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This is sort of related to another blog post I wrote a while ago (which has since been revealed to have come to fruition). I hinted at this particular issue in this blog post and although there’s already been a lot of discussion on this issue, I have a few thoughts to share on the topic.

The internet’s founding principle is on the idea that all information can be accessed equally. Throughout the years, this has been challenged and attack by various administrations under the control of the deep state. They have failed so far, but based on this latest threat, they are relentlessly at it again. The concept of equal access to the internet is under threat by the Trump administration’s FCC. A Vote is scheduled to take place on December 14th that would fundamentally change the way the internet operates. By allowing a slim 3-2 panel to destroy the government’s commitment (even if it is only half-assed) to allowing equal access to online content for everyone, the new landscape will enable ISP’s (internet service providers like Verizon and Time Warner) to do the dirty work that the deep state is having trouble accomplishing on its own.

By eliminating important regulations protecting equality, this is creating an environment where data throttling, blacklisting and surcharges on internet access will make the internet unaffordable to most Americans and utterly useless in getting real information about the world we live in. It would also effectively shut down our site as we would lose the very little traffic we have left.

There’s two avenues to protecting net neutrality and saving our website from censorship; the courts and the public. The courts will likely uphold some of the founding principles of net neutrality, but it may not uphold all of it. That’s where the public (you) comes in. You all have to be willing to cut the cord on cable and pull your money out when these things begin to happen. Doing so will spook the ISP’s (and the deep state too) and ultimately see the worst threats of an unregulated internet fail to come to fruition. It’s important for the future of this website and all of the internet that the public gets involved on this issue. For the sake of the future, we must fight for it now.

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  1. The fundamental problem is that our political leaders are too easily bribed by special interests who hand them wads of money to finance political campaigns. Donald Trump lied thru his teeth and pretended he wasn’t corrupted by special interests. He is much too greedy to not be or get so corrupted. When it comes to greed for money he is as bad as they come!

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