What Colin Kaepernick Will Reveal

A few months ago, I stated outright that Colin Kaepernick would never play for another NFL team and that prediction has already been fulfilled. What needs more clarification is the second part of the prediction where I said that he would reveal dark scandals in the league that ultimately lead to its downfall. The recently filed collusion lawsuit against the NFL ends his pursuit of a quarterback gig, though it was obvious that he was already blackballed this year. However, the NFL will find in short order that they made a mistake in blackballing him and what comes out will cost them more than having signed him to a contract to play once again.

The media has already been attempting to downplay the enormity of his filed grievances by dismissing his chances of winning. That is what corporate power does at first when someone dares to openly challenge the system. While it may seem that his odds are long, and the employment of questionable lawyer Mark Geragos doesn’t help his case, his courage will inspire those inside and outside the league and the deep state to come forward with damning information to help his case. This information will end the collective bargaining agreement, inspire a player strike next year, see further ratings decline and set the league up for a self infliced downfall.

Through the process of discovery, Kaepernick’s team will expose corruption in the ranks of the NFL owners and trouble follows suit. His work will expose the plight of cheerleaders as they fend off Harvey Weinstein like sexual assault and inhumane working conditions. He’ll shine a brighter light on the NFL’s refusal to allow a man with the only complete copy of the first super bowl from making a profit on his prized possession. Kaepernick will also show ties between the NFL and the Trump administration that will create fury and lead to federal charges against many team owners. All of this in combination will contribute to a significant decline that will destroy professional sports forever.

Though it is sad that Kaepernick made the sacrifice that he did, it will not be in vain. Though I do fear for his life as he continues on this journey, he will have done more harm than good to the owners of the league where they will live to regret their decision to shun him for political purposes. The decline of football is coming on the heels of Kaepernick’s exile. He will be remembered as one of history’s great social activists while the sport will be remembered as a modern day gladiator spectacle of violence and corruption. It may not appear that way at this present time, but it will be obvious as time goes on. Football as we know it is coming to an end. Kaepernick will be largely responsible for this being the case.

4 thoughts on “What Colin Kaepernick Will Reveal

  1. You say football as we know it will come to an end. Are you referring to just the NFL or the entire sport? Anyone closely associated with Donald Trump could have their reputations badly harmed if the FBI investigation on Russian interference in the 2016 election exposes things that reflect badly on the Trump administration.

    1. The NFL and the dominance of football in our culture will come to an end. The decline of the sport itself takes much, much longer, but it will happen someday in the future. No sport lasts forever. There are sports from Roman times that have been lost to the sands of time and they aren’t going to come back. The same will eventually apply to football, but not right away. And yes, those closely associated with Trump will have problems as well, something hinted at in this blog post. Several owners, such as Woody Johnson, Robert Kraft and Jerry Jones, get pulled in hardest, but none of them are let off scot free. By the way, this has nothing to do with election tampering but with other issues of bribery and extortion. Hope this clarification helps.

  2. I hope that before the special Senatorial election in Alabama happens you will tell us what is actually going to happen. Recent polls suggest this might be a Democratic pickup opportunity but there are several things working against them:
    1. History shows that Democrats have a lot of trouble getting their supporters to the polls during non-presidential years.
    2. Under normal circumstances, Alabama is a hopeless GOP stronghold and Trump won the state last year by a very lopsided margin.
    3. The GOP candidate should be able to improve his poll numbers by making himself less controversial to voters that don’t automatically vote Republican.

    1. I kinda already said this in an earlier prediction post, but the Democrats are going to lose seats in the midterm and they’ll likely lose in their attempts to defeat Roy Moore. It might be a closer than expected race, but Moore has this due to his understanding of the state and his opponent’s obliviousness. It’s sad to say, but the turn around in the chambers of congress won’t happen right away. Not until closer to 2020.

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