The End of Bill de Blasio

Some of this is already in my 2018 psychic predictions post (which you can read via finding the password until January 1st…..then I will unlock it for everyone), but due to the tragic death today of Erica Garner, it has become more immediately pressing to say this. As much as I had hoped a non-violent end could come to corrupt mayor Bill de Blasio, such an ending will not happen. Despite obvious guilt, both the federal and state prosecutors could not indict or convict him for bribery due to the change in the law handed down by the Supreme Court that I wrote about a few years ago. While he faced a record low turnout and less votes than his first run, it was not enough to stop him at the ballot box last month. As such, the only thing I see in the very near future is death…..and it won’t be a pretty one in the slightest.

His betrayal of the families of police brutality and murder have been numerous and offensive; likely responsible in part for Erica Garner’s heart attack caused by her asthma and inflamed by stress. Her spirit, and those of others who have been wronged by him, will seek to exact their revenge on him in the near future and there’s nothing he can do to stop it. I sense that he’s already been having haunting dreams that indicate that his end is near and it will likely come from an assassination hit on him in a place where gun control is lax. On his delusional travels to build a national profile will be where he makes his last stand. It could happen as soon as the very start of the new year, but it could take place as late as August. Either way, justice is coming for the Garner family and much of it will take place in the form of street justice. When our courts refuse to provide it, it often manifests itself in other ways. That will be evident in 2018 on this issue and others. It should scare the powers that be into knowing once and for all that they are not invincible to the hands of karma despite their delusions to the contrary.