Dreams and Predictions for February 2018

Sorry if I have been a bit absent. The big 2018 predictions post drained me and I have also been dealing with some family issues as well. I have a prediction to share now and hopefully more will come by the end of the month.

1) It won’t just be Bermuda that suffers if the British government assents to their repeal of marriage equality. The move will significantly hurt Brexit plans as the EU uses the scandal to weaken the UK’s position in their attempts to leave the EU. It’s possible that assent could be withheld, but the Tory government seems unlikely to do it. What would normally be a smoother exit will end up being more calamitous as a result instead.

2/17 ETA: Two more dream based predictions.

2) I had this dream in two stages. The first took place in a church where I was having an eery feeling that it was going to be blown up at some point. The second dream took place during a church service where multiple bomb was set off killing a lot of people, including the one conducting the sermon. This leads me to believe that a church, most likely a black church, will be targeted by terror, most likely by white supremacists, in the near future. Watch out for this.

3) I had a dream which further confirmed a prediction from the 2018 post that the Democrats will do poorly in the mid terms. It was a dream where Nancy Pelosi’s next in line, Joe Crowley, had a farm that was outdated and in need of repair. He, and the party leaders who supported him, refused to fix the farm and it went into collapse as a result. This is likely a metaphor for the pork and grit of the Democratic party which he and Pelosi refuses to crack down on. As a result, the party will see losses in the midterm that will force changes at the farm in time for the 2020 election.

2/18 ETA: Another prediction/warning.

4) Emma Gonzalez, the girl who spoke passionately against the Trump regime, is in for a world of hurt. The right wing reactionaries will go after her; digging up personal improprieties and stalking her until she faces a psychological collapse. She could even be in danger of ending up dead like her classmates. I will write more about the gun control debate in a bigger blog post, but these are dangerous waters to tread and anyone who does so should be aware that the end may not be as pretty as it appears.

2 thoughts on “Dreams and Predictions for February 2018

  1. That’s hardly the type of issue that is on my mind. We have big news about the Nunes memo which is an apparent attempt to prematurely shut down the Robert Mueller investigation by smearing the FBI. That and today’s stock market crash is what’s on many people’s minds.

    1. It may not be on your mind, but it is on the mind of millions of Brits and those in the territories who will be effected by these actions. I’ve already posted about those other issues. This is what is on my mind currently.

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