Street Justice

I mentioned this briefly in my 2018 predictions post and I would like to expand upon it as it deserves its own post.

Despite my optimism from last year, not much has changed on the issue of the police state of the US and its corresponding brutality much noticed between 2014 and 2016. In fact, things are actually getting worse by most measurable standards. Abuses by the police are more egregious than ever with little stopping it in the form of criminal prosecution or legislative reform. Much more was exposed, some of it by the late Erica Garner, but it didn’t create a tidal wave of change that is very dearly needed. That will manifest itself, but not in a way that anyone would truly want.

As non violent forms of resistance have failed, violence is coming in the form of street justice. As warned in the 2018 predictions post, when the state refuses to punish those who murder civilians unjustly, the people will in a way that will shock and appall the state. Groups of vigilantes will murder police officers who have gotten away with murder of unarmed black men in the past. Such moves will be condemned by the state who will work to crack down on it in a brutal fashion. In the process, they will expose themselves as unwilling to change the police state in any meaningful way. Despite the repression, the net effect will be that these murders will intimidate police officers in future confrontations. There will be a dramatic drop off in the number of deaths at the hands of police (though that isn’t the current trend now). This is especially true in New York City which will serve as the epicenter of these actions.

It’s unfortunate that it has come to to this, but our elected officials have left no other choice. When justice doesn’t come from the courts, it will come viciously from the streets.

One thought on “Street Justice

  1. I think Donald Trump is a huge part of the problem. He has made many public statements and tweets that can be and frequently are interpreted as prejudice against Blacks, Hispanics, and native Americans. History shows that juries are extremely reluctant to convict the police when excessive force or unjustified killings occur. This is also part of the problem.
    Donald Trump has shown himself to be vile, hateful, and a bully to a degree we have not seen in any former president. This is not helpful either.

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