A Year of Cold War Rather Than Hot

This is something I have to reiterate with a quick blog post of its own. I’m doing so in the hopes that it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle of the larger predictions post. It will answer the definitive question for when it will (inevitably) pop up again and again this year. Despite numerous stories in the news about the immanency of war, the reality is that conflict will go cold as soon as it gets too hot. As the alliances of the current world leadership is not sufficient for such wars, they will be postponed for another time. The worrying signs will emerge in Russia with Putin’s ouster, but they won’t likely become imminent dangers. This doesn’t mean that the tensions won’t run high this year (they will). Like during the cold war, the feeling will continue as actors seek to provoke a larger brawl. Until the time when such taunts reach their final limit, there is no need to be alarmed, no matter how much the powers that be may like you to be. Despite the misery of the winter, it won’t be one in which war will take place.