Suggestion Box for My 2018 Predictions Post

It’s that time of year again. I’m posting this blog to open up suggestions for things to cover for my 2018 psychic predictions post. I’m likely going to post the open draft with a password again like I did last year so you can look at the various edits as I perfect it in time for January 1st. Let me know below what your suggestions are and I’ll try to cover them as best as I can. Hope you all have a happy holidays.

22 thoughts on “Suggestion Box for My 2018 Predictions Post

    1. Hello William, thanks for the post. I’m not really a natural disasters type psychic as I’m not as attuned to these sorts of things as others who are better at it than me. I said the hurricane season this year would be mild and I was extremely wrong about that, but it’s looks like I’ll be right on the warmer winter prediction I made a few months back. However, I will say that, instinctually, I don’t think we’ll see a big shake in 2018. I also decided to do some base 7 dating that I learned from a friend of mine, Michael Mccllelan of As a brief summary, it’s a system where most events reoccur or repeat in intervals of seven. The last big one occurred in 2008 and the others were in 1811, 1843, 1895, 1968 and 1974. Most seem to fall on a 2008 timeline, with the most recent occurrence being in 2015. Although 3 and a half years is an interval of seven and from 2015 we’ll see that in late 2018, I’m not feeling convinced that the historical pull is strong enough for a repeat of this event. As such, I’m going to say it won’t shake in a big way next year. I’ll post this again in the post to have as reference. Hope this helps and look out for the bigger post in a few weeks.

  1. I would love to know more about the situation with Northern Ireland/Republic of Ireland/Brexit.

    1. Hello, thanks for the suggestions. I actually touched upon this a few months back in one of my predictions for the month posts. That would be this one.

      So far, May hasn’t been ousted, though I did warn her early election idea would be a foolish folly and it most certainly was. I’m going to post this again in the bigger post, but the Northern Ireland situation is extremely volatile and the return of The Troubles is extremely likely. As such, I believe it will cause the collapse of May’s Tory-DUP alliance and they are going to have to call another election either this month or early into next year. I may have been off slightly on Corbyn’s ascension to power, but if he does win in the next few months, I’m going to call it as a fulfillment regardless of being off by a few months. I also believe Brexit won’t be as disastrous as the pundits may like you to believe, especially since things will explode in the EU in the near future. In comparison to the troubles for the rest of Europe to come, the UK will be in pretty good shape.

      Hope this helps. I’ll have more on Ireland in the bigger post to look out for.

      1. Thank you for the reply, I live in Northern Ireland and it has been feeling very tense for a while. Hope and pray we don’t return to the troubles.

      2. I hope there’s no return of the troubles as well, but I’m not at all optimistic; especially given what’s happening with the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and how events of a similar nature tend to flare up around the same time. I’ll pray for your safety.

  2. Here is a list of things you should cover:
    1. Mueller’s investigation/prosecution is gathering momentum. Will Trump try to short-circuit further investigation with a series of pre-emptive pardons? Who all is going to be charged? Will anyone go to jail? Will this lead to Trump’s removal from office?
    2. What major natural disasters do you see in America and overseas?
    3. The Republicans seem determined to jam thru a tax bill which has only Republican support and is believed to be fiscally suspect and alleged to favor the wealthy. What will actually be passed and what will be the consequences? Who if anyone will be hurt as a result of the tax law changes?
    4. What major terrorist attacks and mass shootings do you see in America and abroad?
    5. Will North Korea ever actually fire a missile at a real target? When? Where?
    6. What will be the outcome of the special election in Alabama? What will be the consequences of the results?
    7. What will be the outcome of national off-year elections in November 2018?

    1. Hello Kelly, good to see you again. Much of the things you ask will come in the bigger post, but I’m expecting that Roy Moore will win his senate race and be seated for a time, though I suspect his tenure as senator will be under a year. The rest will be answered in the bigger post to come. Hope this helps.

      1. Most psychics including you did not expect a Doug Jones victory. Of course the state of Alabama will have to certify the results before it all becomes official. When Senator Richard Shelby came out publicly against Roy Moore he sealed his fate. Without Senator Shelby taking a public stand against Roy Moore, you might have had Moore in the Senate having to go thru an ethics investigation.
        This will increase the difficulty of Republicans jamming thru bills on a strict party line vote. They have several people who cannot be counted as automatic rubber stamps for everything Mitch McConnell wants to jam thru. Whether rightly or wrongly this election result will be seen widely as evidence that the GOP could be in a lot of trouble during the 2018 midterm elections.

      2. First off, the race isn’t over until the recount is over. There’s a good chance that Roy Moore will challenge the results and will be able to toss out enough Democratic votes to steal the election. This wouldn’t be the first time that the GOP has done this and it won’t be the last. They have a history of cheating. In the event that the recount effort fails, I will admittedly be wrong and thank goodness because Roy Moore was horrible and deserved to be defeated, plus he only would have been in the senate for less than a year anyways. We’ll know in a few weeks time what really is the result.

  3. Hi Liam, I hope this find you well. Thank you for the opportunity to let us have a say for the upcoming 2018 predictions!

    If you would be so kind to take a look at:
    – The Netherlands. (It seems hardly anyone includes it in their predictions or thoughts, so it would be nice if you could shed a light on it for coming year.)

    – Hollywood and the ongoing scandals concerning abuse of power and sexual misconduct. Do you think that change will come so that young girls, boys, men and women who dream of an acting career will be safe(r) from predators?

    – Israel; not so much the conflict, but could it be that the countries along the coastline will be hit by natural disasters like floodings/earthquakes?

    Thank you very much in advance for your time and efforts!
    Blessings and take care

    1. Thanks for the suggestions. I should be able to get to those when the post is finished. I have more to say on the Israel/Palestine conflict, much of it due to previous blogs that had fulfillment or significant close calls, but be warned that it’s going to be thin on natural disaster posts. Hope the insight will be helpful when it comes.

    1. Hello Marcela. I’ll add some stuff about Brazil, but the visions about the princesses is very foggy because they aren’t really all that important to the royal family in the grand scheme of things. Their place in the line of succession is so far down that they will never play a prominent role in world events. I’ll see what comes to me as I continue to receive visions. Hope this helps.

    1. Duly noted and I’ve already posted something in the post. Be on the lookout for it when it’s ready to go live.

  4. Can you please do a prediction on Jamie Dornan? Many fans are speculating that he is having an extramarital affair with actress, Dakota Johnson.

    1. Hi Laura. I’m not all that familiar with the Fifty Shades franchise and all its ins and outs, but I will say from pure body language that the two appear to hate each other and have no chemistry. As such, I don’t think they’ll be having an affair with one another, even if the tabloids try to claim that they will. I also see drug use becoming a problem in Dakota’s future; a familial trait from her mother’s side of the family. Hope this information helps.

  5. Hi liam,
    1. I would like to know about how this year will go
    for India ?
    2. Also, how China-India relation will be this year?
    3. Does modi wins in 2019 ?

    1. Hello, nice to hear from you again. I’ll add some stuff about India, but the nation is kind of at an impasse because they are playing a game of fence sitting on the issues I mentioned earlier this year. I’ll explain more in the predictions post, but because they refuse to take a side, the wishy washy nature of Modi’s government makes it difficult to pinpoint where things are going. Be on the look out for it when it posts. Hope this helps.

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