides than other major industrialized countries: Triple Canada and France, over 15 times Japan, 5 times the U.K., over 5 times Germany, over 6 times China, 8 times the Netherlands, 6 times Taiwan and over 6 times South Korea.
    The NRA has resorted to endless lies and scare tactics to protect the selfish financial interests of firearm manufacturing companies and dealers. They refuse to end loopholes in background check laws which allow people to obtain firearms at gun shows with no background check and allow the military to not share information with the FBI for background screening. Other loopholes are found with certain online purchases.
    The NRA refuses to support any restrictions on assault weapons. These rapid fire weapons are not needed for self-defense. Their only purpose is to maximize casualties when someone goes off on a shooting spree. The 2nd amendment says “A well-regulated militia being essential to the security of a free state”. It nowhere says we can’t impose reasonable regulations on firearms while still allowing responsible people to have them.

  2. HOP and poor white southerners? LOL. You are a fraud. Completely demonic.


    On Thu, Feb 22, 2018, 2:46 PM KNOWITNEXT Psychic Predictions wrote:

    > liamofktn posted: ” This may be a blog post that ruffles a lot of > feathers, but it still needs to be said. In the wake of yet another mass > shooting on US soil, the moment is leading to more calls for gun control. > It’s not as if it hasn’t taken place. States already have ” >

    1. What part of that statement was inaccurate? That’s who makes up the vast majority of the GOP’s voting block. It’s not a value judgement, it’s a statement of fact. I also don’t see how pointing that out makes me demonic or fraudulent, but thank you for reading the blog post anyway.

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